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Womens Club

Women's Club

Sona "Women Empowerment Cell " is a society run exclusively by girls for girls. All of its programs are aimed at achieving the dictum of Embodiment, Empowerment and Enhancement of Women.


To endorse an ethnicity of esteem, egalitarianism and protection for female gender

Objectives of the Cell

  • To offer awareness programs / Guest Lectures and Workshop for female gender to empower and advance their development as individuals in their own right.
  • To create a conducive counseling environment for female gender to share their problems.

Ideathon Event for girls “EmpowerHERathon”

The Women Empowerment Committee of Sona College of Technology organized a mega IDEATHON -“Empower HERathon” event for girl students of 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th year B.E programme with exciting cash prizes. The programme conducted on 10.04.2024 at 9.30am at Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam Hall. The girls students of different years from engineering participated in the event. Total of 20 teams participated and received exciting cash prizes. The girls student were made to design an idea solution for the different problems and they were asked to present on the day. The Best Innovative solutions will be supported to make it as a product. Read more

Empowering She-preneurship: Unleashing Women Entrepreneurial Spirit

On March 22, 2024 the spotlight was on a women entrepreneurship event dubbed, “Empowering She-preneurship:Spark Your Business Idea.” Successful women entrepreneurs from various industries shared valuable insights, experiences, and wisdom to inspire the next generation of female business leaders.

It was part of Sona College of Technology’s “Women’s March” a thoughtfully curated month long series aimed to inspire reflection and action on the various facets of the World Women’s Day (WWD) 2024. theme, ‘Invest in women: Accelerate progress.’ Read more

S.No Event Date Event Name
114.01.2020 Women Empowerment Committee - celebrated Pongal 2020 Read more
29.02.2020 Women Empowerment Committee - organised the rangoli competition for girls on the account of “Sri SrinivasaPerumalThirukalyanam” in associate with TirumalaTriupathiDevasathanams(TTD) Read more
313.02.2020 Women Empowerment Committee - conducted a guest lecture on the topic “Current Nutritional health disorders in women” Read more
418.02.2020 Women Empowerment Committee - organised “Miss Queen Bee 2020” the technical events Read more
519.02.2020 Women Empowerment Committee - organised “Miss Queen Bee 2020” the non technical events Read more
S.No Event Date Event Name
1. 8-1-2019 Women Empowerment Committee - interactive session with Miss World Sweden 2015 Ms.StinaNordlander, Chief operating officer , Nobel Sustainability Trust Read more
2. 12-1-2019 Women Empowerment committee - Pongal Celebration "2019" Read more
3. 15-2-2019 Women Empowerment Committee - “Miss Wonder Women 2019" Read more
4. 18-2-2019 Women Empowerment Committee - Non technical events “Miss Wonder Women 2019” Read more
5. 4.3.2019 to 6.3.2019 Women Empowerment Committee - conducted the workshop on “Simplified Yoga practices” Read more
6. 8-3-2019 Women Empowerment Committee - organized a Motivational Speech and Live Interaction with Ms N Dhamayanthi, Associate Vice President, HCL Technologies, Chennai.Read more
7. 11.3.2019 Women Empowerment Committee - organized a “Live Interaction” with the advocates and sub judges Read more
8. 21.3.2019 Women Empowerment Committee - celebrated the “International Women’s day 2019”Read more
9. 30.3.2019 Women Empowerment Committee - celebrated a remarkable women’s award ceremonyRead more to 4.10.2019 Women Empowerment committee - Celebrates "HAPPY DUSSEHRA 2019"Read more Women Empowerment committee - organised an awareness programme on “ Physical and Mental Wellness – Dance and Sanative”Read more Women Empowerment Committee - organised an health awareness programme on “Naturopathy towards women health” Read more
S.No Event Date Event Name
118.01.2018 Women Empowerment Committee - “Ms .Geek 2K18” Read more
216/03/2018 Women Empowerment Committee - celebrated the International women’s day 2018 Read more
328/03/2018 Women Empowerment Committee - International Women’s Day, CII Indian Women Network (IWN) Tamil Nadu Read more
414.9.2018 Women Empowerment Committee - Pinkathon Rally 2018 – “BetiPachoBetiPadho” Awareness programme of government of India Read more
521.11.2018 to 24.11.2018 Women Empowerment Committee -organized a guest lecture on “ Women related Laws” Read more
626.11.2018 Women Empowerment Committee - organized second Nation-wide competition on “laws related to Women” Read more
S.No Event Date Event Name
13.3.2017 to 23.3.2017 Women Empowerment Committee - organized a Silambam workshop in coordination with the KOFUKAN SHITO – RYU KARATE SCHOOL INDIA, affliated by Karate Association of India (KAI) Read more
28.3.2017 Women Empowerment Committee - Women’s day celebration 2017 Read more
330.3.2017 Women Empowerment Committee - attended the NHRD Hosur Chapter International Women's day 2017 Read more
430.3.2017 Women Empowerment Committee - NHRD Hosur Chapter organised a “Special Industry Visits”Read more
525.09.2017 Women Empowerment Committee - Guest lecture by Prof.Dr.JayanthasriBalakrishnanRead more

Members of the Women Empowerment Cell

Chief Coordinator

  • Dr.M.Renuga, Head of the Department, Department of Humanities and Languages. Ph: 0427 - 4099780

Cell Coordinators

  • Ms.A.P Jayakrishna , AP/ECE Ph: 0427 - 4099772
  • Ms.K.S.Jayareka, AP/CSE

Email id : sonawec[At]

Team of Councellors for Women Safety at Sona