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Research and Development


Research and Development - Sponsored Projects

List of Sponsored Research Projects (Ongoing)
(by AICTE /DST/IGCAR/ ISRO/Industries/SCT)

S.No Title of the Project Agency Scheme Principal Investigator (PI) & (Co-PI) Period    Status
1 Evaluation of Voltage Stability Index in a Distributed Photo Voltaic System DST – SERB Fast Track Young Scientist Scheme – Engineering Science Dr.M.Senthil Kumar
Professor / EEE
2016-19 Ongoing
2 To Strengthen Research Facilities in all Science Department of the College DST - FIST Group I
Group II
Dr. S. Padma
Group III
Dr. D. Senthilkumar
Dr. S. Saravanan
2016-21 Ongoing
3 ICT Interventions to Promote Entrepreneurship Development of Women SHGs in Salem District, Tamil Nadu through Rural Agricultural Support Centers (Agri BPOs) DST - SEED Division(Agri BPOs) Dr.M.Usha
Sr.Dean (ICE) /CSE
Dr.J.Akilandeswari  HOD / IT
Dr.R.S.Sabeenian  HOD / ECE
Asst.Professor/ CSE
2016-19 Ongoing
4 Clinical Decision Support System for Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Preventive Care Analytics for Rural Women in and around Kandar kula Manickam, Salem District, TamilNadu. DST- SEED (CDSS) Dr.B.Sathiyabhama
Assoc .Prof / CSE
Asst .Prof / CSE
Asst .Prof / CSE
2016-19 Ongoing
5 Rural Women Technology Park in Salem (Kandarkulamanickem Panchayat), Tamil Nadu DST-  WTP  Scheme Dr. M. Usha Sr.Dean (ICE) /CSE 2017-20 Ongoing
6 Sensing perceptible water from GPS and estimating rainfall from the same ISRO, IRNSS- GAGAN Scheme Dr.Rajasri Sen Jaiswal    
Professor & Head(CRRP)
2017-20 Ongoing
7 Development of Biodegradble, ECO-Friendly insulation for power transformers AICTE - RPS Dr. S. Chandrasekar
Dean (R&D) Sona
2017-20 Ongoing
8 Study of Dynamic Behavior of Defrosting on Superhydrophobic Surface AICTE - RPS Dr. D. Senthilkumar,
HOD /Mech
2017-20 Ongoing
9 Modernization of Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory AICTE – MODROBS Dr. R. Malathy,
Dean & HOD / Civil
2017-19 Ongoing
10 Computer Networks Lab and Strengthening Campus wide networking AICTE – MODROBS Dr. B. Sathiyabhama
2017-19 Ongoing
11 A proof of Concept fir indoor navigation using real time image recognition algorithm SEED-TIDE Dr. J. Akilandeswari
Dr. R. S. Sabeenian
2017-18 Ongoing
12 Development and investigation of partial discharge characteristics for power transformers DST - Nano Mission Dr. S. Chandrasekar
Dean (R&D) Sona
Dr. A.P. Uthirakumar Professor / Physics
2017-21 Ongoing
13 22.5 deg Permanent Magnet duplex Stepper Motor VSSC,ISRO,
Prof. N. Kannan & Team / EEE 2018-19 Ongoing
14 Motors & Motor drives three Phase BLDC Motor (Earth Sensor) Laboratory for Electro Optics Systems (LEOS), ISRO, Bangalore Prof. N. Kannan & Team / EEE 2018-19 Ongoing
15 The Impact of cyber harassing on the mental health of young women in Dharmapuri District, Tami Nadu National Commission for Women Dr. T. Padma
Professor / MCA
2018-19 Ongoing
16 Development and study on strength parameters of low cost bio mineralized steel slag bricks IEI Grant R&D Prof. M. Arivoli
Asst. Professor / Civil
2018-19 Ongoing
17 Design and Development of High Performance Compact High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker for Railways and Metro Applications DST - TDT-AMT Dr. S. Chandrasekar
Dean (R&D) Sona
2018-20 Ongoing
18 Sustainable and cost effective monitoring system for bridges in rural areas for increased life time performance IEI Grant R&D Dr. Gulshan Taj M.N.A
Associate. Professor / Civil
2018-19 Ongoing
19 Development of Samrt Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker Consisting of IoT Enabled features for Railways and Substations Applications DST- DDP Dr. S. Chandrasekar
Dean (R&D) Sona
2019-20 Ongoing
20 Design and Development of Compact Deck Power Converter for Deep Sea Mining Applications NIOT Dr. S. Chandrasekar
Dean (R&D) Sona
2019-20 Ongoing