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Innovative Teaching

Facilities - Innovative Teaching Learning Process


SONA is the first engineering institution in India which introduced the Blackboard Learn software in the teaching learning process. Blackboard Learn 9.1 is the Virtual Learning Environment used at the Sona Group of Institution.

Blackboard provides access to learning materials and activities online. Students and faculty members of institution can access the Blackboard services from any location by using a URL: All that is needed to access Blackboard from outside the campus is a computer with internet access and trusted certificate installed in it. You can get the trusted certificate from the blackboard administration by submitting a request form.

Blackboard includes tools for:

  • Organizing and publishing course materials
  • Communication between tutors and students
  • Collaborative working, including discussion forums, wikis, blogs and shared group areas
  • Plagiarism checking on the submitted assignment
  • In Built Math Editor to support the writing of mathematical equations
  • Online assessments with automatic marking facilities
  • Course administration such as calendars and task lists
  • Tracking students’ online activities and course work submissions

Benefits of using Blackboard

Some of the benefits of using Blackboard are:

  • Students can access reference materials, handouts, reading lists, web links and activities anytime, anywhere (as long as you have internet access if you stay outside the college otherwise you can reach to service using a
  • Allows for web-based presentations and tutorials
  • Aids discussions and collaborative work with other students (campus-based and Distance Learners) and tutors via discussion forums, wikis and blogs
  • Facilitates the completion and submission of assignments
  • Allows tracking and monitoring of students’ access and progress through the course
  • Reduces the need for paperwork and printed handouts
  • Content can be updated easily
  • Provides an easy way to inform course members about course information, announcements and deadlines

For any queries related to using a SONA BLACKBOARD, you can reach us in the following

Email id:

Contact:  0427- 4099749

SONA is the engineering institution in India which introduced the lecture Capture system in the teaching learning process. Lecture Capture systems is a Comprehensive Video-Based Learning Platform used in Sona Group of Institutions.

A Comprehensive Video-Based Learning Platform

Lecture Capture system is an automated audio-video recording solution for class room lectures. It provides access to classroom video lectures and activities in online. Students can access the recorded video lectures and other materials from anywhere through laptops, tablets and Android platform by using URL:

Lecture Capture System— Better Learning through Recorded class room Video lectures

Students can watch the missed/completed classroom recordings – anytime; anywhere;  any place.

Benefits of using Lecture Capture system

  • Students can access the video lectures anytime, anywhere (through internet access if you stay outside the college otherwise students can reach to service using a
  • Discover new types of curated content to supplement classroom lectures
  • Collaborate, which improves comprehension
  • Achieve a deeper and more current understanding
  • Use tools for easy revision, asking questions and interacting with peers.
  • Focus on understanding the class rather than taking notes
  • Availability of all contents at one place
  • Students can ask questions anytime through discussion forum.
  • Follow People/ Topics – Follow people and topics to learn from them and take advantage of peer learning.
  • Content Catalog – Content catalog has all the courses that are being taught in college on lecture capture platform.
  • Heat Map – Check out which portions of the lecture are most exciting and are been watched the most!

For any queries related to using a SONA LECTURE CAPTURE SYSTEM, you can reach us in the following

Email id:    Contact:  0427- 4099879

Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. MOODLE is an open source web application used to create interactive online learning platform. MOODLE is an alternative to proprietary commercial online learning solutions and is distributed free under open source licensing. It is designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments. SONA is using MOODLE for various teaching learning activities like conducting online assessments, enabling content delivery like video lectures etc. Student and faculty members of institution can access the MOODLE services from anywhere in the world or from inside the campus by using the URL:

: 0427 - 4099745