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Controller of Examinations - Exam Schedule

The Office of the Controller of Examinations shall be responsible for assessing continuous learning process of the students by maintaining best quality and standard in examination process and ensuring confidentiality. It is the duty of the office of the Controller of Examinations to arrange, prepare, schedule, conduct, publish and maintain records of CIE and Semester End Examinations of the students of all UG, PG and Ph.D programmes.

The SEE shall ordinarily be conducted between November and January during the odd semesters and between April and June in the even semesters.

All assessments of students will be done on the basis of absolute marks. However, for the purpose of reporting the performance of a student, letter grades, each carrying a certain number of points, will be awarded according to the total marks (out of 100) obtained by the student in each course.

Semester Exam Schedule

Ph.D. Exam Schedule for Dec 19/ Jan 2020 sona-exam-time-table

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Exam Schedule for SEE - DEC 2019 / JAN 2020 sona-exam-time-table

2018 Regulations:

  • MCA III Semester

2019 Regulations:

Exam Schedule for SEE - OCT / NOV 2019

2010R Regulations:

2014 Regulations:

2015 Regulations:

2015R Regulations:

2017 Regulations:

  • MBA IV,III,II,I Trimester

CIE Test Exam Schedule


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