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JOURNALS (2021-22)

S.No Name of Author(S) Title of Paper Name of the Journal Vol., Issue, Page No,Year Indexed WOS/SCOPUS
1 A. Rajendran,
Dr. S. Padma
Speed Control of Switched Reluctance Motor by Genetic Algorithm - Based Optimal H - Infinity Control Approach  International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management 35,5,407-421,2022 WOS
2 Kasi Viswanathan Palanisamy,
Chandrasekar Subramaniam,
Balaji Sakthivel
Evaluating the Role of Carbon Quantum Dots Covered Silica Nanofillers on the Partial Discharge Performance of Transformer Insulation Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering Computer Science                                                30,4,1492-1505,2021 WOS
3 M.Lavanya,
Performance analysis of ANFIS-PSO based STATCOM in an isolated renewable energy based micro-grid Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research              81,2,180-187,2022 WOS
4 Gopinath. P,
R. Shivakumar
Classification of Vein Pattern Recognition using Hybrid Deep Learning Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems                              43,5,6395-6403,2022 WOS
5 L. Nagarajan,
M. Senthilkumar
Power Quality Improvement in Distribution System Based on Dynamic Voltage Restorer Using Rational Energy Transformative Optimization Algorithm Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology      16,5,121–137,2022 WOS
6 Sakthidasan arulprakasam,
Senthilkumar muthusamy
Self adaptive rainfall optimization based reconfiguration of distribution networks Journal of Circuits, systems and Computers                    31,3,01-17,2021 WOS
7 Sakthidasan arulprakasam,
Senthilkumar muthusamy
Modified rainfall optimization based method for solving distributed generation placement and reconfiguration problems in distribution networks International journal of numerical modelling Electronic Networks, Devices and fields                                35,3,01-18,2021 WOS
8 Sakthidasan arulprakasam,
Senthilkumar muthusamy
Reconfiguration of distribution networks using rain- fall optimization with non - dominated sorting Journal of Applied and Soft Computing                                  11,52,021 WOS
9 Saravanakumar S,
Arulmozhiyal R
Efficient Flyback Converter With H6 Inverter Using Mathematical Modelling of SMFO for Performance Improvement in Grid Connected PV System Dynamic Systems and Applications                            30,10,1560 – 1573,2021 WOS
10 Saravanakumar S,
Arulmozhiyal R
Design and Analysis of Fast and Zero Voltage Switching Of Interleaved Flyback Converter with H6 Type Inverter for Photovoltaic Applications  Revista Internacional De Metodos Numericos Para Calculo Y Diseno En Ingenieria                                             38,01 to 13,2021 WOS
11 Ahmad adel alsakati,
Chokalingam aravind vaithilingam,
Kameswara satya prakash,
Reynato andal gamboa,
Arthanari jagadeeshwaran,
Jamal alnasseir
Mitigation of power quality issues in distribution systems using harmonic filters and capacitor bank Facta Universitatis, Series: Electronics and Energetics                    0353 - 3670 34,4,589-603,2021 SCOPUS
12 Maheswari Sepperumal,
C. B. Venkatramanan,
Veerapandiyan Veerasamy
Atom Search Optimized FOPI Controller of the
DC–DC SEPIC Model with Matignon’s Theorem
Stability Analysis
IETE Journal of Research                   704-722,2022 WOS
13 S. Jeyanthi,
Dr. K. Krishnamoorthi
Quasi Z-Source Network-Based Photovoltaic Supported STATCOM for Voltage and Frequency Control of Stand-Alone WECS Journal of Circuits, systems and Computers                                 31,1,01-25,2022 WOS
14 V. Vijayal,
K. Krishnamoorthi
Integrated Renewable Smart Grid System Using Fuzzy Based Intelligent
Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing                                                 33,1,651-667,2022 WOS
15 Shivakumar Ranganathan,
Krishnamoorthi Kanagaraj
An isolated three port interleaved flyback boost converter (ITPIFBC) for grid connected photovoltaic applications Electric Power Components and Systems  49,15,1227-1247,2022 WOS
16 S. Sabarinathan,
Dr.K. Krishnamoorthi
An Efficient Prediction of Brain Tumor Using Deep
Learning Algorithm of CNN through MRI Images
NeuroQuantology 20,6,2022 SCOPUS
17 B. Sathyaseelan,
S. Vijay Shankar,
K. Suresh,
R. Saravanan
Design and Implementation of Comprehensive Converter Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology                16,4,3093–3101,2021 WOS
18 Kiran Kumar Chandriah,
Tasneem Bano Rehman,
G. Karthikeyan,
Preetha Dulles,
Dinku Worku Debele,
P. John Augustine
Improved Privacy of Data Transaction in IoT 
Enabled Privacy Based Algorithm
Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications                 14,7,218-222,2021 WOS
19 Suresh kumar R,
Suji Prasad SJ,
Karthikeyan G,
Phani kumar Ch,
Pravina SV
Three phase induction motor position control using V20 drive AIP conference proceedings 2387,1,2021 SCOPUS
20 Nathan jayanthi,
Karthik balasubramanian
Modelling of lossless contactless power transformer using improved particle swarm optimization algorithm Power Technology 96,6,666-672,2021 WOS
21 Safura dewani,
N K Sakthivel,
Lims Thomas,
Krishna Yadav,
The Growing Role of Cloud Computing Approaches in Providing Better Support for Medical Sector Bulletin of Environment, Pharmacology and Life Sciences                                           11,1,1129-1138,2022 SCOPUS
22 B.Harikrishnan,
Dr. T. Balasubramanian,
Dr. A.Ravi Kumar,
Dr. Sushma Jaiswal
Machine Learning based Methodology for Intrusion Detection in Mobile Adhoc Networks  Design Engineering                              7,14689-14696,2021 SCOPUS
23 Suresh. G,
Prasad. D,
Gopila. M
An efficient approach based power flow management in smart grid system with hybrid renewable energy sources Renewable energy focus                  39,110-122,2021 SCOPUS
24 P.K Dhal ,
J Uma ,
Piyush Gaur ,
D Prasad
An review on potential oppurtunities to preheat the batteries using finned solar air energizer power quality and thermal management in low temperature surroundings International transaction on electrical enetgy systems  2,02,22,021 WOS
25 S. Purushotham,
Sreenivasulu K N,
Ankit Singh,
Shanil A
Internet of things technology in modern day education Design Engineering                            82,021 SCOPUS
26 Moti Lal Rinawa,
V. Shanmugasundaram,
Rajneesh Sharma,
Sanjiv Kumar Jain
Ravindra Manohar Potdar 
Design, developmentand performance testing of a novel utility solar cooker with highlighting its significance in current scenario Materials Today: Proceedings  01 - 7,2021 SCOPUS
27 Anurag Shrivastava,
Rajneesh Sharma,
Mohit Kumar Saxena,
V. Shanmugasundaram ,
Solar energy capacity assessment and performance evaluation of a standalone PV system using PVSYST Materials Today: Proceedings  01 - 8,2021 SCOPUS
28 V. Shanmugasundaram,
NMG Kumar,
Amarjeet Poonia,
Atul Katiyar,
AVGA Marthanda 
Electric powergrid modernization and energy management roadmap Journal of nuclear energy science & power generation technology                                        2021 SCOPUS
29 R.Palanisamy,
V. Shanmugasundaram,
S. Vidhyasagar,
K. Vijayakumar
A Comparitive Analysis of Hysteresis Current Control SVM and 3D - SVM for three level NPC Converter Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers   31,2,2021 WOS
30 Logeswaran Thangamuthu,
Johny Renoald Albert,
Kalaivanan Chinnanan,
Banu Gnanavel
Design and development of extract
maximum power from single-double diode
PV model for different environmental
condition using BAT optimization algorithm
Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems  43,1,1091-1102,2021 WOS
31 Arun Kumar.s,
Padma, S,        
Madhubalan, S
Distribution Network Reconfiguration Using Hybrid Optimization Technique Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing                                        33,2,777-789,2022 WOS
32 M. Murali ,
R. Arulmozhiyal
Design of intellectual tracking system controller for Infusion
Pump in medical applications
Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering Computer Science,  2022 WOS
33 Dr. A. Jagadeeshwaran Particle Swarm Optimization for Tuning Power
System Stabilizer towards Transient Stability
Improvement in Power System Network
IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Engineering and Technology (IICAIET) 2021 SCOPUS
34 Dr. A. Jagadeeshwaran Transient Stability Improvement of Power System
using Power System Stabilizer Integrated with
Excitation System
11th IEEE International Conference on Control System, Computing and Engineering (ICCSCE) 2021 SCOPUS
35 Dr. S. Chandrasekar Analysis of Partial discharge of Eco Friendly Liquid Insulation Innovations in Power and Advanced Computing Technologies (i-PACT) 2021 SCOPUS
36 Dr. A. Jagadeeshwaran Investigation of single band and multi band power system stabilizers towards transient stability improvement in electrical networks 2021- IEEE conference on energy conversion  2021 SCOPUS
37 Dr. M. Gopila Novel approach of predicting COVID-19 symptoms using ARM based APRIORI Algorithm 6th International conference on computing methodologies and communication 2022 SCOPUS
38 Dr. M. Panneerselvam Analysis on the growth of artificial intelligence for application security in internet of things International conference on artificial intelligence and smart systems 2022 SCOPUS
39 Dr. M. Panneerselvam An extended boost diode-clamped impedance source inverter for electric vehicle powertrain motor drive 4th International conference on advances in mechanical engineering 2022 SCOPUS
40 Dr. S. Purusotham Soft switching techniques for R-converter for domestic induction by using MATLAB 6th International conference on computing methodologies and communication 2022 SCOPUS
41 Dr. G. Karthikeyan Managing the Supply Chain for the Crops
Directed from Agricultural Fields using
International Conference on Electronics and Renewable Systems (ICEARS 2022) 2022 SCOPUS
42 S. Purushotham DC-DC Converters based Integration of
Grid Stability Estimation for PV Systems
International Conference on Sustainable Computing and Data Communication Systems (ICSCDS-2022) 2022 SCOPUS
43 S. Purushotham Super Capacitor based Solar and Wind Grid Connected Storage System Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Inventive Research in Computing Applications (ICIRCA-2021) 2021 SCOPUS
44 Ms. M. Porkodi Super Artificial Intelligence Medical Care Systems with IOT Wireless Sensor IEEE International Conference ICDCECE - 2022 2022 SCOPUS
45 Dr.G. Suresh Comparitive Analysis of CUK, SEPIC, Buck - Boost and Zeta Converters to Reduce Communication Torque Ripple in BLDC Motor International Conference on Advanced Computing Technologies and Applications (ICACTA) 2022 SCOPUS
46 Dr. V. Shanmugasundaram Bidirectional Smart Grid Communication Platform with Network Devices : A Case Study International Conference on Advancements in Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Computing and Automation (ICAECA) 2022 SCOPUS
47 Dr. V. Shanmugasundaram An Introductory assesment on Computational Algorithm in Initial Finding of COVID - 19 Cases International Conference on Technological Advancements and Innovations (ICTAI) 2022 SCOPUS
48 Murali. M,
Arulmozhiyal. R
Design and Development of Intelligent Controller using
Levenberg - Marquardt Algorithm for Voltage Stability in
Grid-Connected Loads
Fourth International Conference on Materials Science and Manufacturing Technology 2022 SCOPUS
49 Arulmozhiyal. R,
Murali. M
Hybrid Multi-Level Source Inverter Design and Validation
in Solar Photovoltaic Renewable Energy System
Fourth International Conference on Materials Science and Manufacturing Technology 1,25,82,022 SCOPUS
50 Dr. A. Jagadeeshwaran Transition within the teaching pedagogy: A stochastic opportunity to engage problem solving skill through CODE Springer 381,19-31,2022 SCOPUS
51 Dr. A. Jagadeeshwaran Pandemic Measures for the COVID19 Outbreak Control in Malaysia: A Correlative Comparison with China Towards Intelligent Systems Modeling and Simulation , Springer International Publishing 383,25-37,2021 SCOPUS
52 V. Shanmugasundaram  AI - Enabled smart helathcare using biomedical signals Recent trends and innovation technology 2021 SCOPUS