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9001:2015 Certified | FIST Funded (DST) SIRO(DSIR)

Computer Science and Engineering (UG) - Faculty Information

Head of the Department

Dr.B.Sathiyabhama, M.Tech., Ph.D.,
Dept. of Computer Sciences and Engineering,
Sona College of Technology, Salem.
Ph: +91 - 427 - 4099744
Fax: +91 - 427 - 4099888
E-Mail :

Teaching Faculty ( Contact no: 0427 - 4099(Ext.No.))
S. No Name Designation Qualification
Dr. B. Sathiyabhama Professor M.Tech, Ph. D
Dr.S.Sakthivel Professor M.E, Ph. D
Dr .J. Jayanthi Professor M.E, Ph. D
Dr.D. Balamurugan Associate Professor M.E, Ph. D
Dr. R. Sivakami Associate Professor M.E, Ph. D
6 Dr.V.Sathiyamoorthi Professor M.E, Ph. D
7 Dr. V. Nandini Associate Professor M.E, Ph.D
Dr.R.C.Narayanan Associate Professor M.E, Ph. D
9 Dr.D.Vidyabharathi Assistant Professor M.E.
10 Dr. A. Prithiviraj Assistant Professor M.Tech, Ph. D
11 Dr.S.Anitha Elavarasi Assistant Professor M.E, Ph.D
12 Ms.R.Reenadevi Assistant Professor M.E, (Ph.D)
13 Mr.M.Marimuthu Assistant Professor M.E, (Ph.D)
14 Dr. J. Dhayanithi Assistant Professor M.E, Ph.D
15 Ms.P.Ramya Assistant Professor M.E, (Ph.D)
16 Mr.N.Basker Assistant Professor M.E
17 Ms.S.Theetchenya Assistant Professor M.E
18 Mr.G.Mohanraj Assistant Professor M.Tech, (Ph.D)
19 Ms.G.Vidhya Assistant Professor M.E, (Ph.D)
20 Ms. M. Janani Assistant Professor M. E
21 Ms. K.S.Jeyarekha Assistant Professor M.E
22 Dr.S.Kiruthika Assistant Professor Ph.D - CSE
23 Ms.S.K.Fathima Assistant Professor M.E.
24 Ms. R.Priyadharshini Assistant Professor ME – CSE
25 Ms. S.Vidhushavarshini Assistant Professor ME – CSE., (Ph.D)
26 Mr. M.R.Sundra Kumar Assistant Professor ME – CSE., (Ph.D)
27 T.K.Revathi Assistant Professor ME

Non-Teaching Staff ( Contact no: 0427 - 4099(Ext.No.))

S.No. Name Qualification Designation Extn.No.
1 Mr. B. Govindarajan M.C.A. System Engineer 747
2 Mr.J. Raja M.E. Network Engineer
3 Mr. S. Ramesh D.C.S.E., B.E. Technician 747
4 Mr. M. Kannan I.T.I, D.E.E.E. Technician 782
5 Mr. J. Panner Selvam D.C.S.E. Lab Technician 750
6 Ms.S.Suganya B.B.A Tr. Admn. Assistant 742