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Tremors Club

Tremors Logo

Mission & Vision of TREMORS,

To address some of the core issues that are hampering the balanced development of the society, Tremors club was formed by the students and it was made official on Feb 17th 2010.

This club, a student initiative, was started for making Salem, a better place to live in.

A Healthy Ecology is the basis for a healthy economy

The main objective of the club is to address the environmental and some of the most important socio-economic problems which are hampering the overall growth of our city by conducting activities such as tree plantations, photo exhibitions, education for all, awareness camps, etc.

The events and activities that are taken up by our club go beyond creating awareness to bring in changes in the society that we live in. We aim to go beyond being a club and become a youth movement.

So far we have considered earth as our mother and got everything from her, but at least from now on let us consider her as our daughter and give her back everything!! Name of the event Description Event outcome
1 i’19 symposium (15/03/2019) Delightfully TREMORS CLUB will be hosting i’19. The following events will be held :
  • Inter school competition
  • Impacts of Mobile phones
  • Innovative agriculture
  • Debate
  • Star of i’19
  • Eco-Snap
  • drawing
Students can get the leadership skills by organizing the events in symposium .They also develop their management skills.
2 School awareness program-(impacts of mobile) (February 2nd & 3rd week 2019) This awareness program mainly focuses in educating children about various effects caused by mobile phones. Helps the children to be aware of hazardous of mobile phones & help to avoid it.
3 Speakers Forum (27/12/2018) This event is conducted mainly to create awareness about various environmental issues include impact of plastics, actors in politics, sterlite problem, ONGC, the plan of 8 roads connecting Salem and Chennai, Students were eagerly participated and spoke more about recent environmental issues to control the issues for the future generation. This event helps us to know more about the recent issues and its effects on environment and helps to know the idea for decreasing the issues
4 Swasth Bharath Yatra (05/11/2018) As a part of tremors activities, we contribute the National level event "Swasth Bharatha Yatra" with the moto of "Eat Right India" on 5th November 2018. More than 25 volunteers from our club spread the awareness about the event. To bring the awareness about the swasth bharath yatra.
5 Sona Breeze (16/10/2018) Sona Breeze, an inter school competition held in our college. The competition include dance competition, music competition, skit, essay writing in Tamil and English, oratorical and extra-curricular activities… The overall trophy of SONA BREEZE was won by Sri Seshaas International Public School, Salem.
6 Tree plantation (26/08/2018) For the first event of TREMORS, we planned to organize Tree plantation . The saplings of different plants such as Neem, Pungam , Teaks, Oaks…were planted thrice in the academic year of 2018-2019. At the end of the third tree plantation, the distribution of the cloth bags given by the GO GREEN team were given.
7 IOT Webinar (23/08/2018) Our aim is to teach more about the innovations in technology on agriculture. It helps the students to do their final year project based on IOT. The students from different department of II, III, IV years have been participated. Student felt very motivated and learned about various technologies and innovations in agriculture.
  • Conducted an Election for selecting office bearers on 29.07.2017 and assign the role for respective student as follows.
  • International Day for the preservation of “ozone layer” is celebrated on 09.09.2017 and various events are to be conducted.
  • Trekking to Yercaud on 27.01.2018, Nearly 110 students and faculties were participated and to eagerly learn about the flora and fauna of the hill with the support of Salem District Forest Department.
  • Tremors Trekking
  • SONA-TREMORS took the “Tree plantation” project and implemented the same with the support of students & management of SONA on 24.09.2017 & 28.01.2018.
  • Tree plantation
  • SONA-TREMORS organized awareness program mainly focused on “Avoiding Junk foods” and demonstrate the side effects of its regular intake to school students in and around Salem.
  • Tremors Club Activity Tremors Club Activity
  • SONA-TREMORS in associate with Fine Arts Club organized an awareness programme titled ‘’PLASTIC FREE CAMPUS” on 09.01.2018. The students enthusiastically participated by performing flash mob dance and the volunteers took pledge that they make SONA a “ Plastic Free Campus”.
  • Tremors Club Activity Tremors Club Activity
  • On behalf of SONA-TREMORS team, A team visited nearby old age home on 24/09/2017 to provide the basic necessary needs.
  • Tremors Club Activity
  • SONA-TREMORS planned to rejuvenate the panamarathupatti lake in salem and organized the signup inauguration function on 22.03.2018 (World Water Day) at Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Conference Hall, Sona college of Technology, Salem.
  • Tremors Club Activity
  • SONA-TREMORS conducted National level Environmental Symposium (i’18) on 10.03.2018 on the theme of “GREEN TECH”- A Technological solution for Green Energy. Also Released the Magazine of the TREMORS.
  • Tremors Club Activity
  • Social awareness program “VOICE FOR CAUSE” conducted for first and second year students on 24.09.2016.
  • Eradication of low micron plastic bags and plastic sheet (for making parcel) from college campus and canteen on 01.02.2017.
  • Volunteer ourselves in “AMALA BHARATHAM” event. Cleaned our campus after the event and helped in food distribution on 04.02.2017.
  • Conduct a survey with farmers about “Current scenario of all farmers” on 09.01.2017.
  • We joined our hands with MAKKAL PATHAI and filled a complaint in press meet about “CRUELTY OF POLICE” during uplifting ban for jallikattu protest on 31.01.2017.
  • An awareness program on CAMPS(Clean INDIA, Aforestation, Motivation, Plastic awareness and Save water) for school students (Sri Ramakrishna Saradha Hr.Sec School,salem-5) on 13.01.2017.
  • An Environmental Symposium (i'17) organized by TREMORS in the theme of "Think, Eat, Save" on 04.03.2017.
  • Trekking to Yercaud on 19.03.2016, Nearly 110 students and faculties from Sona-TREMORS to learn about the flora and fauna of the hill.
  • Tremors Trekking
  • An Environmental Symposium (i'16) organized by TREMORS in the theme of "Green and Clean Environment" on 19.02.2016.
  • Tremors i16s Tremors i161
  • A plastic survey was taken inside SONA to the make the campus more green and clean on 15.2.2016.
  • An intra college Agricultural awareness event, Aqua – Agri Explore was conducted on 30.12.2015.
  • TREMORS & Fine Arts of SONA together have planted 300 Saplings in Valluvar Colony and Allikuttai, Ammapet, Salem on the special day of "Gandhi Jayanthi" Oct 2nd, 2015.

  • Tremors finearts Tremors finearts1
  • An awareness program on Green Earth, SAGE(Social Awareness on Green Earth) was conducted for our first year students through various Eco-Friendly events from 11.09.2015 to 15.09.2015.
  • An Awareness program on water conservation in the theme of "SAVE WATER, SAVE LIFE" for School Students (Sri Ramakrishna Sarada Hr.Sec.School, Salem-5) on 21.08.2015.

Tremors Logo Tremors Logo
  • October: “SONA-GREEN”, A Environmental program organized for the students to make our campus more clean & green.
  • January: “Share Knowledge, Get Awareness” presentation program organized for or 1st , 2nd and 3rd year students on various topics like clean India campaign, Medicinal Plants, Etc.,
  • February: “Intra college environmental Symposium ( i’15 )” conducted on 25feb 2015 in the theme of “Water Expo”.
  • March: The pledge about “Wildlife crime is serious” was taken by TREMORS volunteers on “World Wildlife Day-March 3rd, 2015”.
  • April: Our 110 active TREMORS volunteers spread awareness of plastic free salem and promote to link “Aadhar ID with Voters ID” to tribal people of Yercard by Trekking event on 11.04.2015.
  • April: We undergone industrial training about eco friendly product manufacturing in ZF Wind Power Coimbatore Private Limited with 38 students on 15.04.2015.
  • August: Tree Plantation, Kumaragiri hillock, Salem.
  • August: Edcational Campaign: Orphanage, Anbu Illam, Mulluvadi gate, Salem.
  • September: Organ Donation Awareness Campaign, Sona College, Salem.
  • October: Mr/Ms. Jo-Pho, A photography event for students about the various Environmental issues.
  • October: AWARENESS ON RTI filing for our students.
  • November: Jerugumalai Trekking, We offered to get basic identity for 225 people with the support of TREMORS volunteers.
  • January: SONA-SAFETY AWARENESS CAMPAIGN organized for our students.
  • September: - ENVIRONMENTAL LAW AWARENESS CAMPAIGN: It was done with a aim to educate members how to prevent our surroundings from basic pollution.
  • October :-  I’12- Inter college environmental symposium
  • January:- SAGE12(SOCIAL AWARENESS ON GREEN EARTH)  This event is conducted exclusively for first and second years.
  • February:- EDUCATIONAL CAMPAIGN The main mission behind this campaign is to reduce the illiteracy rate and to satisfy the club mission “TO PROVIDE AN ENVIRONMENT TO STUDENTS THAT CAN NOT BE PROVIDED BY  PARENTS.” carried out on every Sunday between 11-1pm in Lotus orphanage, Anbu Illam, salem.
  • March 2013: TREE PLANTATION-kumaragiri hills, 145 TREMORS volunteers involved in tree plantation and planted 190 saplings.
  • March 2013: Trekking-Yercard, To  educate members on   the importance of fossil fuel and also to educate them various ways to prevent forest deforestation.
  • AUGUST 2011:- we organized our national level environmental symposium “i”11 for encouraging the students to be an initiative to bring a change in the society. On the day of symposium , with students support we replaced the plastic bags used in canteen by paper bags.
  • AUGUST 2011:-   We also organized a guest lecture titled ‘corruption and “i”’ lectured by the environmental activist MR. NITHIYNNDH  JAYARAM.
  • SEPTEMBER 2011:- Ozone day –Awareness program
  • DECEMBER 2011:- Guest Lecture on “Save the Nature” for our stdents. The students learnt how closer the nature is to the mankind.
  • MARCH 2012: We conducted trekking to Nagaramalai. The students enjoyed as it is entirely a new experience to them. We removed the thorns on the pathway and learnt about the flora and fauna of the hill.
  • MARCH 2012: Food Fest- To support the local foods like which are rich in nutricians we are conducting a food fest in canteen.

March: We started our work at Mookaneri lake (building Bird Sanctuary) along with Salem Citizen’s Forum and cleaned the lake for 4 consecutive Sunday.
April: Survey of tree felling in Kannankurchi.
June & July: Tree plantation @ Mookaneri on Sundays.
August: We conducted our inter-department environmental symposium, “I”10, stressing the students to take the “I”nitiative to bring a change in the society. 10 different events we organized to make to students more responsible towards the society.
September: Trekking to Yercaud with 107 members.
October: Give a bag, give a life contest” and Multimedia contest for 1st years exclusively.
November: Salem day celebration at Mookaneri along with Salem Citizen’s Forum. Chief Guest- Dr.Muthu Chezian, Periyar University Vice Chancellor.
December: Numbering of all the fans and lights of the college as a part of our energy conservation project.
February: Along with 153 members we went for a one day camp at Yercaud to create awareness about forest rights act to the villagers in Yercaud. This camp was a very good learning experience for the students as they learnt about the atrocities meted out to the forest dwellers.

Staff Coordinator
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Assistant Professor,
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