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SAE-Aero Design Contest - 2014

SAE Aero Design, also called the SAE Aero Design Collegiate Design Series, is a series of competitive mechanical engineering events held in the United States and Brazil every year. It is conducted by the SAE International. It is generally divided into three categories: Regular class, advanced class and Micro class. SAE Aero Design regular class requires teams to construct a plane within specified parameters annually updated on the SAE Aero Design website. Each team is judged on three categories: Oral presentation, written report, and flight. The objective of the regular class is to design and construct a radio-controlled model aircraft that will lift the largest payload while still maintaining structural integri. In 2014 our team participated in SAE –Aero Design competition held at Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Anuj Regmi, Jagadish Babu K and Sushil Subedi Won 13th place out of 72 participating colleges.