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9001:2015 Certified | FIST Funded (DST) SIRO(DSIR)

Master of Computer Applications (MCA) - Student Project

Student Project

S.No. Register Number Student Name Project Title Project Guide
1 61782021401011 DIVYADHARSHINI G S Geospatial and soil based crop recommendation system Padma T
2 61782021401042 RUBAN S Forecast on crop production using machine learning techniques
3 61782021401055 VASUMATHI A Real estate process using salesforce
4 61782021401002 AKSHAYA D Task Streamlining Management Through Administration Hub Balakrishnan N
5 61782021401008 DEEPIKA A Credit Card defaulter Prediction Using Machine Learning
6 61782021401009 DHARANI A The client tracking system in the Fitness center
7 61782021401014 GOWTHAM M Dimensionality reduction predictions in health care system
8 61782021401018 KARTHIKEYAN P C ChatBot for Interior Designing
9 61782021401026 MANONMANI R Dispensary Control
10 61782021401029 MOUNIKA R Patient Health Monitoring System With Pranic Healing
11 61782021401038 REKHA S Assets Auditing And Administrative Webapp
12 61782021401040 RETHIKA S Controlling Unauthorised Data Breaches using advance methodologies
13 61782021401043 SALAI SUDHAYINI E Classifying data with suggestive causes and flexible solutions using Decision Tree and logistic regression algorithm.
14 61782021401005 BAVADHARANI S Predicting The Remaining Useful Life Of a Computer Numerical Control Machine Using Lasso Regression Algorithm
16 61782021401056 VIJAYADHARSAN S Polymorphic Encryption for Secure Data Transmission and Storage
17 61782021401001 AJAY NARAYANAN A Speech emotion recognition based on Neural Network. Aruna S
18 61782021401003 ARAVINTH S Heart disease diagnosis using machine learning techniques
19 61782021401016 JAGANRAJ D Secure voting system using blockchain
20 61782021401022 KRISHNAKANTH K Stock market analysis using power BI
22 61782021401027 MOHANA PRIYA S Exploring the Potential of Natural Colorants and Non-Toxic Modification Techniques
23 61782021401028 MONIKA S Prediction of lung cancer by assesing the risk factors using machine learning
24 61782021401033 POORANI S Implementing 3 tier security architecture with advanced next generation firewall for enhancing better security
25 61782021401041 RIZWANA TABASSUM S A Web based tool for managing and automating employee compensation
26 61782021401059 VISWAK AVINASH S P Land Tracking System
27 61782021401006 BHARATH RAJA R Sales Incentive Engine
28 61782021401049 SREE MADHUMITHA J Digital media analytics
29 61782021401053 THARANI M Engineering Builders allaince
30 61782021401060 ZAINAB M Hand Gesture Controlled Virtual Mouse using Artificial Intelligence
32 61782021401013 GOKULAKRISHNAN C K Superfluous substance reclaimed for posterity industry progression
33 61782021401019 KARTHIKEYAN S Enhancing Aquaculture Yield Through Data-driven Fish Species Recommendation System
34 61782021401023 LOGAPRIYA M DNS server management secure communication and data sharing
35 61782021401035 PRAVEENKUMAR P Intelligent Traffic Control System for Efficient Traffic Flow and Time Management Using Neural Networks
36 61782021401044 SANJAI R LAST-HIFS: Location aware storage technique for secure cloud file transfer
37 61782021401046 SARULATHA R Securing Healthcare data with RC4 encryption and micro aggregation for effecint cloud storage utilization
38 61782021401047 SHANDHIYAA DEVI A A Project Management using Salesforce
40 61782021401051 SWETHA A N Predictive Analysis for Efficient Resource Allocation in the Context of Silicon Shortage
41 61782021401057 VIMAL R M Voice bot development
42 61782021401012 GOKUL V Fleet Tracking System
43 61782021401039 RESHMEETHA K Implementation of Event data recorder on road accidents using raspberry Pi
44 61782021401052 TASNEEM FIRDHOSH A Decision Support System in Indian Armed Forces , A Sample Dataset Analysis using Data Science
45 61782021401058 VINOTHINI G Building Construction Cost Estimation with Qualitative Data Analysis and Soil Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithm
46 61782021401004 BARATH P Urine analysis for predicting Diabetes in Machine Learning Suhana Nafais A
47 61782021401015 HARISH KUMAR A An Artificial Intelligence Based Predictive Approach For Slag Management in Steel Industries
48 61782021401017 KARTHIKEYAN P An online portal for event planning
49 61782021401020 KIRTHICKRAM T R Integrating Payment Gateway for B2B providers in Health and Wellness Application.
50 61782021401021 KISHORE P Face Recognition Attendance Monitoring System using Machine Learning.
51 61782021401031 NANDHINI R Code Galaxy- A Platform for Competitive Programmers.
52 61782021401032 PAVITHRA R ChatBot for an educational institution
54 61782021401037 RAJAKUMARAN A Cricket Team Selection using Machine Learning
56 61782021401007 CIBI S L Network attached storage using Raspberry Pi
57 61782021401024 MALAVIKKA S Real estate process using salesforce
58 61782021401045 SANTHOSH G Gym management system
59 61782021401054 USHA RANEE L WILDEAR: animal sound detection and distance measurement
S. No. Register Number Name of the Student Title of the Project Project Supervisor
1. 2020401003 Ameera K S Content Management System as Digital Resource for Traditional Knowledge Dr. T. Padma
2020401014 Harinin B Unified Knowledge Based Digital Archive for Ancient Games
2020401015 Ishha Vasvini S Textile Domain Ontology Evaluation Using Concept Maps to Support Novice Entrepreneurs
2. 2020401016 Jeevan Sangeeth S Fr8 Track Dr. N. Balakrishnan
2020401023 Kishore Kumar B Complaint Management System
2020401025 Lavanya K Invoice And Billing
2020401029 Mohammed Fazil Y Text To Speech Recognition
2020401039 Praveen M Integrating Email Alert System
2020401045 Sairam P Traffic Sign Board Recognition And Voice Alert Using Convolutional Neural Network
2020401056 Thanikaivel A Integrating Mailing Solution For Trading System
2020401057 Tharun M E-Invoice Generation System
2020401059 Vasanth A Securing User Mobile Files In Cloud Storage Using Smart Lock Application
3. 2020401006 Balaji S B Parkinson’s Disease Prediction using Machine Learning Dr. S. Aruna
2020401009 Dineshkumar D Product Finder In Integrated Shopping Mall
2020401013 Gopinath S Social Network Users Mental Stress Identification Using Machine Learning
2020401028 Mohammed Afsar M Load App Subscription
2020401036 Parasuraman D Real Time Face Mask Detection With Alarm
2020401044 Roshini R Automatic Helmet Detection Of Motorcycles Using CNN-Based Multi-Task Learning
2020401051 Snekha R Spammer Detection on Social Media
2020401055 Thanigachalam A Intelligence Cow Merchandise
2020401058 Vaideswari S Rw-Restaurant Ware Conversion Of Monolithic Service To Microservice
2020401060 Vignesh R Asset Management Using Salesforce
4. 2020401001 Abitha Shree P Secure File Sharing System Dr. A. Vanitha
2020401007 Bhuvaneshwaran V E Commerce Product Rating Based On Customer Review Mining
2020401012 Gopinath B Blog Content Management System
2020401018 Karthik B Real Time Approach for Secure Text Transmission using Video Cryptography
2020401032 Mohanapriya M Embry Women Care
2020401038 Poojasri R Hospital Management System
2020401043 Rajkamal P WEB HOSTING BABA-Web Designing, Development, Domain And Hosting Services
2020401047 Santhosh G Web-based Information System for Restaurant
2020401052 Sree Raghu Ram G G Medical Equipment Sales and Service
2020401053 Sunil Kumar V SHIFTAMATIC-Shift and Timesheet Management System
2020401054 Syed Aashak Robust Security Paradigm for Bluetooth Low Energy-based Smart Objects in the Internet-of-Things
5. 2020401002 Aishwarya G Brain Tumor Classification And Prediction Using Machine Learning In Python Prof. J. Suji Priya
2020401011 Gandhinathan S Data Analysis of Customer Reviews in Banking Sector using Sentiment Analysis
2020401017 Kamalishwar M Saag Online Shopping
2020401020 Karthikeyan R Non-Fungible Token Minting And Ethereum Transaction Website Using Blockchain
2020401021 Kavin Prasanth J Security Modul For Secure Cloud Storage Management
2020401022 Keerthi K Iot Based Smart Car With Google Assistant
2020401024 Koushik S Enhancing The Quality Of Digital Image Using Super Resolution Method
2020401026 Madhan Kumar S Agricultural Crop Recommendations Based On Productivity And Season Using Machine Learning Algorithm
2020401031 Mohana Priya R Fake Job Recruitment Detection Using Machine Learning
2020401041 Priyanka P Employee Portfolio Database And Payroll Management System
2020401049 Shalini R Web Based Employee Batch Allocation System
6. 2020401004 Aswin Raj S Online fuel delivery Prof. A. Suhana Nafais
2020401005 Balaji K Face mask detection using Machine learning technique
2020401008 Chandramohan K Online book recommendation using Collaborative filtering
2020401010 Divya J P An End-To-End Deep Learning Framework For Recognizing Human-To-Human Interactions Using Wi-Fi Signals
2020401027 Meiyanathan R Lung cancer detection using cnn
2020401030 Mohammed Suhail S I Application of blood banking
2020401033 Nandhakumar R Drug Recommendation System based on Sentiment Analysis of Drug Reviews using Machine Learning
2020401037 Pavithra S Search rank fraud and malware detection in google play
2020401046 Sankar S College fees management system
2020401048 Sapna B Production and sales management system
2020401050 Sindhu M Lead magnet
S. No. Name of the Student Title of the Project Project Guide
1 Badhrinath S URL Shortener Dr.T.Padma
2 Mamdha M Task Scheduling
3 Abhijit Shetty S Detecting Stress Based on Social Interactions in Social Networks Dr.N.Balakrishnan
4 Ajith Kumar K Efficient Crop Prediction based on Region using Reinforcement Random Forest Algorithm
Devayani S A Big Data Analytics for Oil and Gas Industry 4.0
Kavya S Commodity Price Prediction
7 Sahabthyan T RW-Restaurant Ware Conversion of Monolithic Service to Micro service
8 Sangeetha V Condition Based Data Sharing Within a Group Through Access Policy in Cloud Computing
9 Sowmiya T An Efficient Web Traffic Defense Against Timing-Analysis Attacks
10 Hemalatha M Implementation of Grievance Redressal System for Institutions using PHP and MySQL with Android Dr.S.Aruna
11 Nandhini R Lifetime Maximization of Sensor Networks Through Optimal Data Collections Scheduling of Mobile Sink
12 Narayani S Effective Cloud Storage Utilization with Secure Data Retrieval using Temporary Keyword Search
13 Niladrita Mukherjee Ensuring Legitimate User and Storage Based Encryption of Image Data in Cloud
14 Shebaa F Monitoring Student Information
System using SMS
15 Srilakshmisudha S A Flexible Lightweight Group Authentication Scheme
16 Srimathi S Secure and Efficient Way of Data Transaction using Audio Steganography
17 Thirusha M B Search Rank Fraud and Malware Detection in Google Play
18 Gowthaman S Auto Cloud & Admin App –Two Wheeler’s Dealership Dr.A.Vanitha
19 Logesh R Asset Management System for Educational Systems
20 Mohan S Employee management system
21 Nandhini K Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing using Matrix Encryption
22 Pavithra R Bug Tracking System
23 Vasanth M B Edge-Assisted Stream Scheduling Scheme for the Green-Communication-Based IoT
24 Vignesh S Diagnosis Of Liver Disease Using Machine Learning Techniques
25 Ajay Sathya S Location Based Vehicular Service Station using Mobile Application Prof.J.Suji Priya
26  Akash Singh J Efficient Phishing Website Detection Using Machine Learning Algorithm
27  Ananya S Explainable Machine Learning For Early Assessment Of Covid-19 Risk Prediction In Emergency Departments
28 Arulselvan P Deep Learning Based Personality Prediction Using User Behavioral Detection
29 Deepanath M A Deep Learning Framework for Identifying Zone in RETCAM Images
30  Monisha P Feature Reduction using Principal Component Analysis for Opinion Mining
31  Pavithra S An Efficient Blockchain Based Bidirectional Friends Matching Scheme in Social Networks
32 Vino Francis Improved Teaching and Learning Process in Effective Way Through Sentiment Analysis
33 Gokulakannan S Accurate Multi-user Classification Using Deep Learning Techniques Prof.A.Suhana Nafais
34  Janani Baai S Application Aware Big Data De-duplication in Cloud Environment
35  Jayachandran D Blockchain-Based Transaction Validation Protocol for a Secure Distributed IoT Network
36  Kaviamudhan S R Dynamic-Hash-Table Based Public Auditing
for Secure Cloud Storage
37 Mohan Kumar R Robust Intelligent Malware Detection using Deep Learning
38 Salma K A Worm Detection System Based on Deep Learning
39 Shalini S Tollgate Payment System
40 Sumithra K Diabetes Prediction Model Based on an Enhanced Deep Neural Network
41  Swathi R Crypto-currency Price Prediction
S. No. Name of the Student Title of the Project Project Supervisor
1 Ealumalai. M Software Bugs Tracking System Dr.T.Padma
2 Harinandhakumar.R Online Police Crime Records Information System
3 Jeeva T Verification of Exclusive and Secured Information
4 Priyadharshini M Data Leakage Detection using Cloud Computing Dr.S.Aruna
5 Arthi R Web Based Hall Booking Management System
6 Jagadeeswaran R KBN CHENNAI
7 Jaiganesh R Shared Booking Calendar
8 Prithika P Cloud Computing Security In Clouds-of-Clouds
9 Rathinamala C Enabling Authorized Encrypted Search for
Multi-Authority Medical Databases
10 Sasikumar S Greenly - Online Shopping & SEO
11 Sibusankar GM An Efficient Web Traffic Defense Timing-Analysis
12 Suja C E-Agriculture
13 Justin Raj Kumar K Franco Signs-A Web Application Dr.N.Balakrishnan
14 Mohandas R SMS and Mail Management
15 Ramesh Krishna L RESTAURANTWARE
16  Sandanakrishnan S Scrutinize The Utility of Preserved Data with Privacy
17 Shalini T Search Rank Fraud and Malware
Detection in Google Play
18 Sivasharma A Venue Booking System
19 Udhayakumar R Website Boosting Automation
20 Suriya S Spammer Detection and Fake User Identification on Social Networks
21 Anuja P Cost-minimizing Dynamic Migration of Content Distribution Services Into Hybrid Clouds Dr.A.Vanitha
22 Elankani C Short Message Service
23 Gowtham J Online Advertisement Banner Management
24 Keerthana B Kgram-Based Composite Secret Sign Search Over
Encrypted Cloud Information
25 Perumal N Active City Administration
26 Subashree V Health Care Management System
27 Sudarsan S Agency Portal-The Hindu
28 Suriyaprakash K C Follow But No Track: Privacy Preserved Profile Publishing In
Cyber-Physical Social Systems
29 Vinoth Kannan G K A Segregated Key For Authorized Data
30 Deepak Raj S Agency Portal-The Hindu Prof.J.Suji Priya
31 Dhanasekar N Business Users Secure
32  Dinesh T Auto-Site Booster
33 Kosalya S Analysis of Hospitalizing Behaviors Based on
Big Trajectory Data
34 Madhumitha K Efficient and Privacy Preventing Truth Discovery
Discovery in Mobile Crowd Sensing System
35 Murali R Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Wordpreess Website
36 Priyadharshini S Knowledge Sharing on Learners
37 Sanjai P Child Management System
38 Vaishnavi S Evaluation and Testees Level For Appraisal
39 Deepthi Sri.R GMSDC-Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council Prof.A.Suhana Nafais
40 Gowthaman K House Call Doctors
41 Keerthana A Volunteer Management
42 Prasanth G Visual Cryptography Scheme For Secret Image
43 Praveen Kumar B Trust Relationhip Prediction in Alibaba E-Commerce Platform
44 Radha K Detecting and Removing Web Application vulnerabilities with Static Analysis And Data Mining
45 Sapna K A Market-Based Framework for Multi-Resource Allocation In Fog Computing
46 Swadhi R Vintage View
47 Thilagavathi R A Secure Steganography Mechanisam In Outsource
S. No. Register Number Name of the Student Title of the Project Project Supervisor
1 1516401707 Deivanai K E-News Bite for Educational Institutions Dr. T. Padma
1516401717 Karthikeyan R Secure and Fast Cloud Based Retail Point of Sales
1516401714 Janani P E-News Bulletin for Educational Institutions
1516401729 Preetha S Online Circular for Educational Institutions
1516401733 Ramakrishnan R Online Government Examination Information System with Self Guidance
2 1516401705 Antony Bharath M Digital Enhanced Student Learning Ability for Computer Literacy Dr. M. Umashankar
1516401710 Dineshkumar M Provide Key Securing Data in Third Party Auditing in Cloud Computing
1516401732 Rajakumar R Trust as a Service: A Framework for Trust Management in Cloud Environment
1516401737 Saravanakumar J Efficient Keyword-Aware Representative Travel Route Recommendation
1516401748 Tamilarasan V Secure E-Learning using Data Mining Technique
3 1516401718 Kavinraj S Robust Face Name-Matching Character Identification Dr. N. Balakrishnan
1516401740 Sivaraman S Privacy-Preserving Location Based Services Query Scheme Against Quantum Attacks
1516401744 Suganthi M Automation of Question Paper Generation
1516401747 Susmitha V A Dynamic and Failure-Aware Task Scheduling Framework for Hadoop
1516401750 Umamaheswari S Online Appointment System
4 1516401712 Hariswar R M Smart Public Bus Data Searching Portal Dr. S. Aruna
1516401726 Navaneetha Krishnan R Monitoring Suspicious Discussions on Education Forums using Data Mining Techinque
1516401738 Shanmuga Priya S J Performance Management System
1516401743 Srivathsan G Advance Job Searching Portal with Custom Filtering
1516401749 Thesika D Identity Based Encryption with Cloud Revocation Authority
5 1516401711 Gayathri V Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing using Attribute based Encryption Dr. T. Lalitha
1516401716 Karthik M Privacy-Preserving Data Processing with Flexible Access Control
1516401719 Keerthana S Centralized Control for Preserving Data from Third Party in Cloud Application
1516401727 Nilam Arvind Patil Social Media Community using Optimized Clustering Algorithm
1516401731 Rafia Sulthana S Online Automation and Authorization Examination Monitoring System
6 1516401704 Angelin Jenifer K Online Life Save Blood Bank Maintained with Instant Donar Search Dr. A. Vanitha
1516401709 Dhayaleswari G Online Testing
1516401720 Lalitha Priya P Hotel Recommendation System Based on Hybrid Recommendation Model
1516401728 Nithya S Higher Education Access Prediction Software using Data Mining Technique
1516401735 Sakthivel B Evaluation of Carrier Performance of Student with Fuzzy Logic
7 1516401706 Arunkumar M Web Portal for the Hindu Tamil Press Vendor "Mrs. J.Suji Priya"
1516401721 Mohan Babu B Improve Customer Grocery Sales with Market Basket Analysis using Apriori Algorithm in Data Mining
1516401730 Priyadharshini M Mountains Plains
1516401741 Soundarya L Random Question Paper Generation for Academic Examination using Fisher-Yates Algorithm
1516401753 Vinothkumar K Systematic Approach for Digital Marketing Strategy through Data Mining Technology
8 1516401708 Devan M Automatic Intelligent Auction Chatbot with Price Negotiator Mrs. J. Kamala
1516401715 Jayakrishnan C Intelligent Place Searching Guide
1516401736 Sankari R M Smartphone Based Wound Assessment System for Patients
1516401752 Vijay M Time and Attribute Cryptographic Cloud Computing
1516401754 Vishnuvaralakshmi S Budget Management System
1516401755 Vishpravasi V Advertisement Booking Portal for The Hindu Tamil Thisai
9 1516401713 Isthyaq Ahamed M Travel Merry Ms. A. Suhana Nafais
1516401722 Monica M CEO Dashboard
1516401723 Nagaraj R House Call Doctors
1516401724 Nagaraja K Customer Targeted E-Commerce with Product Recommendation
1516401725 Nandhini S Online Shopping
1516401751 Venkatesh P J Privacy Protection and Intrusion Avoidance for Cloudlet-Based Medical Data Sharing
10 1516401701 Aadhithya Varsha R Digitalized GEO Archaic Information System "Mrs.M.Thenmozhi"
1516401703 Abishek K B User Behavior Verification for Cloud Storage Security
1516401739 Shifa Taj A HMM based Optimal Web Service Selection
1516401742 Srinivasan R Harshing Encryption and Cloud Based Defect Tracking System
1516401745 Suresh K Web Application to publish Student’s Achievements over Schools and Colleges
1516401746 Suriya K Self Service barcode Scanning Application for Consumers Easy Shopping
S. No. Register Number Name of the Student Title of the Project Project Supervisor
1 1515401010 Vinitha S Voice Based Examination For Blind People Dr.G.M.Kadhar Nawaz
1515401749 Surendhiran R Dynamic Pricing Scheme for Data Retrieval From Cloud Cache
1515401702 Deepika R Application of Density Based Clustering
1515401707 Dineshnandakumar U Abnormal Brain Detection and Disease Prediction
2 1515401007 Kishan Kumar Jha Agri Advisory Dr. T. Padma
1515401722 Kiruthika D Anti-Theft Application for Android Based Devices
1515401714 Hemalatha S Daily Grind Maintenance
1515401737 Shameer Ahmed B Information Retrieval in Cloud with Security and Privacy Assurance
3 1515401005 Karthikaikannan R Detecting E-Banking Phishing using Associative Classification Dr.M.Umashankar
1515401757 Vishnu Priya S Blood Transfusion Service using Apps
1515401716 Kalaiyarasan K Tracking of Money Transaction using Bitcoin
1515401745 Srinivasan N Fake Profile
4 1515401703 Deva R Preserving the Privacy of Medical Big Data in a Healthcare Cloud using a Fog Computing Facility Dr. N. Balakrishnan
1515401731 Pradeesh M Healthcare and Attendance Management System in Academy
1515401704 Dhivya D Efficient and Secure Data on Medical Preservative
1515401709 Gayathri R Online Forums using Data Mining
5 1515401724 Manoj Kumar G M Supplychain Management using Blockchain Application Dr.S.Aruna
1515401738 Samuvel F Email Mailbox Alert System Via SMS
1515401708 Fathima Shabnam S Smart Village Creation
1515401741 Selvaprakash R Online Transaction Scam Revealing Techniques: A Review of Data Pulling Out Methods
6 1515401004 Kamalanathan S Secure Data Transmission using Steganography and Cryptography Techniques Dr.T.Lalitha
1515401756 Vino Ranjitha K Continuous Verification Bank Transaction Monitoring with Transparent System
1515401727 Mugunthan B Automated Monitoring and Maintaining Attendance Tracking System
1515401751 Vasanthakumar S A Hybrid Cloud Approach for Secure Authorized Deduplication
7 1515401002 Gowtham B E-Reckoning Transaction System Dr.M.Geetha
1515401733 Premkumar R Data Mining for Improved Customer Relationship Management (Smart Card)
1515401725 Meiyazhagan T Order Entry System
1515401736 Saapnaa M Online Transaction Scam Revealing Techniques: A Review of Data Puling Out Methods
8 1515401712 Gokulnath T Automated College Time Table Generator and Evaluation System Prof.A.Vanitha
1515401701 Aravind M Development and Evaluation of an Educational Purpose Virtual Student Laboratory
1515401728 Mukesh M Stream Analysis for Carrier Choice Aptitude Test
1515401744 Sivakumar P Evaluation Merits for E-Government System and Service
9 1515401008 Mohamed Nazar D Online Google Portal Services Prof.R.Shanthy
1515401718 Kasthuri M EB Services Apps
1515401739 Saranya C Online Voting based Aadhaar Card and Fingerprint
1515401758 Vishnu S Toll Plaza E-Payment Based on Web Application
10 1515401003 Induja A Fake Product Review Monitoring and Removal for Genuine Ratings Prof.J.Sujipriya
1515401747 Suganya D Video Surveillance System
1515401750 Susendran P Dynamic Pricing Scheme for Data Retrieval From Cloud Cache
1515401717 Kanagaraj G Digital Learning for Dyslexic Persons
11 1515401705 Dhivya S L Intelligent Data Mining of Social Media for Behavior Analysis "Prof.P.Arunkumar"
1515401710 Geetha C A Protocol for Preventing Inside Attacks in Untrusted Infrastructure as a Service Clouds
1515401715 Jana Priya S Emergency Alert System Using GPS
1515401719 Kavitha M Construction Data Management
1515401753 Vidya G Discover and Filtering of Spam Mails
12 1515401723 Manimegalai G Secure Sharing of PHP Based Personal Health Data in the Cloud Dr.T.R.Ramesh
1515401732 Pravena Rani T Dynamic Big Data Sensing and Processing in Cloud with Similarity Matching Algorithm
1515401734 Ralph Noel Bruno M Improving the Data on the Web Dependable
1515401748 Sujith S Acquaintance Allocation in Ontology Authoring
1515401755 Vigneshwari S Safety Management for Women Through Automatic GPS Location Tracker
13 1515401743 Sivaganesh M Secure Data Sharing and Searching at the Edge of Cloud Assisted Internet of Things Prof.A.Suhana Nafais
1515401752 Vasanthi M Face Recognition and OTP Based access in ATM
1515401754 Vigneshkumar M Secure Premium E-Learning Portal Using Data Mining
1515401713 Harish R Redolent Based Exploration using atomization
1515401726 Mohammed Asif M Digital Petition System
14 1515401711 Giridharan E Fingerprint Based Banking System "Prof.A.M.Prabhu Sekar"
1515401720 Keerthana K Hydrogen Activity Logs
1515401740 Sasikumaran M Time and Attribute Factors Combined Access Control on Time-Sensitive Data in Public Cloud (TAFC)
1515401706 Dhivya T Robust and Auditable Access Control in Cloud
1515401742 Sindhujaa P R N Accessible Tendering Methodology with Protection Unit
15 1515401001 Abinaya S Privacy Violation Detection For Social Network Prof. M. Thenmozhi
1515401721 Kiruthiga M Fake Rank Detection in Online Social Network
1515401735 Raman S Online Resource Scheduling under Concave Pricing for Cloud Computing
1515401729 Nandhan Karthik P Effective Key Management in Dynamic using Cloud
1515401746 Sudarshan S Android based Blood Bank Management System