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IQ Club

EQ and IQ club

What’s IQ : Coined by psychologist William Steen, expanded as “Intelligent Quotient”, the score obtained by analysing human intelligence by conducting various IQ tests.
What’s EQ : Initially known by Michael Beldoch, expanded as “Emotional Quotient” is the capability to recognize their own emotions and others using the cognitive means to guide thinking and behaviour.
How IQ & EQ club influences students?
As a fresher and also as an engineering graduate, to understand his knowledge, skills, ability and to experience self awareness, self management in personal competence and his/her social awareness and relationship management when it comes to social competence, “IQ and EQ club” of Sona, can give him/her a great opportunity to come up with beautiful flying colours in their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.
Fresher’s box :
An exclusive “First” year Box event, helping them to recollect logics, knowledge, skills and reasoning.
Box Activity :
An exclusive “Second” year event, for the half budded engineers to get strong in engineering technology.
Group Discussion :
Pre-final years and final years have a chance of mock interviews.
Independence day events:
A combo of “Quiz of Liberty” & fun games.
Inpursuit :
A game fiesta for 2nd & 3rd years, comprising of 4 rounds encompassing the individual skills of every IQians.
Technogeeks :
The departmental quiz game, giving importance to their respective core academic subjects and making them go deep into curriculum.
Derving from sophomore(2nd year), a quiz with several rounds including puzzles, reasoning and GK quests.
Genius :
With the written test of general awareness, a fun filled treasure hunt is conducted.

IQ junction :
It is a two week event. Questions posted everyday at the famous junctions of our college.
The grand event of only fun games and shows to exhibit talents in drawing, gaming,
much more exciting and interesting to be met.
I Quiz :
The monumental quiz of IQ & EQ club, wrapping up the event of the year.
Valedictory function will be conducted at the end of the year, during which certificates will be provided to the winners and the participants and motivational speech will also be given by the eminent personalities during the function.

Total member in the IQ & EQ club : 32


S.No Event
1 Srinivasa Ramanujan Day Celebration 2021
2 Mock Placement Drive 2021
iq club activities
iq club activities

iq club activities
iq club activities

Odd Semester

S.No. Name of the event No.of participants No.of Winners
1. Independence day 65 12
2. Fresher’s box 75 12
3. Box activity 100 10
4. G-Math 50 5

Even Semester
The following team events were conducted,
Sophostar, Inpursuit, I Quiz, Technogeeks, IQ & EQ junction
Total number of participants : 450
Total number of winners certified : 232

Staff coordinator

  • Mr. A. Saravanan, AP/Mathematics, Ph: 0427 - 4099785
  • Mr. S. Vijay Peter, AP/ Mathematics,Ph: 0427 - 4099785