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Master of Computer Applications (MCA) - Patents

Patent Published for the Year 2022-23:

S.No. Author(s) Title Published Reference No. Published Date
1 Dr. T. Padma Development of an Automated IOT Based Fish Tank Maintenance Assistive System 202341044741 01/09/2023
2 Dr.S.Aruna Blockchain Based Secured Voting System 202341044742 01/09/2023
3 Dr.J.Suji Priya Enhancing Aquaculture Yield Through Data Driven-Driven Fish Species Recommendation System 202341044740 01/09/2023

Patent Published for the Year 2021-22:

S. No. Name of the Faculty Academic Year Patent Title Application Number Date
1. Dr. N. Balakrishnan 2021-22 Screenless Display Technology 202241026386 Published on 20.05.2022
2. Dr. S. Aruna 2021-22 Guaranteeing Legitimate User and Storage Encryption of Image Data in Cloud 202241026379 Published on 13.05.2022
3. Mrs. A. Suhana Nafais 2021-22 Sentiment Analysis of Angrezee to English 202241026384 Published on 20.05.2022
4. Mrs. J. Sujipriya 2021-22 Deep learning based personality prediction by means of user behavioral discovery 202241030502 Published on 17.06.2022
5. Dr. A. Vanitha 2021-22 Image Crypto Locking System 202241030503 Published on 17.06.2022