NAAC-Accredited 'A++' - Grade 2(f) & 12(B) status (UGC) |ISO
9001:2015 Certified | FIST Funded (DST) SIRO(DSIR)

NRI Study in India

Campus Life

Students from all parts of India study at Sona and the campus is friendly, lively and safe. Most of the students speak in English, Tamil and Hindi while the working class speak in Tamil and English.

Nearly 80% of the students stay on-campus in hostels and the remaining outside the campus, in nearby private residences within city limits. Indian students are very sociable, friendly and helpful in nature among the student community.

The campus is self-sufficient with department stores, more than ten 24-hour hospitals within a radius of 1 kilometre, gymnasium, sit outs, eateries, restaurant, food courts, banks within one-kilometre radius and ATMs, and security services.

There is an open-air auditorium and Valliappa Auditorium where entertainments are hosted. As the campus is well connected with rail and road transport, students prefer to do week end shopping and entertainment at downtown.

Unique at Sona

SONA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY is dedicated to delivering superior education that empowers students to excel in the realms of Science, Engineering, Technology, and Management. We strive to meet the evolving and demanding requirements of both society and industry through the implementation of the following initiatives:

Our objectives include enriching students' academic prowess and fostering their holistic knowledge development. We prioritize the upkeep of cutting-edge infrastructure and fostering a supportive learning atmosphere.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to elevating faculty competence to exemplary standards, equipping them with modern teaching methodologies such as Lecture Capture System, Blackboard, HireMee, SonaSoft, Management Information System, and providing access to a world-class library facility.

Fostering moral and ethical values among both students and staff members is a key priority. We actively seek collaboration with industry partners, fellow institutions, and organizations for mutual advantage. With over 25 Research and Development programs, we contribute significantly to economic growth. Through continuing education initiatives, we aim to share technical expertise across the region. Lastly, we are committed to the ongoing enhancement of our Quality Management System.


Research Labs

The campus has nurtured 30+ inter-discipline research centres, especially in the areas of nano-technology, robotics, automation, etc Read More

Contact Us

International Programmes

  • Head, International Affairs Cell ,
  • Sona College of Technology,
  • Salem – 636 005.
  • Tamil Nadu, India
  • Phone :00 91 427 4099877 (Direct)
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