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9001:2015 Certified | FIST Funded (DST) SIRO(DSIR)

Electrical & Electronics Engineering - Project

ME - Power System Engineering

ME - Power Electronics Drives

ME - Power Electronics Drives Projects

S.No Register Number Name of Student Project title for phase
1. 61781921205002 Gopinath M Solar based Smart E-Vehicle Charging System
2. 61781921205005 Poorna A N Intelligent Battery Management System
3. 61781921205006 Srimathi G Speed Control of BLDC Motor by Machine Learning for Electrical Vehicle
S.No Register Number Name of Student Project title for phase
1 1919205001 S.Devi Design Of Enhanced Flyback Converter For PV Application
2 1919205002 G.Gowtham Design and Control of dc link in Variable Frequency Drive
3 1919205003 S Kavipriya Design of coupled inductor based bidirectional converter for electric vehicle
4 1919205004 R Loga Sri Performance analysis of modified luo converter for electric vehicle application
5 1919205005 K R Manjeri Design of 7 level multilevel inverter with reduced switches
6 1919205006 Nithya G Design and Simulation of High Voltage Short Pulse Generator
7 1919205007 Shivanija S Design And Performance Of Solar Tracking System With Fuzzy Logic Controller
8 1919205008 Sruthi.M Design of LLC resonant converter fed SEPIC converter for PHEV charging applications
S.No Register Number Name of Student Project title for phase
1 1518205001 Angelin Priyanka A  Investigation of Multi Input Multi Output Bidirectional Dc-Dc Interleaved Boost Converter with Three Different Energy Sources and Three Outputs
2 1518205002 Karpaga Meena T Monitoring and Controlling of Indoor Air Quality Parameters with Iot Using Soft Computing Technique
3 1518205003 Karthieswaruba N Design of Bidirectional Dc/Dc Converter for Electric vehicle Using Split Battery Charging/Discharging
4 1518205004 Kiruthika N Load Frequency Controlled Based Power Energy Conversion System
1 Karthika S A matrix converter based PMSM drive for electro hydrostatic actuator control in aircraft Dr. S. Vijay Shankar (R & D – Sona SPEED)
2 Monica C Transformer less inverter for grid – connected PV- wind system Dr. R. Arulmozhiyal (R & D – Sona PEDAC)
3 Rathanapriya.M.B Longleads for submersible pumps using PWM inverter fed induction motor Dr.A.Jagadeeshwaran (R & D – Sona SPEED)
4 Soniya N Design of bidirectional converter using fuzzy logic controller to optimize battery performance in electric vehicle Dr. K. Krishnamoorthi
5 Vimala S High performance model predictive technique for MPPT grid tied PV system using chopper Dr.C.B.Venkataramanan