NAAC-Accredited 'A' - Grade 2(f) & 12(B) status (UGC) |ISO
9001:2015 Certified | FIST Funded (DST) SIRO(DSIR)

Information Technology

Information Technology - Projects (PG)

1 1516210001 L.Alamu Devi Analyse Youtube Data Dr. J. Jeba Emilyn
2 1516210002 K.Loga Priyadarshini Resource Minimization Using Cloud -Based Optimization Workload System In Dynamic Network Dr. K. Thangaraj
3 1516210003 P.K.Shanmugha Priya Fitness Daily Mr. N. Selvanathan
4 1516210004 R.Sindhu Performance Analysis For Cloud Based Energy Consumption In Multipath Cluster Network Mr. M. Murali
5 1516210005 S.J.Surya Automatic Tuberculosis Detection Using Chest Radiograph Using Its Features Abnormality Analysis Mr. S. Lakshmanan
6 1515260001 M.Gomathi Social Media Community Using Optimized Clustering Algorithm Dr. P. Shanmugaraja
S. No Register Number Name Title Supervisor
1 1515210001 G.Abdulkalamazad Efficient algorithm using Birch Technique Dr.J.Jeba Emilyn
2 1515210002 S.Dhivyabharathi Predicating personality traits recommending travel sequential package using social media Dr.P.Ilanchezhian
3 1515210003 S.Divya Sink Relocation with Fuzzy Logic-Based clustering algorithm for a Network Lifetime enhancement Mr.K.Thangaraj
4 1515210004 G.Elavarasan Intrusion Detection in Industrial Control System by packet behavior based analysis Dr.Y.Suresh
5 1515210005 S.J.Preethi IOT based secure health care system using BSN Dr.J.Senthil Kumar
6 1515210006 K.Premalatha Security perseverance using wireless mesh network Dr.S.Vasanthi
7 1515210007 C.Rajakumari Mining Query Facets using Pattern Based classification Dr.V.Mohanraj
8 1515210008 S.Rathika Face sketch style synthesis with high frequency resolution using markov random field Mrs.M.Amutha
9 1515210009 A.Sanjana Sylvia Efficient content based image retrieval based on image features using genetic algorithm Dr.P.Iyyanar
10 1515210010 S.Subhashini Subscription Fraud Detection using Private Set Intersection Protocol Dr.P.Shanmugaraja
11 1515210011 V.Susmitha Geographic and Opportunistic routing for wireless sensor network Mr.K.Thangaraj
1 1414210001 Anitha S.P Anamoly spectrum usage detection for different dataflow in cognitive radio networks Dr.Y.Suresh
2 1414210002 Kalaiselvi T Hybrid algorithm for the classification of internet traffic Dr.J.Senthil Kumar
3 1414210003 Kanagaraj P Validating sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks using scoring algorithm Dr.S.Vasanthi
4 1414210005 Nandhini K Improving the security for in-vehicle CAN using hash algorithm in vehicular Adhoc networks Dr.V.Mohanraj
5 1414210006 Pavithrapriya B Maximizing the network lifetime by sink relocation in wireless sensor network Dr.J.Jeba Emilyn
6 1414210007 Pradeepa M Recommendation engine for online quest using keyword Dr.P.Ilanchezhian
7 1414210008 Prasannavenkatesan P Album creator using android application Mr.K.Thangaraj
8 1414210009 Priyadarshini R Improving the network lifetime of wireless sensor networks using modified firefly algorithm Mr. N. Selvanathan
9 1414210010 Shanmathi R Secure and efficient data gathering for mobile collector in wireless sensor network Mrs.M.Amutha
10 1414210011 Shanmugapriya B An efficient group sharing framework for dynamic groups in public cloud Dr.P.Iyyanar
11 1414210012 Sujethira A Selfish node detection in MANET using Watchdog Dr.P.Shanmugaraja
12 1414210013 Swathishree G K Improving multihop broadcast protocol for vehicular collision control using emergency warning messages in VANET Mr.K.Thangaraj
13 1414210014 Venkatachalam A Network based secured data transaction in datacenter Mr. P. Jayaprakash
1 G.Anand Privacy Enhancing in Daas web services Dr .V. Mohanraj
2 S.Deepan Chakaravarthi Video streaming using RTP protocol. Dr. J. Senthilkumar
3 K.V.Deepana Context-Aware Service Ranking in Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. Y. Suresh
4 S.Dhivya Internet Traffic Classification using Machine learning Algorithms Dr. P. Shanmugaraja
5 W.Fathima Joselyn Mystica Advancement of coke protocol using time lock puzzle technology Dr. S. Vasanthi
6 M.Gokila Vani Replication and Consistency Protocol Cloud Storage System Dr. P. Ilanchezhian
7 M.Janani Defending Against Flood Attack in Distruption Network Dr .J. Jeba Emilyn
8 G.Jayakumar Security Banking System using cloud Computing Dr. K. Thangaraj
9 N.Kanaguraj Decentralized Access Control with Anonymous Authentication of Data Stored in Clouds Dr. P. Iyyanar
10 R.Keerthana Community Detection and Identifying Leaders and Followers in Online Social Networks Mr. S. David Samuel Azariya
11 D.Parkavi Implementation of energy Efficient protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Mr. U.K. Balajisaravanan
12 R.Porkodi Proxy Mobile ipv6 Route Optimization Mr. P. Jayaprakash
13 A.Raja Ravi Sekar Robust Interactive Image Segmentation using Convex Active Contour Method Mr. C. Sureshkumar
14 M.Sivanesan Exploiting services similarity for privacy in location based search queries Mr. J.L. Aldostalin
15 R.Snega Localized Movement-Assisted Sensor Deployment for Hole Detection and Healing Ms. Lydia D. Isaac
16 A.Sowmya Ratna Online Glocal Transfer for Automatic
Figure-Ground Segmentation
Mr. M. Murali
17 A.Sumathi Optimal forwarding in delay tolerant network with multiple destinations. Ms. J. Deepika
18 K.Venkateswari Retrieval of user specific images using semantic signatures Mr. K. Karthick
1 Aravinth.K Crowdsourcing With Smart phones for Identifying the Geographical Information U.K. Balaji Saravanan
2 Brindha.D Preventing Selective Jamming Node Attacks in Wireless Network Dr.J.Senthilkumar
3 Divya Gowri.C Rating Prediction based on Social Sentiment from Textual Reviews Prof.V.Mohanraj
4 Janani.I Mitigating threats in IPV6 using tunneling technology Prof.S.Shanmugaraja
5 Karthick.C Improving the Performance for Live P2P Multicast Video Sharing Mr. P.Iyyanar
6 Naveen.A Service Rating Prediction by Exploring Social Mobile Users Geographical Locations. Prof. Y. Suresh
7 Parameswari.M Effective way of monitoring the SLA violation in Cloud using SLA Manager Dr.S. Sakthivel
8 Poornima.S 3D visualization of Gene Biclusters Prof.J. JebaEmilyn
9 Rajalakshmi.K Knowledge Analytics of Text from social Media Dr.J. Akilandeswari
10 Rajeswari.S Ann Efficient Approach For Information Retrieval And Identifying User Web Browsing Prof.V.Mohanraj
11 Santhosh.A Tracing the adversaries using packet marking and packet logging technique Dr.J.Senthilkumar
12 Sathiya Sri.R Disambiguation of Keywords in Microposts Dr.J.Akilandeswari
13 Sree Visakh.A QoS Based Resource Allocation in Data Center on intercloud Prof.G.Prakash
14 Suganthi.K Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network Mr.K.Thangaraj
15 Suresh.S Improving Graphical Password Scheme Using Public Key Cryptography Prof.G.Prakash
16 Sushanth.C Multi OBS: Framework for Cloud Brokerage services Dr.J.Akilandeswari
17 Tamilselvan.S Effective Range- Free Localization Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Dr.M.Chitra
18 Vinoth.M FiDoop-DP: Data Partitioning in Frequent Itemset Mining on Hadoop Clusters Prof.P.Shanmugaraja