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9001:2015 Certified | FIST Funded (DST) SIRO(DSIR)

Computer Science and Engineering (UG)

Computer Science and Engineering (UG) - Innovative in Teaching and Learning

One credit courses are offered by the department to provide additional skills and to incorporate industry oriented training for students.

SONA is using MOODLE for various teaching learning activities like conducting online assessments, enabling content delivery like video lectures etc. Student and faculty members of institution can access the MOODLE services from anywhere in the world or from inside the campus by using the URL:
VPL is an extension of MOODLE. This is used by our faculty for conducting programming language lab courses. This facilitates automatically evaluate the students’ programs and grade them.

Lab Incharge

Teaching Staff:

Lecture Capture system is an automated audio-video recording solution for class room lectures. It provides access to classroom video lectures and activities in online. Students can access the recorded video lectures and other materials from anywhere through laptops, tablets and Android platform by using URL:
Lecture Capture System— Better Learning through Recorded class room Video lectures. Students can watch the missed/completed classroom recordings – anytime; anywhere; any place.

Lab Incharge

Blackboard provides access to learning materials and activities online. Students and faculty members of institution can access the Blackboard services from any location by using a URL:

All that is needed to access Blackboard from outside the campus is a computer with internet access and trusted certificate installed in it. You can get the trusted certificate from the blackboard administration by submitting a request form.

Industry Mentor :

The Industry Mentoring Program provides a unique opportunity for students to directly connect with industry representatives in a mentor-mentee program. Industry mentors will interact with student mentees to provide them with a deeper insight into professional environments and their future careers.

Mentor Sessions :

Mentoring sessions are the meetings between mentor and mentee, where the advice, knowledge sharing, and problem solving all takes place.

Faculty members and students are motivated to take up online courses for their subjects from various eminent platforms like NPTEL, Udacity and coursera.

Faculty members follow activity based teaching concepts for programming and problematic subjects. They follow SCRUM, quiz, projects, coding contests and prototyping.