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9001:2015 Certified | FIST Funded (DST) SIRO(DSIR)

Research and Development

Policy for Research and Consultancy Projects

The Institute follows a unique Incentive scheme to reward the faculty for the Research and Consultancy Project works carried out in the respective year. This scheme is introduced by the Management to impart research culture and to motivate faculty towards identifying new innovations. The incentive scheme is as per the table below.
Terms & Conditions:

  • The consultancy work will be carried out under the Head (Principal) of Sona College of Technology.
  • The revenue generated will be deposited in the Institution account. This is done to avoid misuse of funds. The Institute will provide the remuneration to the respective faculty as per the below chart, based on the revenue generated after the completion of every consultancy work.
  • Faculty should motivate the students towards participation in industrial consultancy projects.
S.No. Category Name Percentage of Share
1 Funded Research Projects from Govt. organizations, R & D Organizations, Industry, University etc. Principal Investigator 2% of the Received Fund only upon submission of Utilization Certificate (UC)
All Co-investigators Total of 1% on Received Fund will be shared (only upon submission of Utilization Certificate (UC))
2 Consultancy and Testing services Individual / Team Ratio of 60:40 is shared   between Institution and Individual / Team respectively
3 Patent (US /  Overseas / Indian) Author(s) Ratio of 50:50 will be shared only on  commercialization  of the Patent .

Policies for Journal Publications:

  • Affiliation must be Sona College of Technology.
  • Applicable only for papers published in Science Citation Index (SCI) Journals.
  • Faculties are asked to publish joint research papers with experts from Tier-1 Institutions / Industries.
S. No Norms Reward
1. For First and Second author Rs. 15000/- each
2. For Third author and remaining authors Rs. 5000/- equaly shared
3. Text/ ReferenceBook published by an international publishers with an established peer review System Rs. 25000/-
4. Partial contribution to edited knowledge based volumes published by international publishers. Rs. 5000/-
Note: Exceptional contribution in Research Publication will be rewarded as Platinum Award and Gold Award categories, at the discretion of Management.