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Computer Science and Engineering (UG) - Events

Events 2017 - 2018

Date Events
23.04.2018 Department of CSE conducted Ninth Board of Studies  meeting  headed by senior dean Dr.M.Usha and HOD of CSE Dr.B.Sathiyabhama
05.06.2018 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama ,Prof .N.Basker  and Prof R.B.Vinoth Kumar organized  a motivation session on “Unleash your potential” for the final year CSE students
06.07.2018 Department of CSE organized an Orientation Program for II Year CSE students/The  resource person is Ms.Catherine Swismitha, IT Specialist at IBM, Bangalore
03.03.2018 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama, and Prof.S.Lavanya organized a Technical event called “VOLANT ‘18” in Green Building First Floor, by D Mr.G.Vinoth Kumar, Mobile App Developer (Android and iOS), Athena Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai and Mr.V.Akshay Vyas, Member Technical Staff, Zoho Corporation, Chennai, and Ms.N.Nazziya, Software Engineer, Neosme Technologies,Salem.
13.03.2018 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama and J.Dhayanithi, organized a technical event “APPATHON 2018” in  Green Building First Floor
08.03.2018 & 09.03.2018 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama, Dr.D.Balamurugan, Dr.R.C.Narayanan and Prof.G.Vidhya, organized a technical symposium “THREADS 18” at PG auditorium by  Ms.KoKila, Team Lead, Accenture.
18.01.2018 Dr. B.Sathiyabhama and Dr.APrithiviraj, organized a technical event “SPARK 18” at GT Hall CSE block.
25.03.2017 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama, Ms.A.K.Ilavarasi, Mr.M.Marimuthu and Ms.S.Lavanya,  organized a Technical event called “VOLANT ‘17” in  Turing Conference Hall, by  Mr.N.Sanakkian, Technology Analyst, Infosys,  N.Nazziya, Staff software Engineer, Neosme Technologies and  Shruthi Sekar, Associate Software Engineer, Neosme Technologies
11.02.2017 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama, Mr.R.B.Vinothkumar and Mr.N.Basker, organized an Industry Talk, in PG auditorium by  Mr.Hemanand  Developer, R & D division, Info View Chennai.
11.02.2017 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama, Mr.R.B.Vinothkumar and Mr.N.Basker, organized a Mock HR Interview , in CSE Department Library by   Mr. M.Monish
(B.E CSE 2010-2014 batch) CREATION TECHNOLOGIES Salem.
18.02.2017 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama and Dr.R.Sivakami, organized a Guest Lecture on “Evolution of Wireless Nano Sensors and their Applications” at E.F Codd Lab by Mr. S. Kiruba, Design Engineer, GE Health Care, Bangalore.
11.03.2017 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama and Dr.J.Jayanthi, organized a Guest Lecture on                          “e-Governance” CSI Student Branch – 143, in MBA Conference Hall, by Dr.N.H.Siddalinga Swamy.
14.03.2017 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama, Dr.S.Anitha Elavarasi, Prof.R.Arulmurugan And Dr.K.C.Rajeswari, organized a Special Lecture on “Statistical learning methods and its industry applications” at CV Raman Hall, by Dr.S.Naveen Nair, Machine learning scientist II, Amazon through Skype.
18.03.2017 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama, Prof.P.Ramya, Prof.R.Latha And Prof.J.Dhayanithi, organized a Special Lecture on “GUI Based Application Development - A Java Perspective” at Charles Babbage Lab by Mr.Akshay Vyas, Member Technical Staff at ZOHO  Corporation, Chennai.
20.06.2017 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama and Prof.A.K.Ilavarasi, organized a workshop on “Introduction to Data science and statistical machine learning” at Steve Jobs (iOS Lab), by Mr.Elango Ravi, DataInquist Inc.
30.06.2017 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama and Mrs.G.Vidhya, organized a Interaction Session on  “Doing your job Happily” at Mechanical Conference Hall by Mr.Archit Saxena Senior Software Developer from Infosys.
01.07.17 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama, Prof.N.Basker and Prof.R.B.Vinothkumar, organized a Guest Lecture on “Enhancing Core Programming Skills” at GT Hall, CSE Block by Akshay Vyas.V (B.E CSE 2016 batch) Zoho Corporation, Chennai.
07.07.2017 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama, Dr.Akilendeswari and Dr.M.Kadhar Navas, organized by Guest Lecture on “The Promises and Challenges of Supercomputing and Petascale Simulation of Viral Infection Propagation through Air Travel” at PG Auditorium by Dr. Ashok Srinivasan, Professor, Florida State University, USA.
14.07.2017 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama and Prof.S.Lavanya, IEI sponsored one day seminar on “Internet of Things for Smart Cities” at Edison Conference Hall, by Mr.Ravi Subramanian,  Director, GRoboMac, Bengaluru and Dr.R.Suganya, AP/IT, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai.
15.07.2017 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama, Ms.K.Karunambiga, Mr.R.Arul Murugan ,Ms.R.Latha and Ms.K.Fathima, organized a "Induction Programme" for the Second Year CSE Students at CSE - Turing Hall by Mr. C.Oswald, Research Scholar, IIITDM, Kancheepuram and Ms.S.Nivetha, Commvault, Bangalore.
22.7.2017 -
Dr. B. Sathiyabhama, Dr.S.AnithaElavarasi, Prof.R.Ramya, Prof.B.Galeebhathullah and Prof. R.Arulmurugan, organized Two workshops on the topics Web Crawling and Android App Development at Mail Lab and MCA Lab by XCEED team of Kurukshetra.
29.07.2017 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama, Prof.N.Basker and Prof.R.B.Vinothkumar, organized a technical talk on “Interview Tips and Techniques” for final year CSE Students at GT Hall, CSE Block, by Mr.Hemanand Developer,  R & D division,  InfoView Chennai.
07.08.2017 to 08.08.2017 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama and Prof.S.Lavanya, organized a Technical sessions on “Internet of Things using Raspberry Pi” at Main Lab by M/S Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd, a premier technology training and academic lab equipment manufacturing company, Coimbatore.
10.08.2017 to 11.08.2017
18.08.2017 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama,  Dr.J.Jayanthi, Prof.V.Nandini, Dr.R.C.Narayanan
And  Dr.A.Prithiviraj, organized Guest Lectures on “Undecidable Problems, The Class N and NP Completeness”, “How to prepare Compilers and Theory of Computation for the GATE examination” and “How to make sense of Big Data?" at  PG Auditorium by  Mr.Manas, Department of CSE, IIT Madras and Mr.Sudarsun Santhiappan Chief Scientist and Co-Founder, Buddy Health Inc Chennai, India.
& 24.08.2017
Dr.B.Sathiyabhama, Dr.J.Jayanthi, Prof.T.Sathiya, Prof.A.K.Ilavarasi , Mr.S.Udhya Kumar,  and Mr.V.Yuvaraj, organized Two Days workshop on Data Analytics with Machine Learning Techniques at DAS Research - Grace Hoper Lab by Mr.S.Udhya Kumar,  Project Assistant, DAS Lab, SCT and  Mr.V.Yuvaraj, Assistant, DAS Lab,SCT.
05.09.2017 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama and Dr.J.Jayanthi, organized a Association Inauguration at GT Hall – CSE Department by Nagarajan Ramasway
Lead Consultant, Infosys, Bengaluru and Pugazhenthi Thirukkami
Senior Engineer QA in Velocloud Networks India, Chennai.
09.09.2017 Dr. M. Usha and Mr. J. Dhayanithi, organized a Guest Lecture on
“How to do Research? and How to do Literature Review?” at ECE Conference Hall by Mr. C. Marimuthu, Ph.D. Scholar, NIT, Karnataka,  Surathkal.
09.09.2017 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama and II year CC’s jointly organized a Parents Meeting
For II Year Students at GT Hall.
4.10.2017 Prof.J.Dhayanithi, AP/ CSE, organized and presented a INTRAMURAL LECTURE- Infosys Inspire Distinguished Facilitator Award 2017 held at Infosys DC, Banglore on 25th September 2017, at GT Hall (CSE Block).
7.10.2017 Prof.S.Lavanya, Prof.J. Dhayanithi, Prof.G.Mohanraj And Prof.S.K.Fathima, organized a Guest Lecture on “Object Oriented Programming using C++ - Industrial Aspects” at C.V.Raman Hall by Akshay Vyas V Technical Staff, Zoho corporation, Chennai.
16.10.2017 Dr.M.Usha , Dr.J. Jayanthi, Dr.K.C.Rajeswari , Prof.A.K.Ilavarasi
And  Prof.G.Vidhya, organized a  Guest Lecture for the Computer Organization and Architecture in the title “Role of Electronics in COA” at  PG Auditorium by  Dr.Srikanth Sathy Narayanan, Project Manager, UNO Minda, Pune.
14.10.2017 Dr.S.Sakthivel Ms.R.Reena Devi and Ms.R.Latha, organized a Guest Lecture “Cost Concept and Capital Budgeting”, at ECE Conference Hall, by Dr. M.Syed Ibrahim, Assistant Professor in the Post-Graduate & Research Department of Commerce, Government Arts College (Autonomous and Affiliated to the Periyar University-Salem).
01.11.2017 Prof.J.Dhayanithi, organized a “Machine Learning Tool using SPARK – Hands-on” at CDSS Lab, First Floor Green Building by Murali Sundaram, Big Data Developer, CTS, Chennai.
Dr. B.Sathiyabhama, Dr.J.Akilandeswari and Dr.M.Kadhar Navas, organized a “International Conference for Intelligent Computing Systems (ICICS’17)”  at PG Auditorium, APJ Hall, GT Hall  and MBA Conference Hall.