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Research and Development

One of the maxims that Sona College guarantees for its students is “Learning is a Celebration!” 

Learning can be stimulated in several ways, the least practised of which is through the inculcation of the ‘spirit of enquiry’. To institutionalise this principle of learning, Sona has devoted itself to providing extensive opportunities for staff and students to pursue research and development activities.
Sona College’s commitment to advanced research in the areas of science, engineering and technology has nurtured 30-plus centres of excellence. Every department is encouraged to have at least one such centre. Most departments have established two/three centres each.

The centres focus primarily on applied research, product development, learning-resources development and industrial training. All these centres have in place advanced equipment and current technology. 

There is a strong tendency towards inter-discipline research, especially in the areas of nano-technology, robotics, automation, etc that generates new ideas and promotes the development of innovative products and processes.  

Both the faculty and students alike contribute to the research, development and innovation at Sona.

In order to encourage the faculty and students of Sona College of Technology in carrying out Consultancy Projects and testing services to industries, Management provides 60:40 sharing in the net revenue of such projects.

Research Centres :

Patents Published
  • An Auxiliary Digital Device for Rapier type Looms - FT - 17/07/2023
  • Identification on anti-corrosive property of limonia acidissima plant extract using ANN - Civil - 04/07/2023
  • Development of An Automated IOT based Fish Tank Maintenance Assistive System - MCA - 04/07/2023
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