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7th March, 2015

The “14th Annual Alumni Reunion” culminated on Saturday 7th March 2015.

The Reunion took place for all the Sonatan’s right from the first batch of 2000 to 2014. We are delighted to inform that this year’s reunion had the best turn out ever, with over 700 alumni and guests in attendance. There were alumni from abroad who came especially to celebrate the day.

The multifarious Student Club’s of SONA  welcoming all the alumni was the highlight of the day

The Alumni were welcomed with a welcome drink by the Alumni coordinators and the Alumni office Staff accompanied by the students who engaged the alumni through lot of fun activities at the Club exhibitions, alumni interview and photo shoot  these activities helped to build a  rapport between the alumni and students.

Sona FM organized by students played the alumni’s favorites and a collection of friendship songs as well that rekindled their memories. A Selfie spot was arranged in the garden of green building with lighting arrangements for the alumni to take back some selfie memories. Food Stall with various cuisines like Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lankan and Sudanese by Foreign National Students were exhibited and sold that was enjoyed by the Alumni.  After the various fun activities at the Club exhibitions, photo shoot, and alumni interview, the crowd gathered at the Amphi Theatre for cultural programs.
Our beloved Chairman Thiru.Valliappa ,Vice chairmen Thiru. Choko Valliappa and Thyogo Valliappa with his family, Mr.Gurudatt along with our Principal made their presence to grace the occasion. During the meet the management took the opportunity to make a call to our engineers to set up a business incubation centre at Sona. The first batch of Alumni(2001,2002,2003) were called onto the stage, they shared their memories of the college, ideas for their juniors, and other experiences that kindled the nostalgic feelings among the crowd.

The first ever inter-collegiate meet “SONATSAV2k15” was Introduced to the Alumni through student talk and the Pro-show video was played to the crowd. Our students elaborated their “TEAM TERASVIN PROJECT” to alumni for technological as well as financial guidance.

The cultural was a team effort of the alumni and the students, it started with light music by Alumnus- Mr.Balaji and team- EEE/2010 along with Sonaria, A classical dance performance by Alumnus- Mr.Praveen,FT/2013 and students, Ultra violet dance by Alumnus-Mr Arvind ECE/2011 and students , Veena played by Alumnus- Ms. Ramya,CIVIL/2013.

A flash mob dance was performed by the sonata team during the delicious dinner party at the Green building Garden.
Thus the “14th Alumni Reunion” has been a successful informal meet that brought together the alumni, students and the organization into the same platform.

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