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Computer Science and Engineering (UG) - Events

Events 2023 - 2024

S.No Date Event
1 11.07.2023 to 13.07.2023 Dr J Dhayanithi, Prof V Vinodhini organized “Three day National Level FDP on Python for educators”
2 18.08.2023 Dr J Dhayanithi coordinated the event “Google IO Extended 2023”
3 23.08.2023 Dr.R.Sivakami, Dr.K.C.Rajheshwari, Dr.S.Anitha Elavarasi, Prof.V.Vinodhini organized guest lecture on “Ignite the Spark- AI and IoT Applications”
4 28.08.2023 Dr.R.Sivakami coordinated guest lecture on “Thinking of studying abroad”
5 23.09.2023 Dr J Dhayanithi organized “Keras Community Day”
6 06.10.2023 Dr.V.Nandini, Dr.T.Sathiya, Dr.R.Reenadevi, Dr.G.Kirubasri organized the inter college event “SPARK’23”
7 13.10.2023 Dr.G.Kirubasri organized a guest lecture on “Security Threats and Vulnerabilitties”
8 14.10.2023 to 15.10.2023 Dr.D.Balamurugan, Dr. R.C.Narayanan, Dr.G Kirubasri organised a guest lecture on “Cloud and IoT security”
9 01.11.2023 Dr B Sathiyabhama, Dr R Sivakami & Ms T K Revathi organized a guest lecture on “Blockchain basics and its industrial use cases”
10 08.11.2023 Dr A C Kaladevi,
Ms S Pournima organized an industry mentor session on “Industry perception on web development strategies”
11 08.12.2023 Prof.Mohammed Ibrahim M,
Prof P Bhuvaneswari organised an Industry Mentor Session “Evolution of generative AI: From early concepts to modern approaches”
12 09.12.2023 Dr. T. Sathiya,
Dr. R. Reenadevi,
Mrs. V. Lathika organised an Industry Mentor Session on “Real-life applications of Data Structures and Algorithms”
13 23.12.2023 Dr J Dhayanithi,
Dr J Jayanthi,
Dr.K.C. Rajheshwari,
Prof N Basker,
Prof P Bhuvaneswari organised “Google Developer Group DevFest 2023”
14 28.12.2023 Dr.K.C. Rajheshwari,
Prof.Priyadharishini R,
Prof.Mohammed Ibrahim M organised an Industry Mentor Session on “From Simputers to Quantum Computers: The Impact of Design”
15 29.12.2023 Mrs. K. Kowsalyadevi,
Mrs S Padmavathy,
Mrs K Pavithra,
Mrs R Priyadharshini,
Mr Y Naveenraj organised an Industry Mentor Session on “Demystifying Python: An approachable guide to programming”
16 05.01.2024 Dr R Sivakami,
Dr V Nandini,
Dr G Vidhya,
Prof S Theetchenya,
Prof S K Fathima,
Prof K S Jayareka organised a guest lecture on “Machine Learning - Classifiers and tools and Competitive Programming using Java”
17 06.01.2024 Dr S Anitha Elavarasi,
Ms P Bhuvaneswari organised a guest lecture on “Strategic data structure deployment in the arena of Competitive Programming”
18 23.02.2024 to 24.02.2024 Prof S K Fathima,
Prof K S Jayareka,
Dr S Anitha Elavarasi,
Dr R C Narayanan organised a “National Level Technical Symposium – Threads’24”
19 28.02.2024 Dr B Sathiyabhama,
Dr J Dhayanithi organised an international conclave on “Fostering Collaboration between healthcare researchers and healthcare practitioners for medical engineering research”
20 22.03.2024 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama,
Dr.R.Sivakami organised a “Hand-on workshop on Blockchain”
21 04.04.2024 Ms R Sowndharya organised an industry mentor session on “Machine Learning infused software engineering”
22 10.04.2024 Prof N Basker, Mrs K Kowsalyadevi,
Ms K Vaishnavi,
Mr Y Naveenraj organised a guest lecture on “Cloud virtualisation”
23 13.04.2024 Dr B Sindhusaranya,
Dr T Sathya,
Dr R Reenadevi,
Dr A Prithiviraj,
Ms K S Jayareka organised an Industry mentor session on “Design and Analysis of Algorithms”