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India is known for its education excellence all over the world. With over 5000+ institutions across India and with diverse disciplines, our country strives to provide quality education to its citizens.

A core committee has been set up by MHRD to develop a Ranking Framework for academic institutions of India. It was decided to design a ranking framework focusing on broad disciplines viz. engineering institutions, management institutions and comprehensive Universities. The purpose of this ranking is to build a culture of competitive environment among institutions in the country.

All the institutions are evaluated based on the various parameters such as number of faculty with PhDs, number of women faculty and students, placement success, number of socially backward students given opportunity to lift their economic status, brand value of the institution among the stakeholders, and many such factors.

The Minister of HRD Ms.Smriti Irani released National Ranking on 4th April 2016. Over 3500 engineering institutions, management institutions and Universities submitted their data for ranking.

India Rankings 2016 :

SONA”s proudest moment came at 11 am on the same day when it registered its place in top 50 Engineering Institutions across India. Sona was placed in 47th position among 1437 Engineering Institutions in India.