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NSS Awards 2019

Anna University, Chennai, appreciates all the affiliated engineering colleges in Tamilnadu for the NSS activities and gives awards every year. This year, the award function which was presided over by Dr. M.K.Surappa, Honorable Vice Chancellor, Anna University, Chennai, Mr.Sayee Ram,Youth officer, NSS Regional Director, Chennai, Govt of India and Dr.R.Ramesh, NSS Coordinator, Anna University, was conducted on 15.10.2019. Sona College of Technology received three awards for the year 2018-19. The awards were given by Dr. M.K.Surappa, Vice Chancellor, Anna University.The Best NSS Unit Award was received by Principal Dr.S.R.R.Senthil Kumar, the NSS programme officers, Dr.P.Iyyanar, Mr.P.Jaya Prakash, Mr.R.Vaidhyanathan and the NSS volunteers. Also, the Best NSS Programme Officer award was received by Mr.P.Jaya Prakash, and the Best NSS volunteer award was received by Ms.S.Selva Sridevi, Final year ECE student.

Anna University NSS Awards 2019