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Yoga Club


Yoga education helps in self discipline and self-control,leading to immense amount of awareness, concentration and higher level of consciousness.
Briefly the objectives are:

  • To enable the students to have good health
  • To practice mental hygine and congition
  • To possess emotional stability
  • To intergrate moral values
  • To attain higher level o consciousness yoga education can enhance all the activities of students, be it academic or sports or social.
The Context:

Our College has a well build yoga center with calm, serene and unique atmosphere for the students to practice yoga. A separate block is in use to practice yoga which occupies nearly 100 students per session. The yoga hall has all the facilities including materials to practice, kriya section, meditation hall and rest rooms. Because of its unique atmosphere students are inspired and active in the session.

The Practice:

Daily yoga sessions are conducted separately for boys and girls inside the premises for staff monthly twice. “STRESS MANAGEMENT” sessions are taken includes teaching and non-teaching staffs. Regular and therapeutic yoga session for public is also going on. First and foremost college in India is Sona College of technology have posted naturopathy doctors as a medical officer in the physical education department to teach and conduct yoga and health management classes since 20 years. International yoga day on June 21st is celebrated every year in our campus.

Evidence of success:
  • Open elective courses yoga is added with minimum 1 & 2 credits for PG students (ME& MBA)
  • It enhance the system, have signed MOU with “S-Y YASA” university Bangalore.
  • Under special interest exams yoga is taken widely by the students.
  • Have submitted a research modals at competitions conducted between inter college.
Problems Encountered:

Necessary provisions are made to stabilize the physical and mental health of the students through YOGA. Constraints are overcome through various means. Resources Required: Necessary provisions are made to stabilize the physical and mental health of the students through YOGA.


It is been nearly 20 years Sona College is running “SONA YOGA & RESEARCH CENTER” for the students where as to prepare the students physically, mentally for the integration of their physical and mental health.

Yoga Day Celebration in Sona
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yoga-club-sona college


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Malathi R,
Yoga Teacher