NAAC-Accredited 'A' - Grade 2(f) & 12(B) status (UGC) |ISO
9001:2015 Certified | FIST Funded (DST) SIRO(DSIR)

Master of Computer Applications (MCA) - Student Project

Student Project

S. No. Name of the Student Title of the Project Project Guide
1 Badhrinath S URL Shortener Dr.T.Padma
2 Mamdha M Task Scheduling
3 Abhijit Shetty S Detecting Stress Based on Social Interactions in Social Networks Dr.N.Balakrishnan
4 Ajith Kumar K Efficient Crop Prediction based on Region using Reinforcement Random Forest Algorithm
Devayani S A Big Data Analytics for Oil and Gas Industry 4.0
Kavya S Commodity Price Prediction
7 Sahabthyan T RW-Restaurant Ware Conversion of Monolithic Service to Micro service
8 Sangeetha V Condition Based Data Sharing Within a Group Through Access Policy in Cloud Computing
9 Sowmiya T An Efficient Web Traffic Defense Against Timing-Analysis Attacks
10 Hemalatha M Implementation of Grievance Redressal System for Institutions using PHP and MySQL with Android Dr.S.Aruna
11 Nandhini R Lifetime Maximization of Sensor Networks Through Optimal Data Collections Scheduling of Mobile Sink
12 Narayani S Effective Cloud Storage Utilization with Secure Data Retrieval using Temporary Keyword Search
13 Niladrita Mukherjee Ensuring Legitimate User and Storage Based Encryption of Image Data in Cloud
14 Shebaa F Monitoring Student Information
System using SMS
15 Srilakshmisudha S A Flexible Lightweight Group Authentication Scheme
16 Srimathi S Secure and Efficient Way of Data Transaction using Audio Steganography
17 Thirusha M B Search Rank Fraud and Malware Detection in Google Play
18 Gowthaman S Auto Cloud & Admin App –Two Wheeler’s Dealership Dr.A.Vanitha
19 Logesh R Asset Management System for Educational Systems
20 Mohan S Employee management system
21 Nandhini K Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing using Matrix Encryption
22 Pavithra R Bug Tracking System
23 Vasanth M B Edge-Assisted Stream Scheduling Scheme for the Green-Communication-Based IoT
24 Vignesh S Diagnosis Of Liver Disease Using Machine Learning Techniques
25 Ajay Sathya S Location Based Vehicular Service Station using Mobile Application Prof.J.Suji Priya
26  Akash Singh J Efficient Phishing Website Detection Using Machine Learning Algorithm
27  Ananya S Explainable Machine Learning For Early Assessment Of Covid-19 Risk Prediction In Emergency Departments
28 Arulselvan P Deep Learning Based Personality Prediction Using User Behavioral Detection
29 Deepanath M A Deep Learning Framework for Identifying Zone in RETCAM Images
30  Monisha P Feature Reduction using Principal Component Analysis for Opinion Mining
31  Pavithra S An Efficient Blockchain Based Bidirectional Friends Matching Scheme in Social Networks
32 Vino Francis Improved Teaching and Learning Process in Effective Way Through Sentiment Analysis
33 Gokulakannan S Accurate Multi-user Classification Using Deep Learning Techniques Prof.A.Suhana Nafais
34  Janani Baai S Application Aware Big Data De-duplication in Cloud Environment
35  Jayachandran D Blockchain-Based Transaction Validation Protocol for a Secure Distributed IoT Network
36  Kaviamudhan S R Dynamic-Hash-Table Based Public Auditing
for Secure Cloud Storage
37 Mohan Kumar R Robust Intelligent Malware Detection using Deep Learning
38 Salma K A Worm Detection System Based on Deep Learning
39 Shalini S Tollgate Payment System
40 Sumithra K Diabetes Prediction Model Based on an Enhanced Deep Neural Network
41  Swathi R Crypto-currency Price Prediction
S. No. Name of the Student Title of the Project Project Supervisor
1 Ealumalai. M Software Bugs Tracking System Dr.T.Padma
2 Harinandhakumar.R Online Police Crime Records Information System
3 Jeeva T Verification of Exclusive and Secured Information
4 Priyadharshini M Data Leakage Detection using Cloud Computing Dr.S.Aruna
5 Arthi R Web Based Hall Booking Management System
6 Jagadeeswaran R KBN CHENNAI
7 Jaiganesh R Shared Booking Calendar
8 Prithika P Cloud Computing Security In Clouds-of-Clouds
9 Rathinamala C Enabling Authorized Encrypted Search for
Multi-Authority Medical Databases
10 Sasikumar S Greenly - Online Shopping & SEO
11 Sibusankar GM An Efficient Web Traffic Defense Timing-Analysis
12 Suja C E-Agriculture
13 Justin Raj Kumar K Franco Signs-A Web Application Dr.N.Balakrishnan
14 Mohandas R SMS and Mail Management
15 Ramesh Krishna L RESTAURANTWARE
16  Sandanakrishnan S Scrutinize The Utility of Preserved Data with Privacy
17 Shalini T Search Rank Fraud and Malware
Detection in Google Play
18 Sivasharma A Venue Booking System
19 Udhayakumar R Website Boosting Automation
20 Suriya S Spammer Detection and Fake User Identification on Social Networks
21 Anuja P Cost-minimizing Dynamic Migration of Content Distribution Services Into Hybrid Clouds Dr.A.Vanitha
22 Elankani C Short Message Service
23 Gowtham J Online Advertisement Banner Management
24 Keerthana B Kgram-Based Composite Secret Sign Search Over
Encrypted Cloud Information
25 Perumal N Active City Administration
26 Subashree V Health Care Management System
27 Sudarsan S Agency Portal-The Hindu
28 Suriyaprakash K C Follow But No Track: Privacy Preserved Profile Publishing In
Cyber-Physical Social Systems
29 Vinoth Kannan G K A Segregated Key For Authorized Data
30 Deepak Raj S Agency Portal-The Hindu Prof.J.Suji Priya
31 Dhanasekar N Business Users Secure
32  Dinesh T Auto-Site Booster
33 Kosalya S Analysis of Hospitalizing Behaviors Based on
Big Trajectory Data
34 Madhumitha K Efficient and Privacy Preventing Truth Discovery
Discovery in Mobile Crowd Sensing System
35 Murali R Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Wordpreess Website
36 Priyadharshini S Knowledge Sharing on Learners
37 Sanjai P Child Management System
38 Vaishnavi S Evaluation and Testees Level For Appraisal
39 Deepthi Sri.R GMSDC-Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council Prof.A.Suhana Nafais
40 Gowthaman K House Call Doctors
41 Keerthana A Volunteer Management
42 Prasanth G Visual Cryptography Scheme For Secret Image
43 Praveen Kumar B Trust Relationhip Prediction in Alibaba E-Commerce Platform
44 Radha K Detecting and Removing Web Application vulnerabilities with Static Analysis And Data Mining
45 Sapna K A Market-Based Framework for Multi-Resource Allocation In Fog Computing
46 Swadhi R Vintage View
47 Thilagavathi R A Secure Steganography Mechanisam In Outsource