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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering - Research


Centre for 3DExperience platform (SONA3Dx)

Centre for Robotics and Nonlinear Dynamics - CRND

Centre for Nano Materials / Micro Machining - CNM/MM

Centre for Analysis and Optimization of Metal forming Process - METFORM

Grants fetched
S.No Title of the Project AGENCY & Scheme Principle Investigator(PI) & (Co-PI) Period in Years   Status
Smart Robot to Rescue a Child in a Bore Hole  SEED Money Scheme Dr. K. Muralidharan 2023-2024 Ongoing
Metal on Metal Superhydrophobic thin film coating by upgrading PVD system to DC Sputtering system SEED Money Scheme Dr. R. Yuvaraj 2023-2024 Ongoing
Fabrication of IOT Based Hyrophobic Coating
KIT for Acid Erosion Method
SEED Money Scheme Dr. D Senthilkumar Mr. S. Suryakumar / IV
2) Climent C / III
3) Eshwar M / III
4) Jagadeesh A / III
 2021-22 Ongoing
Metal Powder Infused Filament In 3d Printing
Additive Manufacturing
SEED Money Scheme Dr. D Senthilkumar Mr. S. Suryakumar Akash Kumar G  Adesh V
4) Abisheek B
 2021-22 Ongoing
Experimental Investigation of performance and Emission Characteristics of Multi CyliderInnova (Crysta) Diesel Engine Using Biodiesel Blends with diesel. SEED Money Scheme Dr. S. Mahalingam
Dr. V. Ravikumar
2020-2022 Completed –June  2022
Development of Anti – Corrosive Coatings  & Testing SEED Money Scheme Dr. A. Ranjith Kumar
Dr. K. Venkatesh Raja
2020-2022 Completed –June  2022
AICTE-MODROB AICTE – MODROB Dr.A. Jegan 2019-2021 Completed – July 2021
8 Extended of Components through Advanced Nanostructured (ELCAN) Coating for Engineering Applications Sultan Qaboos University, University in Muscat, Oman - R&D work & MOU Dr. A.Jegan 2021-2022 Completed - Oct 2022
9 J Management and Engineering Consultants , Chennai JMEC Dr. K. G. Saravanan
2020-2024 Ongoing
10  To establish an undercoat of composite Nickel by wet plating process on Brass Case (Brass with or without lead content) which will improve the Corrosion resistance property. TITAN INDUSTRY Dr.A.Jegan 2019-2020 Completed  - March 2020
11 Design and Analysis of Vertical Tree Trimming SONA-STAR Dr. D.Senthilkumar
2018-2020 Completed –Dec  2021
12 Facility Enhancement in Nano Manufacturing DST FIST Dr. D. Senthilkumar
2016-2021 Completed – June 2021
13 Study of Dynamic Behavior of Defrosting on Super hydrophobic Surface AICTE - RPS Dr. D. Senthilkumar
Mr. R.Yuvaraj
2017-2020 Completed – 30-09-2020
14 Rural Women Technology Park in DST - WTP Dr. M. Usha
Mr.A.Aravindh Balaji
Mr.A.Ranjith kumar
2017-2020 Completed – March 2020
15 Study of Drop Wise Condensation Underneath Super Hydrophobic Surfaces AICTE - RPS Dr. D. Senthilkumar
Mr. K. Shanmugavel
2011-2014 Completed – 30-01-2015
16 Design and Development of 3 axis Multipurpose Micro Machining Setup AICTE – RPS
Dr. R. M. Arunachalam
Mr. P. Suresh
2011-2013 Completed
17 Design and analysis of light weight 5-asix robotic manipulator with indexing type end-effector ISRO Dr. M. Thangavel 2011-2013 Completed
18 Cooling of CPU with Composite Heat Sinks AICTE - RPS Dr. P. Govindharajan
Dr. R. Mohan
2011-2013 Completed
19 Development and Performance Analysis of a combined Micro EDM and Micro ECM Setup AICTE - CAYT Dr. R. M. Arunachalam 2008-2011 Completed
20 Low Cost Technique for Synthesis on Nano Structured Materials DST SERC Fast-Track Dr. R. M. Arunachalam 2007-2010 Completed
21 Studies on the Pulse Plating of Silver for the jewelry industries AICET  Dr. R. M. Arunachalam
Dr. Shanthi
2007-2009 Completed