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JOURNALS (2018-19)

S.No Name of Author(S) Title of Paper Name of the Journal Vol., Issue, Page No,Year Indexed WOS/SCOPUS
1 C. K. Vijayalakshmi,
Dr. S. Padma
Detecting abnormalities of video gaming kids by developing labview based stand alone system Journal of medical imaging and health informatics                    8,4,796-800,2018 WOS
2 Prabhu BM,
Dr. S. Padma
Design of low power ALU using dual threshold voltage logic for efficient system architecture in medical application Caribbean Journal Of Science                             53,1,825,2019 SCOPUS
3 A. Udhayakumar,
Dr. S. Padma
Low Power Magnetic Non Volatile Flip – Flops with Self Time Logical Writing for High End Processors Journal of Circuits systems and signal processing                          38,4921-4932,2019 SCOPUS
4 R. Gandhi,
Dr. S.Chandrasekar ,
C. Nagarajan 
Influence of SF6 /N2 Gas Mixture Ration on the Lightning Streamer Propagation Characteristics of 2kV MV Circuit Breaker Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology                           13,4,1662-1671,2018 WOS
5 R. Rajeswari,
Dr. S. Chandrasekar,
Dr. B. Karthik
Statistical Analysis of Partial Discharge, Lightning Impulse and BDV Characteristics of Nano SiO2‑Corn Oil for HV Insulation Applications  Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology                         14,,877-888,2019 WOS
6 J. Murughanandham,
Dr. S. Chandrasekar ,
Dr. B. Karthik
Analysis of electrical insulation parameters of nano modifoed corn oil for distribution line powere transformer applications Journal of Electrical Engineering                     19,1,2019 SCOPUS
7 R. Banupriya ,
Dr. R. Shivakumar ,
Dr. K. Krishnamoorthi
Design and Implementation of Crow search algorithm tuned MPPT controller for Grid connected PV system Journal of Electrical Engineering                     18,1,391-398,2018 SCOPUS
8 Dr. M. Senthil Kumar,
P. Rajakumar
Modeling and Analysis of Bidirectional Converter for a Distributed Photovoltaic System with Battery Storage International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering              6,9,01-07,2018 SCOPUS
9 R. Mohandas,
Dr. K. Krishnamoorthi,
V. Sudha
Energy Sensitive Cluster Level Security Selection Scheme for MANET  Journal of Wireless Personal Communications                      105,3,973-991,2019 WOS
10 A. Balamanikandan,
Dr. K. Krishnamoorthi
Low Area ASIC Implementation of LUT-CLA-QTL Architecture for Cryptography Applications Journal of  Wireless Networks                        26,2681-2693,2019 WOS
11 Dr. C. Santhanalakshmi,
Dr. C. Nagarajan
Design and Analysis of PV based DVR using Conventional and Artificial Intelligent Technique based Controller Journal of Electrical Engineering                             19,1,2019 SCOPUS
12 Dr. K. S. Yamuna,
Performance analysis of Artificial Intelligent Techniques Based Rotor Position Estimation of SRM Drive Journal of Electrical Engineering                     18,2,371-379,2018 SCOPUS
13 Mr. M. Murali,
Dr. R. Arulmozhiyal
Investigation on Solar PV generation and design of switched reluctance motor for Smart Agriculture actuation system Brazilian archives of biology and technology                                61, 2018 WOS
14 Mr. M. Murali,
Dr. R. Arulmozhiyal,
Mr. S. Arunkumar
Investigation on Block Chain based Controller design for Bidirectional Inverter for Micro-Grid Tie System Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nano Science                                       16,4,1552-1559,2019 SCOPUS