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Civil Engineering - Student Chapter

Indian Concrete Institute (ICI)

Details of programmes organized under the ICI student chapter during the academic year 2017-2018

SI.No. Nature of Event Date Name of Resource person Topic
1 Guest lecture 28.08.17 Er.DS. PaneerSelvam, Structural Consultant & Arbitrator, Sri Vijai constructions, Salem Building Bye-Laws & Development Control regulations
2 Concrete day- Seminar 07.09.17 Dr.R.Malathy, Prof & Dean R& D, Civil Dept., SCT Biomimetics in Concrete
3 Guest lecture 07.09.17 Er.K.Kumaraguruparan, Building Valuer of state & central Governments Estimation & Valuation
4 ICI Photography event 14.09.17 Ms.V.Kalaivani, J.Senthil, Sonaversity, SCT Elevation of photography
5 Intradepartmental Technical symposium 19.09.17 Mr. S. Venkataramani
Director, Quansys Project Management Consultancy, Bangalore
CORE 17-“Think Beyond" - An intro to Project Management and Challenges.
6 Poster Presentation 20.09.17-
Dr.R.Malathy, Prof & Dean R& D, Civil Dept., SCT Construction Company Profile&
Innovations in Civil Engineering
7 ICI- Elevation in Rangoli Event 20.09.17 Dr.R.Malathy, Prof & Dean R& D, Civil Dept., SCT Elevation in Rangoli
8 Technical Exhibition(N) 30.01.18 Er. S. Ramalingam, AARVY Associates, Chartered Engineer & Valuer, Salem Project Expo ’18-how a Dream can change an individual’s life
9 National level Technical symposium (N) 31.01.18 Er. M. Kumar, Chief Engineer, TNPHC, Chennai CARVE ’18-how a Dream can change an individual’s life
10 National seminar (N) 27.02.18 Dr. Kingsley J. Ernest, L&T,
Er.L.R.Manjunatha, JSW,
Mr. MahabalaSharama, Proman Infrastructures
Alternatives for river sand (ASCON’18)’
11 National conference (N) 06.03.18 & 07.03.18 Dr.R.Senthil, Professor, Anna University,
Dr.D.Tensing, Director/Civil, Karunya University
Innovations in Concrete and Construction ICON’18

R.Pooja student of second year Civil Engineering for achieving “ISTE – Chapter Best Student Award for the year 2016” held on 4th March 2017at PSNA College of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul.

best student chapter award

Details of programmes organized under the ICI student chapter during the academic year 2016-2017

SI.No. Nature of Event Date Name of Resource person Topic
1 Technical Lecture 04.08.16 Mr.C.S.Dharanidharan
Head/Business Development & foreign relations, CS & Associates Pvt. Ltd.Salem.
Ultra strength concrete
2 Guest lecture 11.08.16 Er.K.Manoj Kumar
Senior Civil & Structural engineer, Meinhardt Structure pvt. Ltd, Singapore.
Career Guidance
3 Technical Lecture 17.08.16 Dr.L.S.Jayagopal
Managing Director, Mithran structures Pvt. Ltd.Coimbatore
Design of structures for lateral loads
4 Poster presentation 26.08.16 Dr.M.Usha,
Principal,Sona college of technology,
Innovation in Civil Engineering
5 National level Workshop (N) 09.09.16 Er.P.Suryaprakash
Managing Director, Satyavani Precast& Consultants Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad
Geotechnical Engineering & its Field Application
6 Workshop 28.09.16 Mr.K.Venkataraman,
Secretary & Treasurer of ICI, Chennai
Concrete mix proportioning
7 Workshop 15.10.16 Er. K.DineshNagarajan
Structural Engineer, TRC worldwide Engineering company, Bangalore.
Structural design concepts of precast building
8 Guest lecture 3.2.2017 Er. D.S. PanneerSelvam,
Proprietor of Sri Vijay Constructions, Salem
Approval of building plans
9 Guest lecture 11.02.17 Er.M.Ravikumar,
Assistant.General Manager, L&T IDPL, Chennai
Design of bridges - A practical approach
10 National level Technical symposium (N) 3.03.17 Mr.K.S.Ravichandran,
Marketing-Head,Teamage Builders PvtLtd.,Coimbatore
Carve’17- Precast Concrete Construction
11 Technical Exhibition (N) 3.03.17 Mr.K.S.Ravichandran,
Marketing-Head, Teamage Builders Pvt Ltd., Coimbatore
Project Expo’17- Precast Concrete Construction
12 Training 16.03.17
Tertiary technical service manager, UltraTech Cements, Salem
Pre-employment Technical Program
13 Conference (N) 6.04.17 & 7.04.17 Dr.S.Shanmugapriya,
Professor, Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore.
ICON’17 -Innovation in concrete & Formwork Engineering

Details of programme organized under the ICI student chapter during the academic year 2015-2016

SI. No. Nature of Event Date Name of Resource person Topic
1 Guest lecture 11.07.15 Mr. A. Manickavel,
Resident Engineer, GC – EMBYE, C/o. Chennai metro rail limited, Chennai
Guest Lecture on underground structures and execution techniques
2 Guest lecture 17.07.15 Mr. K. Shanmugam,
Technical sales Manager,
Enthu Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd, Coimbatore
Guest Lecture on internship in civil engineering
3 Seminar 09.08.15 Er. K. Jayasankar,
Assistant Vice President, Technical services, Ultra Tech Cements Ltd, Governing Council Member, ICI
Seminar “Build Beautiful”
4 Technical visit 12.08.15 & 13.08.15 Metro Rail Construction, Kochi & Construction of LULU complex, Kochi
5 National level Seminar (N) 21.08.15 Mr. P.P. Chandrasekaran,
Assistant Director (Lab), Advanced Environmental laboratory, TNPCB, Salem
Current trends in water quality management

Workshop 01.09.15 & 02.09.15 Er.K.Venkatraman,
DM, Marketing, Ultra Tech Cement ltd
Workshop on concrete mix proportioning
7 Celebration of concrete day and engineer’s day 15.09.15 Er. P. Williams Jai,
Executive Engineer, Construction, Southern Railway, Salem
Celebration of concrete day and engineer’s day
8 Guest lecture 30.09.15 Dr. M. Anbarasu,
Assistant professor, GCE, Salem
Guest Lecture on Design of Steel Structures
9 Intradepartmental Technical symposium 01.10.15 Dr.V.Jayaprakash
Principal,SonaCollege of Technology.,
CORE 15 -Advancement in materials
10 Guest lecture 09.10.15 Er. G. Murugapandiyan,
TRC worldwide Engineers Ltd, Mysore
Execution of Prefabricated structures
11 Guest lecture 03.02.16& 04.02.16 Er.K. Venkatraman, DM, Marketing, Ultra Tech Cement ltd Pre employment technical program
12 Guest Lecture 17.02.16 Ms. Rajmitha and Ms. Sujitha,
Sakura Geo Information Software Research Pvt Ltd, Chennai
Introduction of Remote Sensing and GIS application of Geospatial Technology in Civil Engineering


National level Workshop (N)

24.02.16 & 25.02.16

Mr. A. Raju
ARK Technosolutions and Association of Civil Engineers, IIT Madras.

Tall Buildings


Technical Exhibition (N)


Mr. K. Ramalingam,
District Educational Officer, Salem

Project Expo’16 - Role of Engineers in Smart City Development


National level Workshop (N)


Er. K.Venkatraman,
DM, Marketing, Ultra Tech Cement ltd&Er. L.H. Chandra sekar,
Engineering Manager, Trimble solutions, India

Precon ‘16- Precast Concrete Construction- Opportunities & Challenges


Technical visit

23.02.16 & 24.02.16

The India Cements Limited
(Sankari works)


National level Technical symposium
(competitions) (N)

23.03.16 & 24.03.16

The Ramco Cements ltd, Salem

CARVE ’16- Engineered concrete for sustainability &Industrial steel structure


National level Workshop (N)


Dr. N. Arunachalam,
(Professor and dean),
Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Satyamangalam
& Dr. R. Krishnasamy,
(AD), PWD – Highways, Trichy

ICON 2016- Innovations in Concrete and Construction, National Conference


Guest lecture


Er. N. Dinesh,
Structural Engineer, TRC worldwide Engineering company, Bangalore.

Structural Integrated Design concepts of Buildings at a Glance