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JOURNALS (2020-21)

S.No. Name of Author(s) Title of journal Title of the Paper Vol & Issue No. Pg. No. Month, Year
1 R.Shivakumar,S.Sowranchana,M.Sugumaran Test Engineering and Management Stability improvement in multimachine power systems using nature inspired algorithms 83 10659-10668 Jun-20
2 V.Shanmugasundaram, D.Kesavan,Kousalya Test Engineering and Management Performance Analysis of Advanced Load Frequency Control of an Isolated Micro Grid Using Artificial Intelligent Controller Vol.83 10632 - 10636 Jun-20
3 Mr. Arun Kumar S, Mr.Madhubalan S, Praveena S. International Journal of Advance Science and Technology Power Harvesting System using Thseaf with P+R Controller to Improve Grid Current Quality Vol. 29, No. 10S 6346-6351 Jun-20
4 S. Padma, S. Arun Kumar, T.J.Deepika, A. K. Sowmya International Journal of Advance Science and Technology Bidding Strategies in Discos for Deregulated Electricity Market Vol. 29, No. 10S 6515-6521 Jun-20
5 H. Shree Kumar, A. Jagadeeshwaran, Shantha kumar, Vijay Shankar, V.M. Periyasamy International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, Intelligent Three lane Traffic light System Using Raspberry Pi Vol. 29, No. 7 13825-13831 Jun-20
6 A.Angelin Priyanka , Dr.A.Jagadeeshwaran, Dr.S.Vijay Shankar, V.M .Periyasamy Test Engineering and Management Investigation of Multi Input Multi Output Bidirectional Dc-Dc Interleaved Boost Converter with Three Different Energy Sources and Three Outputs Vol.29, No.10s 10582 - 10586 Jun-20
7 M.Porkodi, S. Purushotham, S. Priyha International Journal of Advance Science and Technology MPPT techniques for single phase transformerless wind turbine with interleaved boost converter Vol. 29, No. 10S 6580-6586 Jun-20
8 Dr.K.S.Yamuna, Dr.G.Suresh, A.Kausalya International Journal of TEST Engineering and Management Modeling of a Photovoltaic-Fuel Cell Battery for Hybrid Electric Vehicle 83 10617-10621 Jun-20
9 Dr.C.Santhana Lakshmi, Dr. D. Prasadh,Dr.R. Satheesh kumar, Thamilselvan International JournalofAdvanced Science and Technology Performance Analysis of Hybrid PV and Wind system for Microgrid Applications Vol. 29 10S2020 6444 - 6451 Jun-20
10 Dr. R. Satheesh Kumar, Dr.M. Paneerselvam, Dr.C. Santhana Lakshmi International JournalofAdvanced Science and Technology Comparative Analysis of Design of Electric Vehicle Battery Charger using Quasi Z-Source converter and Luo Converter. Vol. 29 10S2020 6393 - 6400 Jun-20
11 Dr.Arulmozhiyal , M.Murali, N.Karthieswaruba International JournalofAdvanced Science and Technology Design of Bidirectional Dc/Dc Converter for Electric vehicle Using Split Battery Charging/Discharging Vol. 29 10S2020 6393 - 6400 Jun-20
12 C.B.Venkatramanan,P.S.Maheswari, M.Shanmugapriya International journal of Advanced Science and Technology Design and Analysis of Hybrid optimization technique for maximum power tracking in PV under uniform and partial shading condition Vol. 29, No. 10S 7154-7161 Jun-20
13 C.B.Venkatramanan,Kiruthika.N IJIRSET Load Frequency Controlled Based Power Energy Conversion System Vol9,Issue 6 4362-4367 Jun-20
14 M.Dinesh,Dr.B.karthik and Prof.S.Purushotham Test Engineering and Management Design of Artificial Intelligent Technique based Controller for DVR 83 10611 - 10616 Jun-20
15 P.Tamilarasu, R.Shivakumar, K.Jaiganesh, M.Senthilkumar, T.Logeswaran, Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control systems Monitoring and Controlling Carbon Dioxide from vehicles 12-8 spl 409-416 Jul-20
16 M.Porkodi High Technology Letters Elegant and Effective Management system for emergency traffic control Vol 26, Issue 7 985 - 988 Jul-20
17 M Senthil Kumar and P Rajakumar Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology Optimal Siting and Sizing of Multiple Distributed Generation Units in Radial Distribution System using Ant Lion Optimization Algorithm online 01-Nov Jul-20
18 M.Porkodi, S. Purushotham, S. Priyha High Technology Letters Voltage requlation in hybrid power system using MPPT and ANN controller Vol 26, Issue 8 228-235 Aug-20
19 M.Murali , V. Suresh, T. Ilakkia International journal of advanced science and Technology Modeling and simulation of vanadium penta oxide based field effect transistors Vol. 29 13801 - 13809 Aug-20
20 T. Ilakkia, T.J.Deepika, D.Kesavan, S.Murali Aegaeum Journal SEPIC converter based solar/wind system with multi level inverter for AC load applications Vol. 8 1665 - 1672 Aug-20
21 D. Kesavan, T.J.Deepika, T.Ilakkia, S.Padma Aegaeum Journal Optimal integration of distributed generation to a multi phase unbalanced distribution system Vol. 8 1649 - 1656 Aug-20
22 T.J.Deepika, T.Ilakkia, D. Kesavan,S.Padma Aegaeum Journal Analysis of multi phase unbalanced distribution system - with an integrated distyributed generation planning Vol. 8 1657 - 1664 Aug-20
23 M Sivakumar , Dr.S.Chandrasekar, P. Uthirakumar ,G .C. Montanari Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology A Contribution to Environmentally-Compatible Energy Conversion: Characterization of Nano Structured Natural Ester Oil Decorated with Carbon Quantum Dots Vol.15 Issue No5 01-Nov Aug-20
24 R.Shivakumar, D.Hepsiba, L.D.Vijayanand, C.Pavithra, K.S.Yamuna and K.Vinothkumar, International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering Performance analysis of QZSI for PV integrated grid system 9- issue 5 7731-7735 Sep-20
25 Soumen Gorai ,D. Sattianadan, V. Shanmugasundaram,S. Vidyasagar,G. R. Prudhvi Kumar,M. Sudhakaran Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Investigation of voltage regulation in grid connected PV system Vol.19 1131-1139 Sep-20
26 D. Sattianadan , Soumen Gorai , G. R. Prudhvi Kumar, S. Vidyasagar , V. Shanmugasundaram International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive System Potency of PR controller for multiple harmonic compensation for a single-phase grid connected system Vol.11 1491-1498 Sep-20
27 B.karthik, M. Priyanka Gandhi Materials Today: Proceedings Solar Powered based DC drives controlled by using IOT     Sep-20
28 A.Rajendran, B.karthik Materials Today: Proceedings Design and Analysis of fuzzy and PI controllers for switched reluctance Motor drive     Sep-20
29 S. Purushotham , Dr.S.Chandrasekar, Gian Carlo Montanari Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology Investigation of Electrical Tree Growth of XLPE Nano Composites using Time–Frequency Map and Clustering Analysis of PD Signals Vol.15 Issue No5 Jan-19 Sep-20
30 Edward wilson, ,Shivakumar Rangasamy, Niruba Boopathy, Priya and Sharmila IOP Conf. series: Material science and Engineering, Fault detection and Induction motor safety using Programmable Logic Controller and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system” 955 1 to 12 Oct-20
31 V. Shanmugasundaram , V.Sunilkumar Journal Of Critical Reviews An Overview Of Power Quality Issues, Mitigation Techniques, Standards, Challenges And Software Tools In Electrical Power System Vol.7 4182-4187 Oct-20
32 S.suresh, B.karthik Microprocessor and Microsystems Discrete Switching Strategy for direct torque control of induction motor using adaptive pulse width     Oct-20
33 A.Aravind, Dr.B.karthik Solid State Technology Hybrid Technique based voltage stabilizers for XLPE Cable insulation Vol.63, Issue 6 2326-2352 Oct-20
34 Dr.S.Chandrasekar, J.Chandramohan, Gian Carlo Montanari P. Uthirakumar IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Authorized Developing eco-friendly nanostructured oil: Partial discharge and breakdown voltage characterization of transformer corn oil Vol.27 Issue N0 5 1611 - 1618 Oct-20
35 R. Palanisamy , V. Shanmugasundaram ,S. Vidyasagar,V. Kalyanasundaram,K. Vijayakumar Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology A SVPWM Control Strategy for Capacitor Voltage Balancing of Flying capacitor Based 4‑Level NPC Inverter Vol.15 2639–2649 Nov-20
36 H.Shree kumar,Dr.A.Jagadeeshwaran,Dr.B.karthik Solid State Technology Loss reduction by social spider optimization in contactless power transformer Vol.63, Issue 6 6453-6465 Nov-20
37 Dr M Gopila Dr D Prasad IEEE Xplore Machine learning classifier model for attendance management system     Nov-20
39 R. Yuvaraj Dr.S.Chandrasekar Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology Partial Discharge Analysis of SF6/N2 Gas Mixture Filled MV Circuit Breaker Using Time–Frequency Map Clustering Technique Vol.15 Issue No 6   Nov-20
40 Dr.C.B.Venkatramanan , S.Deepika Journal of Testing and Evaluation A Grid connected,PV-Interfaced Inverter with Coupled Inductor-Based Dual Input 3p3L-ZSI Vol 48 Issue 6 4067-4091 Nov-20
41 M Sujith, S Madhubalan, K Prathibanandhi Journal of Green Engineering Implification of ANN-FLC Based PI Controller for Dual Interfacing Converters Vol. 10, Is. 10 9587 to 9600 Nov-20
42 Dr.Arulmozhiyal , M.Murali Scipedia Investigation on modelling and simulation BLDC motor fed universal actuation system Vol.18   Nov-20
43 S. Sarala, Dr. K. Krishnamoorthi Microprocessors and microsystems Enhanced packet routing queuing model in optical burst switching network using queue based dynamic optical route scheduling Vol.18   Nov-20
44 Prof. S.Arun kumar, Dr. S. Padma, Prof. S. Madhubalan Solid State Technology Optimal energy management of disco in electricity markets Vol.63, Issue 6   Dec-20