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9001:2015 Certified | FIST Funded (DST) SIRO(DSIR)

Business Incubation Center

Facilities - Sona Business Incubation Center

Brief of Sona Business Incubation Center:

  1. Funded by MSME, New Delhi.
  2. 10 projects
  3. We invite projects in emerging areas like Renewable Energy, Embedded System, IT Enabled Projects, Food processing, Automation, Mechanical and Robotics.
  4. The Incubator will provide the support to the holistic development of the incubatee in all dimensions for the start up from Kick-Start to Scaling up by the following means:
  5. Trainings and Hand holdings
  6. Business Plan & Marketing Plan Preparation and Survey.
  7. Laboratory & Testing Facilities.
  8. Mentoring & Guidance.
  9. IPR & Documentation Support.
  10. Research & Facilities.
  11. Liasioning with industries and Govt & Funding agencies.

Incubate list : 2019-2020

Sr. No. Name of the Incubate Brief description of the Project
1 PEVIN ANAND S Mango Picking using Image processing and MATLAB
2 JINOTHKUMAR S Design and development of digital tool of industry 4.o grade for Auto auxiliary manufacturing industry.
3 PON CHANDRASEKARAN Design and development of fluid transport automation in waste paper recycling
4 NARESH KUMAR.A Experimental study on corrosion behavior of geo graphene composite
5 MOHANRAJ. S Automatic Dhoti Folding Machine
6 KAVYAA.S Development Of Eco-Friendl Low Cost Paver Blocks Using EOF Steel Slag
7 VEJS VARSHINI SOUNDARAJAN Eco-Friendly Multipurpose Low Cost Geopolymer Ferro cement Panels
8 MEENACHI.A Invention of Double Twisted Steel Micro Fibre in Concrete Structures
9 RAJASEKAR MOHAN Assistive Technique To Operate Industry Grade Overlock Sewing Machine For Differently Abled Persons Using Capacitive Sensor

Team Members :

1 Lina Javerilal Co-Ordinator MBA
2 A.Abdul Kareem Administrative Assistant MBA

For further details and assistance please contact the Incubation Manager 0427 – 4099 803