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Information Technology - Innovations in Teaching and Learning

The following innovative teaching methods are practiced to provide best learning experience to the students:

  • Learning Management System (Blackboard, Moodle)
  • Peer Teaching
  • Lecture Capturing System(LCS)
  • NPTEL - National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Sona Programming Club (SPROC)
  • Research assistantship



Lecture Capturing System(LCS)

Students in research and intership Projects

Vee Trace
Vee Trace
  • Live coding,
Live Coding
Live coding
  • Real-time problem solving,
  • Discussion forum in LCS,
  • Sharing of learning materials through LMS (Moodle and Blackboard),
  • Engaging students in classroom through quizzes
Engaging students
  • Peer teaching
  • And others like GD, demonstration, drill & practice are followed to improve the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Case study based approaches
  • Coding events through Programming clubs to improve the teaching learning process also elaborates the innovative practises.
  • Hiremee, an AI powered assessment and hiring platform for conducting Continuous Internal Evaluations and Semester End Examinations. 

Hire Mee Dash Board

hire me
hire me

Snapshot of Questions in CIE & SEE


Test Results

test result
test result

The following activities are adapted to actively engage students in the online platform:

  • The ICT tools such as,, are used to increase the inclusivity in the learning process.
  • Breakout rooms in Microsoft teams are used for discussions.
  • is used for giving quizzes every 15 minutes in every class.
  • Other topics are discussed to make them interactive and interested. 
  • Chatbox is used for question answering.
  • Instant online search is given as activity for removing the diversions and distractions.
  • To emulate physical classroom situation – switch on the video of the teacher taking the class. Teach them with hand gestures and facial expressions. Include small videos and embed at least 2 gaming-based quizzes.
  • Laboratory sessions and mini-projects involve hackathons where students are given training on solving tasks of different complexities.

To teach courses dealing with problems the following is adopted: interactive pads/boards are used; problems are worked out on white boards with video streaming enabled problems are worked out problems on paper with webcam focusing on it.

Innovative teaching Through Online platforms

Innovative Methods in Teaching and Learning
S.No Innovative Method Goal Preparation/Process Use of Appropriate Methods Significance of result Effective presentation Reflective critique
1. Learning Management System (Blackboard, Moodle) To enhance academic quality through online assessment, evaluation and learning. *Additional learning materials are identified for the students.
* Assignment questions are uploaded. The students submit their completed assignments which are subsequently graded.
*Quizzes containing questions from GATE question papers to assess their learning.
* Through objective questions, the students are assessed for every continuous evaluation examination and the marks are accounted for computing internal marks.
Quizzes, Projects, Assignments. It makes faculty members to share the resources with students at a faster pace and assess their learning outcomes. Blackboard LMS is publicly available in the below link
Moodle is publicly available in the below link
Positive review by the students as it helps to access the resources anytime, anywhere.
2. Peer Teaching To enhance the learning of the students through their classmates. * Self nominations are invited from students who want to act as a peer teacher.
* A committee consisting of head of the department and class counselors interview them and select students.
*They will be allotted class hours.
*Regular monitoring will be done by the respective faculty members and feedback is taken from the students.
Seminar, Classroom teaching. It helps their classmates to learn friendlier environment. Tough topics which the students need additional clarification are chosen by the peer teacher. Peer teaching will be monitored by the concerned faculty members. Periodic feedbacks are taken to ensure the effectiveness of the class delivery. Positive reviews by the students as their friends repeat the course topic.
3. Lecture Capturing System To reinsure that learning happens even at home.
To enhance the delivery of content by the teachers.
The LCS is installed in all classrooms. The lecture videos of all the courses conducted in the LCS enabled classrooms are stored in Video Server. After editing of video lectures by concerned faculty, videos are available to student. It helps the students to listen to the lectures due to on duty or leave. In the LCS portal, the views and average time spent by the students in each video is captured. They interact with the faculty through discussion forums. Feedbacks are also taken to ensure the efficacy of the system.
4. Anna EDUSAT To give the exposure of lecturer from the eminent Professors of Anna university. SONA has facility to receive live lectures from satellite and is attended by the students depending on the availability of courses and classes. Anna University, Chennai offers live lectures of eminent professor on various courses through a satellite link. It helps students to listen lectures from eminent Professors of Anna university. Through satellite link. Positive oral review by students.
5. NPTEL - National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning To give the exposure of course contents designed and delivered by Professors of IIT’s, IISC, IMI, ISI and other reputed institutes. IIT’s create course contents in engineering and science. SONA has local repository of NPTEL course content that are readily available to student. It helps students to listen courses from IIT Professors and get certified. The certification has significant effect during placements. The effectiveness is measured by NPTEL team in their portal. Students show interest in attending NPTEL courses.
6 Sona Programming Club (SPROC) To create a platform for students to discuss tips and solve programming problems. Core members of the club will come with puzzles, quizzes and latest technology trends. Forum, Powerpoint, Blogspot. Interaction of juniors and seniors through technology trends. Discussion among students on Wednesday evening of every week. Students show interest in attending the activities of SPROC.
7 Spoken Tutorial To broaden the programming skill and to enhance self learning capabilities. IIT Bombay prepared content of each course. The course is available through E-certificate will be provided based on the successful completion of the online test. Positive reviews by the students.
8 A-VIEW (Amrita Virtual Interactive E-Learning World)  To enable students/ teachers from various geographical locations to interact with a teacher in a highly immersive E-learning environment. SONA has facility to receive live lectures through A-View and is attended by the students/teachers depending on the availability of courses and classes. IIT Bombay offers live lectures of eminent professor on various courses through A-View It helps students/teachers to listen lectures from eminent professors of various universities. Through A-View link. Positive oral review by students.
9 Research assistantship To channelize the research potential of the students. Students with a bent for research are attached to researching faculties as assistants. Faculties will use them as assistants in their ongoing research projects Students will enhance their research work and publish papers and journals. Through publications in International conference, journals. Research students show interest in it.