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Placement - Alumni

Sona College of Technology has an officially registered Sona Alumni Association (SAA). (Reg. No. 66 of 2018)
Sona Alumni Association functions as a nodal agency for maintaining liaison with the alumni and to involve them in the development and growth of the institution. It will promote and encourage the alumni to exchange professional knowledge by undertaking and facilitating conferences, seminars, lectures and meetings amongst alumni, students, faculty and others. Continuous interaction with Alumni is expected to widen the placement opportunities of the students. Alumni Day is being organized every year as a calendar event by the Management to bring the alumni of various department to celebrate their memories with college and contribute back wisely for the college through support in placement, career guidance for the present students. Based on the convenience of the Alumni, Alumni chapters are also held up at various geographical location for better connect with them. Alumni Coordinators of the concerned departments play a significant role in registering and organizing the Alumni day and Alumni chapter leading it to be the grand success.

  • To establish a strongly connected SONA Alumni Association to act as a bridge among the students, management, staff and alumni of Sona College of Technology for mutual benefit and synergy.
  • To build a better interaction through application of strengths and resources of alumni, student and staff to improve the quality of Sona College of Technology.
  • To act as a forum for exchange of information among its members and to act as fine link between the old students and college.
  • To actively work for relationship among the alumni for their career growth and support in their new venture of progress.

Advance Sona College of Technology by promoting alumni relationships, fostering commitment among students and enabling student–alumni interactions.

This mission is brought to life through events and programs such as:
  • Publishing newsletter
  • Conducting Mock Interview for students
  • Fostering alumni visits to campus
  • Helping alumni with Institute-related activities
  • Providing job portal for alumni
  • Encouraging giving back by alumni
  • Donations, lectures, sponsorships, mentoring, internships, placement
  • Holding alumni reunions
  • Recognizing exceptional alumni through awards
  • Forming international chapters
  • Forming national chapters
  • Provide students guidance for higher studies and career development as and when required by them, with help from alumni.
  • Maintain a compendium of all alumni in different parts of the world.
  • Establish, promote and support the local chapters of the association in different parts of the world.

The integrity of any college is bound with the alumni as they are the ones who spread word about the institution and the management to the upcoming intellects to establish their foundation of knowledge according to the word taken from the alumni of any institution. And so we take proud in our alumni over the past years for being devoted to our institution and spreading generous words about the institutions standard in teaching, organisation support on innovative projects and equal support for sports and extra-curricular activities in order to make the students outshine in various aspects of interest.

Contact :

Dr. K. S. Yamuna ,AP / EEE & Mr.V.Kavyarasan AP/MECH
Email id :

Ms.R.C.Vinodhini , B.E.(CSE), MBA, Alumni Co-ordinator
+91 9360807662
Email id :