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Date(s) - 22/03/2024
10:00 am - 1:00 pm


On March 22, 2024 the spotlight was on a women entrepreneurship event dubbed, “Empowering She-preneurship:Spark Your Business Idea.” Successful women entrepreneurs from various industries shared valuable insights, experiences, and wisdom to inspire the next generation of female business leaders. 

 It was part of Sona College of Technology’s “Women’s March” a thoughtfully curated month long series aimed to inspire reflection and action on the various facets of the World Women’s Day (WWD) 2024. theme, ‘Invest in women: Accelerate progress.’  

The morning commenced with a serene atmosphere filling the Sri Valliappa Auditorium as attendees were guided through a session of Sandra Vedana Pranayama, setting a calm and focused tone for the day ahead. Among the distinguished guests were Ms. Uma Reddy, Managing Director of High Tech Magnetics and Electronics, Private Limited, and Ms. Sangeetha Menon, Founder and CEO of Structural Integrated Panels, Private Limited. The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Shri. C. Valliappa, the Chairman of Sona institutions, whose vision has propelled the institution to great heights. Adding stature and warmth to the event was the presence of our dynamic Vice Chairman, Mr. Thyagu Valliappa, our Principal Dr S.R.R Senthil Kumar and Dr.Karthikeyan, Principal, Thiagarajar Polytechnic College.  

Shri Valliappa sir set the stage for the event with his characteristic insight, reflecting on the journey of women entrepreneurship. He shared anecdotes about Ms. Uma Reddy’s remarkable journey, highlighting her resilience and pioneering spirit. He remarked, “In 1984, when she was a student, she started her company. So, from then on, year-on- year, she is going on increasing the turnover.” Reflecting on the significance of women’s leadership, Mr. Thyagu Valliyappa, the vice-chairman, emphasized the need to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women in various fields. He stated, “I think today, the Women’s March has been set in such a way to introduce and recognize. Of course, recognition, we always do.”  

Ms. Uma Reddy, a trailblazer in her own right, reflected on her amazing life narrative with enthusiasm and composure. She detailed her 40-year journey starting out as a young engineering graduate from a home unit to embracing the engineering manufacturing profession and establishing herself in the chosen niche of transformers. ‘Harness your innate multitasking prowess,’ she urged. ‘Question the present with “why?” and the future dreams with “why not?” Seize every opportunity to learn from every experience. Master the art of networking, communication, and delegation. Embrace the information revolution and tap into the vast support resources provided by both central and state governments for women entrepreneurs.” 

 Ms. Sangeetha Menon echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and resilience in entrepreneurship. Raised by a strict single parent, she relinquished her dream of becoming a doctor. “Always have a Plan B, but never abandon your dreams,’ she advised. ‘Dreams provide direction.’ Pursue your passion relentlessly. Embrace your chosen field wholeheartedly. There are no failures, only lessons. Prioritize family, and pursue your ambitions for personal fulfilment and excitement. To young women entering partnerships, she cautioned, ‘Rise promptly when you stumble, and assess the alignment of values with your business partners”, Sangeetha advocated. 

Further short glimpses into success stories self-narrated by distinguished alumnae Dr. Sofi, Dr. Gnanasundari and Sridevi Kesavan served as a valuable pointer to the growing prominence of women in entrepreneurship and the need to nurture a supportive ecosystem for their growth. With the collective insights and inspiration shared at the event, it was evident that She-preneurship is not just a buzzword but a tangible force that can shape the future of business and innovation. 

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