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Facilities - Apple Lab

Apple Lab

About the Lab
Sona College of Technology has a niche Apple lab set-up, which is an incredible infrastructure equipped with 15 iMac 21.5 inch and 20 Mac mini systems. The lab aims at providing the buddy graduates with wider knowledge in latest technologies that drives the digital world like mobile Application development for Apple products, cross platform systems development and mobile computing. The rapid growth in Information Technology combined with mobile devices create a greater demand for continuous information access and sharing by consumers leads to career opportunities for the students in the field of mobile computing. New applications for health care domain, games, maps, remote monitoring, banking, online trading is intended to be created at the Apple lab.
The institution also plans to bring out many iOS App development professionals equipped with value added skills. Mac is one of the superlative choices for media community. Multimedia design, animation and editing are unique when handled in apple systems. Attractive apps such as motion stills, kirakira, Edison email, tweetbot, clarity money keeps the user more sophisticated. The students interested in these fields are provided an environment to equip themselves to improve their competency. Apple is overwhelmed with highly appreciable aids that enable effective teaching learning process. iBook author, iTunesU, Mindnode and screenflow facilitate content management and distribution, multi-touch books for iPad and Mac, thereby help handling audio, video, 3D projection and scrolling bars effectively.
Vision of the lab
The purpose of the lab is to impart the latest technologies to the students with hands-on experience on the incredible iOS platform. It will enable the students’ to nurture their creative skill in developing applications for iPhones and ipads that drive the today’s digital world.
Key Features

  • Opportunity for students to develop innovative projects
  • Facility for Research and development activities
  • Hands-on practices with Mac OS and cross platform systems
  • Apple authorized training and certificates
  • Opportunity for faculty to use Mac systems as effective teaching-learning tool


  • Develop iOS Application for various domains and solve real time problems
  • Establish their own start-ups to develop products and provide solutions/services using Mac systems
  • Evolve as freelancers

Events and Achievements

S.No Date/Period Event Organized Participants/
Resource person(s)
1. 21.12.2016 Inauguration of the Apple laboratory Department of Computer Science and Engineering Faculty and Students of Department of CSE, IT and MCA


2. 21.12.2016-31.03.2017 iOS App Development course-Batch 1 Department of CSE 30 students 29-placed
3. 31.01.2017-
iOS App Development Course-Batch 2 Department of CSE 22 students 11-placed
4. 22.02.2017 National Level Workshop on iOS App Development Department of IT 63 students


5. 02.03.2017 App Development Contest Department of CSE 30 students


6. 03.03.2017 National Level Workshop -"Xamarin- A Cross Platform for App Development"  Department of CSE  35 participants



7. 21.06.2017-
Summer Boot Camp on iOS App Development using Swift Department of CSE 05 participants


8. 20.06.2017 Workshop on "Introduction to Data Science and Statistical Machine Learning" Department of CSE Faculty of CSE, IT and MCA




9. 15.09.2017 to 11.02.2018 Consultancy project for Southern Railways, Salem Division Department of CSE Faculty and student team from CSE Successfully completed and hosted. Specially rewarded by the DEE (Operations), Southern Railways, Salem Division
10. 16.02.2018 Workshop on iOS App Development Department of IT 16 participants


11. 19.02.2018-04.04.2018 App Development for iPhones using Swift Language Department of CSE 30 students