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Best Engineering colleges in salem, Tamilnadu

I saw a pretty girl, obviously a visitor to SONA, awestruck and standing like a statue. She remained so until I approached her and asked, “What do you see?” Words came from her like a downpour:

I see the tall and broad trees. I see the green lawns and beautiful pavements

I see the gardens carved out aesthetically. I see the distant hills garlanding SONA

I see the majestic entrance of a poetic grandeur. I see grace and gaiety all around

I see Professors lecturing in a sonorous voice. I see words of wisdom written all around.

I see impressive paintings that inspire. I see the library with knowledge at your fingertips.

I see the laboratories with intense activity. I see spacious lecture Halls congenial for learning.

I see the SONA Auditorium reverberating with a lecture. I see lilting music arriving from SONARIA

I see the sports ground with athletes all around. I see the Hostels homely and hospitable

I see the sparkling swimmingpool. I see Peace in the Meditation Hall

I see intense thinkers surpassing Plato and Aristotle. I see vigorous people in action

I see students browsing the Internet with concentration.

I see devoted researchers applying for Patents

I see the happy faces of students placed distributing sweets. I see students eager to join SONA.

I see a tender breeze touching my cheeks.

I see, I see. I see many more magnificent things. The best of them all is:

I see the Pride of being at SONA in all!

4 Golden Star Certified by MHRD – IC, Govt. of India

The 4 golden star certificate has been awarded by MHRD- Innovation Cell to The Institution Innovation Council in Sona College of Technology for its excellent performance towards innovations and entrepreneurship development. This is another feather on the cap of Sona College of Technology.

In addition to the 100% compliance on the programme  schedule of MHRD-IC, Sona IIC  had scheduled  and conducted many other innovation and entrepreneurship development programmes  for the benefit of the faculties & students of not only our college but also for other colleges as well.

In the mission of generating job provider – entrepreneurs,  Sona –IIC also contributed by devising  the syllabus on “IPR, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development” and introduced an open elective subject for the benefit of aspiring final year students for entrepreneurship. This will enable the student to acquire knowledge and skill on these areas and to become an entrepreneur.

It is glad to note that Sona-IIC has been awarded 4 golden star certificate for its better performance since November 2018 till May 2019.

Sona College of Technology bagged Best IEI Student’s Chapter award from IEI Salem

Recently IEI Salem Local Centre celebrated 52nd Engineer’s day at Hotel Radisson.  Dr T M Gunaraja, President, The Institution of Engineers (India), Kolkata presided the function. Along with the guest Er Arulselvan, Chairman and Er S Loganathan, Secretary, IEI Salem Local Centre shared the diers. In connection to this, IEI SLC announced awards in various categories like Individual engineer award, Academia engineering college award, Innovation and sustainability award, Best IEI Student’s chapter award, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam award for Engineering students. Under the category of Best IEI Student’s Chapter, Sona College of Technology received the award and the award was received by Shri C Valliappa, Chairman, Principal, Dr R Malathy, Dean (R&D), faculty members and the office bearers of Department of Civil Engineering of Sona College of Technology, Salem. Under the category of Best Engineering Student, S Kavichelvan of third year Civil Engineering department of Sona College of Technology received the award. The Management, Principal, Dean (Academics) appreciated the efforts put by various departments IEI Student’s Chapter for effective functioning and encouraged to participate at the national level and secure more awards to bring laurel to the institution.

Sona signed an MoU with Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak Campus, Malaysia

Sona signed an MoU with Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak Campus, Malaysia on 20.09.19 @ Sona Premises to strengthen ties between two institutions to the establishment of one or more partnership agreements for exchange purposes and academic cooperation.

Prof.John Wilson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor& Chief Executive Officer, Prof.James Ho, Director, Business Development & Liaison, Swinburne University of Technology and Ms.Priya Jawahar, Swinburne International Relations(India), Principals of Sona College of Technology, Thiyagaraja Polytechnic College,  and Sona College of Arts and Science, Director-MBA, Heads, Research  heads, Faculty members and students(Interns of Swinburne University, Australia during the month June 2019) have participated in the ceremony.

Holy Mother Earth

Our precious mother earth is gradually degraded day by day due to various man made activities especially environmental pollution. Usage of artificial materials and electronic wastes pollutes in great extent deteriorates the elements of nature. Over exploitation of Natural resources by the human being causes various disorders like climate change, ozone layer depletion, global warming etc. Due to these activities  uneven rainfall, abnormal heat radiation, melting of glaciers in artic regions are happening nowadays.

          Every year, Environment day, Earth day, Ozone layer Day are coming and going without any significances and benefits to the common people. In order to create awareness to the public about the value of precious nature, its elements and the need for preservation, Sona College of Technology contributing significant initiatives to the society through the various eco-friendly activities of its Students’ clubs.

Some of the salient features are,

  • Students Rally in Salem city insisting the awareness about tree planting, rainwater harvesting, controlling CO2 emission from the vehicles etc.
  • Renovating the polluted and encroached standing water bodies in the rural areas.
  • Keeping plastic free campus.
  • Transforming plastic bags to cotton cloth bags.
  • Creating awareness to the village people about the cleanliness of surrounding, body health and mental health of individuals through NSS, RRC and YRC clubs.
  • In association with the District Collector, awareness programme has been conducted in a grand manner to insist the hand wash and its benefits to the public people.

Saving of Mother Earth cannot be done with a single person, so let us join all our hands and let our holy Mother Earth for our future generations.

World Ozone Day 2019

16th September of every year is marked as International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. The day is observed to make international community aware of the depleting ozone layer and its hazards.

The Ozone layer is present in the stratosphere and it is a delicate layer of gas, protects the Earth from the harmful rays of the sun.

History of World Ozone Day

From the year 1994, 16th of September is annually celebrated as the International Day for the preservation for Ozone layer with a lot of enthusiasm in all the countries. This day was designated as the same by a declaration which was made by United Nations. It was done to commemorate the signing of Montreal Convention against the depletion of ozone layer in the year 2000 on 19th of December.

Theme of World Ozone Day 2019

United Nations declared that, “32 years of healing” is a theme of World ozone day 2019.

Objective of Celebration

The objective of the celebration is to protect the ozone layer and the climate under the Montreal Protocol and it has led the phase out of 99 percent of ozone depleting chemicals are present in refrigerators.

World Ozone Day provides a great platform among the people of the world to make them aware that it’s high time and we must all put our best of efforts to preserve the ozone layer.

Sona’s Contribution : In order to save our precious mother earth, Students clubs of Sona group of Institutions are voluntarily involving and conducting so many eco-friendly activities viz., conducting awareness rally among the public, tree plantations in and outside the campus, keeping plastic free campus, providing cloth bags against plastic bags to the common people etc.