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Computer Science and Engineering (UG) - Events

Events 2018 - 2019

Date Events
09.02.2019 Dr.A.C.Kaladevi, organized special guest lecture on “Mongo DB” at MBA I Floor Lab by Mr.A.P.Meenkshi Sundharam, CTS, Chennai.
09.02.2019 Dr.R.Sivakami, Dr.K.Karunambiga, Ms.S.Lavanya & Ms.S.K.Fathima, organized a Guest Lecture on “Security and Industrial aspects of Internet of Things” at GT Hall by Mr.S.K.Sivakumar, Enterprise Architect, Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai.
18.02.2019 Dr.J.Jayanthi, Dr.R.Sivakami, Dr.S.Anitha Elavarasi & S.Lalitha, organized a Guest Lecture on Web Development using PHP and AJAX at GT Hall by Mr.S.Hemanand, Software Developer, Infoview Technologies Pvt Ltd., Chennai.
Dr.S.Sakthivel & Prof.S.lavanya, organized Two-Days hands-on workshop on Internet of Things(Using Iot kit) at IoT Lab by Dwarakanath V Mr. Myank Kumar, C DAC, Bangalore.
21.02.2019 Dr.J.Jayanthi, Dr.A.Prithiviraj, Ms.S.Theetchenya & Ms.G.Vidhya, organized a Guest Lecture on Data Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms at PG Auditorium by Mr.Sudarsun Santhiyappan, (Adjunct Faculty/CSE) Director, Buddy Health Inc, Chennai
22.02.2019 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama, Dr.A.Prithiviraj, Dr.S.Anitha Elavarasi and Prof.P.Ramya, organized a technical symposium “THREADS 19” at PG auditorium by  Ms.J.Vinitha, Member Technical Staff, Zoho Corporation Pvt, Ltd, Chennai Mr.G.Kamaraj, Executive Engineer, Salem Corporation, Salem.
23.03.2019 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama and J.Dhayanithi, organized a technical event “APPATHON 2019” in  Apple Lab.
23.03.2019 Dr.B.Sathiyabhama, Prof.S.lavanya, Prof.S.K.Fathima & Prof.K.S.Jayareka, organized a Technical event called “VOLANT ‘19” in Apple Lab, by Nivetitha Jayapal, Project Lead, Vuram Technology Solutions, Chennai.
15.03.2019 Prof.J.Dhayanithi, Prof.N.Basker & Prof.R.B.Vinothkumar, organized a special event on Introduction to Scientific Computing using Python (ISCP) at Charles Babbage Lab by Mr. Akshen Doke, FOSSEE, IITB.
30.03.2019 Dr.A.C.Kaladevi, Mr.M.Marimuthu, Prof.D.Vidhyabharathi, & Mr.G.Mohanraj, organized a Special Event “GOAL SETTING” at GT Hall by CLEMENT RAJASEKAR, Motivational Speaker.
05.04.2019 Dr.M.Usha, Dr.D.Balamurugan, Dr.V.Sathiyamoorthi, Prof.T.Sathiya, Dr.K.C.Rajeswari, Prof.R.Reenadevi, and Prof.K.S.Jayareka, organized a Guest Lecture on “Data Storage Structures” at GT Hall by Mr.Naveen Bathina Software Development Team Lead at Vee Technologies Pvt Ltd,Bangalore