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The Sona Group

About Us - Founder's Profile

chockalingam, founder sona college of technology
Thiru. M. S. Chockalingam

You'll be surprised to know that the man behind this magnum opus called Sona Group of institutions was a simple, humble, affable, kind-hearted gentleman called Mr. M. S. Chockalingam.

A skilled businessman and a great textile wizard, Mr.Chockalingam was at heart big giver. His desire to give back to the society and nurture the next generation bore fruit in the form of the reputed Thiagarajar Polytechnic College, a top ranking institution in the country.

Mr.Chockalingam established Sona College in 1997. Sona, by the way, is the name by which Mr.Chockalingam was addressed by his friends and admirers. And just like the man himself, Sona College of Technology is now a powerful ray of hope that guides youngsters towards fulfilling careers.