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9001:2015 Certified | FIST Funded (DST) SIRO(DSIR)

Civil Engineering - Research

Research Centre: SONA COIN

S.No Research Title Name Area of Specialization
1 Self-compacting Concrete, High Performance Concrete Dr.S.R.R.Senthil Kumar Structural Engineering
2 Special Concrete materials, Composite Structures, Structural Health Monitoring,
Effect of Mineral Admixtures in High Performance Concrete, Self-Compacting
Concrete, Self-Curing Concrete, Paper Crete Bricks, Manufactures Sand in
Concrete, Ferro Cement
Dr.R.Malathy Structural Engineering
3 Corrosion in RCC Dr.K. Jegadeesan Structural Engineering
4 Water Resources Engineering Dr.S.Suresh Hydraulic Engineering
5 Solid waste Management in Construction Dr.P.Velumani Structural Engineering
6 Building and Construction Materials, Concrete Technology Dr.Jegadeeshwaran Structural Engineering
7 Steel Structures Dr.P.Manikandan Structural Engineering
8 Structural Health monitoring, Composite materials, Smart Materials, Interdisciplinary research areas, Green Building Dr.Gulshan Taj M.N.A Structural Engineering
9 Cold form steel Structures Dr.G. Aruna Structural Engineering
10 Soil Structure interaction Dr.A.R.Prakash Structural Engineering
11 Rainfall forecasting Dr. S. Suresh Time Series Analysis
12 Canal Network Model Dr. S. Suresh Hydraulic Engineering
13 Steel Structures Mr. A. Murugesan Structural Engineering
14 High Strength Concrete Mr. S. Thirumurugan Concrete Structures
15 Development of High Performance Concrete by using various admixtures Mr. M. Soundararajan Concrete Technology
17 Fibres in reinforced concrete bridges Mrs.A.Meenachi Structural engineering
18 Special concrete , structural health monitoring Mrs.S.Karthika Structural engineering
19 Special concrete (FRP) Mrs.N.savitha Concrete technology
20 A study on parameter influencing friction factor between soil and pile Mr.R.Saravnan Geo technical engineering
21 Study on strength, durability and structural properties of EOF steel slag as coarse aggregate in concrete retrofitter Mrs.M.Arivoli Structural engineering
22 Study on the behaviour of reinforced concrete beam using synthetic wraps Mrs.R.S.Gandhimathi Structural engineering
23 Structural health monitoring of Prestressed steel girder bridge using Ni lab view Ms.j.jenifar monica Structural engineering
24 Study on effect of magnetic field treated water on the performance of prestressed precast concrete beams Mr.N.Karuppasamy Structural engineering
25 Study on structural behaviour of geopolymer ferrocement panels using steel slag and fly ash Mrs.M.Poornima Structural engineering
26 Experimental investigation on properties of rice husk (RHA) based geopolymer concrete Mrs.A.Shalini Structural engineering