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9001:2015 Certified | FIST Funded (DST) SIRO(DSIR)

Civil Engineering (PG) - Projects

M.E - Structural Engineering

S.No Reg.No. Student Name Guide Name Title of the Project
1 61781921209001 AJAY KUMAR R Experimental & Analytical Study of Pull out Resistance of DNA Shaped Fibre in Concrete A.Meenachi
2 61781921209002 ANANDHI A BIM Based VR Application For Buildings. Dr Gulshan Taj M.N.A
3 61781921209003 ARAVINTH M Experimental Investigation on Seismic Behaviour of DNA Shape Fibre Reinforced Bridge Pier A.Meenachi
4 61781921209004 GOWTHAM C Structural Properties of Papercrete Interlocking Wall Panel Dr. D. Jegatheeswaran
5 61781921209005 KAMALESHWAR S Properties of Carbonated Recycled Aggregate Mortar with Polypropylene Fibres. Dr. S. Jegan
6 61781921209006 KARTHIKEYAN S Influence of Synthesized Nano-Silica on the performance of M20 grade of Concrete Dr. N. Karuppusamy
7 61781921209007 KAVIYA S Experimental Investigation on Fibre Reinforced Geo polymer Concrete using GGBS, Silica fume and Rice Husk Ash Dr. B. Prabu
8 61781921209008 MEIPRAKASH R Experimental Investigation on Fresh and Hardened Properties of DNA Shaped Fibre Reinforced Concrete. A.Meenachi
9 61781921209009 MUGUNDHA KRISHNA S Effects of adding Nano silica and Nano Alumina on Properties of Fresh and Hardened Concrete. S. Saranya
10 61781921209010 NIRMAL RAJ S Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Axial Strength of Back to Back Built-up Cold Form Steel Angle Column with Intermediate and Edge Stiffener Dr. M. Kasiviswanathan
11 61781921209011 PAVITHRA S Investigation on Axial Strength of Cold Formed Steel Angle Column with Intermediate Stiffeners and Edge Stiffeners. Dr. M. Kasiviswanathan
12 61781921209012 PAVITRA K Application of Machine Learning Algorithm for Reinforcement Details in Structural Members. Dr Gulshan Taj M.N.A
13 61781921209014 RAJ ADITYA S Experimental Investigation on study of Mechanical and Structural Properties of Geo polymer Concrete made with Recycles Coarse Aggregates. S. Saranya
14 61781921209015 ROHIN S Structural Health Monitoring of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beam Dr. R. Malathy
15 61781921209016 SAKTHIVELLAN B Study on Effect of Dracaena Trifasciata as Green Corrosion Inhibitors Cement Concrete Dr. R. Malathy
16 61781921209017 SANJAY KUMAR S Buckling Behaviour of Internally Stiffened Multicellular GFRP Deck Dr. M. Kasiviswanathan
17 61781921209018 SUSHMITHAA P Comparative Analysis of Phyllanthus Amarus and Carcia Papaya Extracts as Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in 1M HCL in Reinforced Concrete. Dr. B. Prabu
18 61781921209019 TENUARVINTH M Feasibility Studies on Over-burden Soil from NLC for Brick Manufacturing and Development of Building Blocks Dr. D. Jegatheeswaran
19 61781921209020 VEDHAVIYA S Soil Structure Interaction of Floating Foundation (Raft Foundation) on Improves Ground by Compacted Boulders K. Prakash
20 61781921209021 VENKATESH R Study on Flexural Behaviour of RC Beam Fabricated with Graphene oxide Based Cement Composites S. Kalaiselvi
Sl. No. Register No. Name of the Student Title of the Project Guided by
1 1920209001 R. Aravind kumar Experimental and Analytical Investigation on Precast Posttensioned Segmental Bridge Column A.Meenachi
2 1920209002 N. Gokulram Buckling Behaviour of Cold Formed Steel Angle Column with Bracket Plates Dr. M. Kasiviswanathan
3 1920209003 N. Jeeva Influence of Nanomaterials on concrete with ceramic waste Dr. D. Jegatheeswaran
4 1920209004 Kamalee K. A Buckling Behaviour of cold-formed Steel Angle Column with edge stiffness Dr. M. Kasiviswanathan
5 1920209005 K. Shitiz Poudel Experimental Studies on Artificial Aggregates Prepared with Terminalia Chebula M. Adhiyaman
6 1920209006 Madhu Sudan Sah Analysis of Telecom Tower with Different Bracing System A.Meenachi
7 1920209007 S. Manikandan Development of Modified Hollow Blocks Using Phase Change Materials for Energy Efficiency Building. Dr. R. Malathy
8 1920209008 S. Manisankar Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Construction Site Progress and Crack Monitoring- Case Study at Salem District Dr. Gulshan Taj M N A
9 1920209009 Naresh Kumar. A Study on Effect of Sonication on Graphene oxide Reinforced Cement Composite. S. Kalaiselvi
10 1920209010 Santhakumar L Feasibility study on Detection of Strength Corrosion of Steel Bar by Using Electrical Resistivity and Colour Sensor P. Ashok Kumar
11 1920209011 Saran. D. B Buckling Behaviour of Eccentrically Loaded Cold-Formed Steel Angle Columns. Dr. M. Kasiviswanathan
12 1920209012 Surya K Study on Mechanical Properties of Ternary Blended Cement Composites. S. Kalaiselvi
13 1920209013 Swedha P Effect of nanomaterials on the Microstructural and Strength Behaviour of Cement Mortar S. Saranya
14 1920209014 Thanveer Ahmed Khan. T Experimental and Analytical Study on Steel Fibre Reinforced Bridge Column. A.Meenachi
15 1920209015 Vigneshwaran P Corrosion Inhibitory Performance of Ligularia Fischeri and Cryptostegia Grandiflora. Dr. B. Prabu
Sl. No. Register No. Name of the Student Title of the Project Guided by
1 1919209001 ANILKUMAR G Development of lowcost biomineralized bricks M ARIVOLI
2 1919209002 CHANDRU K Comparitive study on the performance of concrete with Nano Silica Vs Nano Alumina Dr.R.MALATHY
3 1919209003 DEVA DHARSHINI M Experimental study on flexural bahaviour of beam with steel and banana fibre with partial replacement of copper slag R. RENUKA
4 1919209004 DIVYA BHARATHI R Experimental study on green corrosion inhibitors on mild steel embedded in concrete Dr.R.MALATHY
5 1919209005 ENIYAN E Experimental investigation of cold formed steel cellular castalatted beam Dr.M N A GULSAN TAJ
6 1919209006 ESWARI R Structural health monitoring of carbon fibre reinforced concretebeam A.DIVYA
7 1919209007 GAYATHRI S experimental investigation buckling behaviour of transmission tower using cold formed and hot rolled steel S.SARANYA
8 1919209008 KALYAN GHIMIRE Analytical study on shear capacity RC bridge pier MEENACHI
9 1919209009 KOTHAI A S Study on structural behaviour of concrete using prosopis julifdora ash as replacement of cement A.DIVYA
10 1919209010 MADAN RAJ OJHA Evaluation of shear capacity of RC Bridge piers with reinforcement and steel fibres MEENACHI
11 1919209011 SARAVANAN R Effect of graphine oxide in binary blended cement composites MEENACHI
12 1919209012 SAVITHA SREE S Performance study on steel fibre high strength concrete in elevated temperature Dr.D.JEGATHEESWARAN
13 1919209013 TAMILARASAN K Experimental study on steel fibre reinforced RHA based geopolymer concrete B.PRABU
S.No Register No. Name of the student Title of the project Guide
1 1518209001 ARANGARAAJAN V S Eco friendly low cost bio bricks Prof. M.Arivoli
2 1518209002 BHARATHKUMAR S Experimental study on Structural Health Monitoring of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beam Prof. J.Jenifer monika
3 1518209003 DHARANIDEVI G P Experimental study on behaviour of cold formed steel buildup circular column "Prof. R.Renuka,"
4 1518209004 DHEEPAN V Experimental study on the strength of reinforced concrete filled aluminium tubular (RCFAT) column Prof. M.Thirumurugan
5 1518209005 EMAIYAA K Experimental investigation on strength properties of pervious concrete using steel slag Prf. Shalini
6 1518209006 HARINI B Mechanical properties of roller compacted concrete using iron slag Prof.B.Prabu
7 1518209007 HASHNI S Experimental study on the behaviour of composite beam with headed and channel connectors Prof. A.Divya
8 1518209008 ISWARYA V B Study on green building parameters: Comparison analysis between conventional and green building Dr A.Gulshan Taj
9 1518209009 IYYAPPAN R An Experimental study on Determination of Compressive Strength of Concrete by Using Sensors and IoT Technique Prof. P.Ashokkumar
10 1518209011 LAKSHMI PRIYA C Strength and corrosion study on Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Column in salt water environment Prof. N.Savitha
11 1518209012 MABOOB S A Experimental study on behaviour of cold-formed steel castellated beam with diamond castellation Prof.S.Prabhakaran
12 1518209013 MANU P MURALI Experimental study of bridge pier cross-section with fibre under seismic loading Prof. A.Meenachi
13 1518209014 NARMATHA V Experimental study on self-healing characteristics of bacterial concrete Dr.D.Jegatheeswaran
14 1518209015 PREETHI C Experimental study on helix fibre in RC column under lateral loading Prof. A.Meenachi
15 1518209016 PREMKUMAR A "Stiffening Evaluation of Cold-Formed Steel Angle Section with V-Shape Web Stiffener under Compression" Dr.P.Manikandan
16 1518209017 PROJWOL ACHARYA Experimental study on the tensile structures (spider web concept) Dr K.Jegadeesan
17 1518209018 RAGAV S Experimental study on Pozzo-Lime concrete and mortar with Silica fume and Rice husk ash. Dr.R.Malathy
18 1518209019 RAKESH MISHRA Strength prediction of concrete with different pozzolanic materials by fuzzy logic Prof. M.Arivoli
19 1518209020 SUMIT SHAH Comparative study on truss element made of cold formed Vs hot rolled steel Prof. S.Saranya
20 1518209021 SUNDHARAEASHWAR S V Stiffening Evaluation of cold-formed steel vertical lipped angle section under compression "Dr.P.Manikandan & Dr. K.Jegadeesan"
21 1518209022 VENKATESH PRAVIN KUMAR Experimental and Numerical investigation of cold formed folded flange section with and without corrugated profile Dr.A.Murugesan
S.No Register No. Name of the student Title of the project Guide
1 1517209001 Arthy.C Characterisation of in-plane backbone responses of cold formed flexural member under monotonic and cyclic loading Dr.G.Aruna
2 1517209002 Bharathi.S Behaviour of RCC Column using external steel confinement. S. Kalaiselvi
3 1517209003 Chidhambaram.K Experimental study of concrete filled double circular steel tube column A.Divya
4 1517209004 Devaki.K Experimental study on Mechanical properties of crimped steel fibre reinforced concrete. S. Thirumurugan
5 1517209005 Divyabharathi.K Experimental study on lateral – torsional buckling of castellated beam and enhancement of its shear strength Dr.K.Jagadeesan
6 1517209006 Divya.M Study on Mechanical properties of steel fibre reinforced concrete and steel fibre reinforced mortar S. Saranya
7 1517209007 Henry Richard.J Structural health Monitoring of Glass fibre reinforced concrete beam. J.Jenifer Monica
8 1517209008 Karthick Raj.T An Experimental study on health monitoring of concrete by using smart material P.Ashok kumar
9 1517209009 Kase Vishwanathan.S.B Experimental study on behaviour of cold formed steel castellated beam S.Prabhakaran
10 1517209010 Mahalakhmi.S Investigation of damaged level and study on load deflection characteristic of RCC Beam using smart sensors S.Karthika
11 1517209011 Mohan Raj.V Experimental study on performance of sand coated GFRP Bars in marine Environment N.Savitha
12 1517209012 Monisha.M Development of energy harvesting Tiles from plastic wastes: A step towards sustainability. P. Samuel
13 1517209013 Mounica.M Strengthening and retrofitting of RCC beam using metal wire mesh. S. Saranya
14 1517209014 Nandakumar.D Development of Low Cost Bio-Mineralised Steel Slag Bricks M. Arivoli
15 1517209015 Nirmal.K.N Utilization of glass powder and flyash in concrete paver block Dr.P.Velumani
16 1517209016 Priyadharshini.K Experimental study on the effect of steel fibres in concrete short column A.Meenachi
17 1517209017 Priyanka.A Cold formed steel built-up compression member with inward web and flange stiffeners Dr.G.Aruna
18 1517209018 Rajan Pandey Study on Feasibility on Concrete Cloth. Dr. D. Jegatheeswaran
19 1517209019 Ramachandran.A Behaviour of triangular hollow flange cold formed steel beam Dr.A.Murugesan
20 1517209020 Sathishkumar.T Sustainability and cost effective monitoring system for bridges in rural areas for Increase life time performance. Dr. Gulshan Taj M.N.A
21 1517209021 Suganthi.B Multipurpose Geo-polymer Ferro-cement panel using fly ash and steel slag. Dr. R. Malathy
22 1517209022 Tamilrasan.M Numerical and Theoretical study of cold-formed steel lipped channel column with sigma shape outward web stiffener. Dr.P. Manikandan
23 1517209023 Umesh Raut Flexural Behaviour of reinforced Geo- polymer concrete beams with basalt fibre. A.Shalini
24 1517209024 Vinitha.U Effective utilization of various sources of water after magnetization for mixing in concrete Dr.R.Malathy

M.E - Construction Engineering & Management

S.No Reg.No Student Name Title of the Project Guide Name
1. 61781921211002 Aravind V Feasibility Study on Behaviour of R.C. Beams using Nano Silica as a partial replacement to cement Prof.S. Kalaiselvi
2. 61781921211003 Arvind T An experimental investigation of bi-blended geopolymer mortar under ambient cured temperature Dr. M. Logesh Kumar
3. 61781921211004 Barath kannaa S Implementation of lean management at construction Site in coimbatore Prof. M. Adhiyaman
4. 61781921211008 Gokulavendhan H IOT application on construction Inventory using Just in time (JIT) concept Dr. M. Logesh Kumar
5. 61781921211010 Kavichelvan S utilization of resource management in construction sites using drones Dr. M. N.A Gulshan Taj
6. 61781921211011 Kavithanjali V Citizen s' perception on smart city projects in Salem: case study Prof. A Meenachi
7. 61781921211012 Mohamed Asraf .A Feasibility study on mechanical properties of nano and graphene oxide blended cement composites Prof.S. Kalaiselvi
8. 61781921211013 Nithyanandam A. P. Experimental approach for prognosis of steel strength and rate of corrosion by Color sensor Prof.P Ashok kumar
9. 61781921211015 Sharan Krish S S Implementation of safety and hazard management in residential construction Project Prof. M. Adhiyaman
10. 61781921211016 Srinivasan R Durability performance of metakaolin Redmud geopolymer mortar under Various exposure conditions Dr. M. Logesh Kumar
11. 61781921211018 Umashankar N Durability Study on Concrete With Partial Replacement Of Seashell As Fine Aggregate Prof. A Meenachi
12. 61781921211019 Yogess Kumar P.A Development of agriculture brick for green Practice in building Prof. M. Adhiyaman
S.No Reg.No Student Name Title of the Project Guide Name
1. 1920211001 BalaSathya Narayanan K To probe the reasons for problem in sustainability and growth faced by major Indian construction Companies Dr. M. Logesh Kumar
2. 1920211002 Egwakhide Campbell Enakhumhe Experimental studies on Hook ended steel fiber as a special material to improve concrete Performance Dr. M. Logesh Kumar
3. 1920211003 Ethiraj S Project Management Control in construction Industry Prof. M. Adhiyaman
4. 1920211004 Harshini S Influence of waste water treatment plant to the nearby construction activity Prof.G k Monica Nandhini
5. 1920211005 KaadappaSaravanaa A PL A Study on Oceanic Pollution and Sea Wastes Prof. M. Adhiyaman
6. 1920211006 Kirubakaran S Covid-19 health impacts and safety in consruction industry in india Dr.R.Malathy
7. 1920211007 Manjula R Experimental studies on concrete using bottom ash as a partial replacement of fine replacement Prof. M. Adhiyaman
8. 1920211008 Manoj Kumar G Architectural principals in Civil Engineering Designing's: An exploratory Study Prof. M. Adhiyaman
9. 1920211009 Nirmal L M Construction Waste Management trends in Tamil Nadu: An exploratory study Dr. M. Logesh Kumar
10. 1920211010 Nivedhitha V Implementation of Lean Management in Construction Industry Dr. M. Logesh Kumar
11. 1920211011 Ragupathi A Investigating massively important aspects for Cost Management in the Construction Industry Dr. M. N.A Gulshan Taj
12. 1920211012 Ramdhakshana M Analysis of Cost Overruns in Construction Projects Dr. M soundararajan
13. 1920211013 Sathana V Management of Resource Optimization in Construction Industry Dr.M soundararajan
14. 1920211014 Shamili P Natural and Synthetic Fibres as Shear Reinforcement in Flexural Members Dr.M soundararajan
15. 1920211015 Soundharya G S Delay analysis in Construction Project using MS Project and SPSS Dr.M soundararajan
S.No Reg.No Student Name Title of the Project Guide Name
1 1919211002 Aravinth S Feasibility study of metro rail project in Coimbatore city Dr. M. Logesh Kumar
2 1919211003 Kalaivani K Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Various Pozzolanic Materials in Geopolymer Concrete Dr. M. Logesh Kumar
3 1919211004 Kamali Sangavi S Impact Of cost control techniques on construction project delivery Prof. M. Adhiyaman
4 1919211005 Keerthana V An experimental study on partial replacement of fine aggregate using Agro waste Dr. D. Jegatheeswaran
5 1919211006 Kishor Kumar R Comparative Analysis Of The Application Of Critical Chain Path Method and Critical Path Method on a Construction Project Prof.R. Renuka
6 1919211007 Merlyn Joy E Experimental research on glass fibre reinforced concrete with fine aggregate partially replacing steel Dr. M. Soundarajan
7 1919211008 Perarasi B L Building Information Modelling In Project Planning And Management Prof. S. Prisil Nidhu
8 1919211009 Prabakaran V Experimental study on Geopolymer light weight concrete using expanded clay aggregate Prof. P. Ashok Kumar
9 1919211010 Tamizhazhagan T Experimental investigation of the mechanical properties of concrete by partial replacement of Prosopis ash Prof. A. Divya
10 1919211011 Unde Barindra Somanath An Experimental Study On Engineering Procurement And Construction Contract As BOT Model For WTP Prof. M. Adhiyaman
S.No Reg.No Student Name Title of the Project Guide Name
1. 1518211001 ANANDRAJ A R Study On Supply Chain Management Practises In Construction Prof. J.Jenifer monika
2. 1518211002 ARUN A Experimental Study Of Flexural Behaviour Of Stainless Steel And Mild Steel Concrete Beam In Adverse Environment Prof. N.Savitha
3. 1518211003 DINESHKUMAR S Feasibility Study On Partial Replacement Of Fine Aggregate By Ecosand In Concrete Dr.P.Manikandan
4. 1518211004 DURGA S A Case Study On Cost Estimation Of An Educational Building (B+G+4) Prof. M.Adhiyaman
5. 1518211005 GAVIYAA MA Comparison Of The Effects Of Single And Multicriteria Model On Inventory Management Dr. M. Logesh Kumar
6. 1518211006 HEMA PRIYA V Experimental Study On Blended Concrete In R.C.C Beam And Its Behaviour Dr K.Jegadeesan
7. 1518211007 KARTHICK REDDY P Investigation And Utilization Of Construction And Demolition Waste Into Low-Cost Construction Materials Dr.D.Jegatheeswaran
8. 1518211008 KISHORE KUMAAR P V Proposed Official Building Complex For Jolarpettai Junction Southern Railway Prof. S.Saranya
9. 1518211009 MORISH KUMAR K Lean Management In Construction Industry Dr. M. Logesh Kumar
10. 1518211010 NARENDRA PRASAD GUPTA A Study Of Factors Affecting Resources Productivity In Construction Industry Of Kathmandu, Nepal Prof. N.Savitha
11. 1518211011 SAKTHIVEL S Utilization Of Natural Fibers For Manufacturing Of Concrete Blocks Dr. M.N.A. Gulshan Taj
12. 1518211012 SANTHIYA G Visualization Technology Aided For Construction Safety Management Dr K.Jegadeesan
13. 1518211013 SATHISH P Experimental Study On Blended Concrete In Rcc Column And Its Behaviour Dr.P.Manikandan
14. 1518211014 SIVALINGAM S Up-Gradation Of Unreinforced Masonry Infill Square Reinforced Concrete Frame Of Ferrocement Cover With External Prestressing To Cater Seismic Forces Prof. M. Soundararajan
15. 1518211015 SOUDHRI K Experimental Study On Low Cost Ferrocement Panels By Using Fly Ash Prof. M. Prabaharan
16. 1518211016 SRIPAVITHRA G Experimental Study On Various Treatment Methods Of Recycled Aggregate Concrete In Concrete Dr. R. Malathy
17. 1518211017 SUBASHREE R Experimental Adoption Of Electronic Procurement System In Private Construction Companies Dr.A.Murugesan
18. 1518211018 SUBA SURIYA BALAJI M Sewage Water Treatment Using Different Ashes From Natural Resourecs – A Case Study Prof. Thirumurugan
19. 1518211019 SUBATHRA V Investigation On Beam Column Joints By Sifcon To Resist Earthquake Forces Dr. M. Logesh Kumar
20. 1518211020 SUGUNA V Experimental Study On Resource Allocation Of Educational Building (G+4) Prof. M.Adhiyaman
21. 1518211021 SURESH M S Study On Various Types Of Special Concrete For Different Types Of Building Construction Prof. A. Meenachi
22. 1518211022 THANGAVEL K Mitigation Of Construction Constraints By Enforcing Bim &Scheduling Using Oracle Primavera Prof. M. Soundararajan
23. 1518211023 THARANI K S An Ergonomic Approach For Construction Activities Prof. Thirumurugan
S.No Reg.No Student Name Title of the Project Guide Name
1. 1517211001 ALEX SINGH THAGUNNA Application of Six- Sigma Concept to optimize the Time and Quality of Construction Projects in Nepal. Dr. D.Jegatheeswaran
2. 1517211002 ARUN J Safety Assessment In Construction Projects Prof. M.Soundararajan
3. 1517211003 ASHOKKUMAR V Study On Causes For Delay And Cost Over-Run In Construction at Salem and Dharmapuri District. Prof. S.Priscil Nidhu
4. 1517211004 DHEEBA B S Experimental Study On Cellular Lightweight Concrete Using Flyash Dr A.Murugesan
5. 1517211005 GOKULNATH C Development Of Terracing Tiles Using Textile Sludge Waste Dr.P.Velumani
6. 1517211006 GOWTHAM M Study on Impact of Project Management Triangle in a Construction Project. Prof. M.Soundararajan
7. 1517211007 GOWTHAM V Infrastructure Rehabilitation And Renewal With Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Prof. R.S Surendar
8. 1517211008 HARIHARAN M Experimental Study On Rehabilitation Of Road Construction Using Eco-Friently Fibres Prof. R.S.Gandhimathi
9. 1517211009 JAI SURRYA S Analysis of Construction Flyover to Minimize Traffic At Salem Junction Prof. S.Priscil Nidhu
10. 1517211010 JAYA HARI V Study on Solar Powered Infrastructure Over Mountain Prof. M.Deepika
11. 1517211011 KARTHIKEYAN S Analysis Of Construction Delays With Respect To Bim Technology In Construction Industries Prof. R.S Surendar
12. 1517211012 KIRTHIKAJANANI R Value Engineering for Reduction in Cost Construction and Productivity Improvement for a Construction Project Prof. P.Priyadharshini
13. 1517211013 KUMARESAN J Development of Strain Measuring Instrument for Health Monitoring of Structural Members Dr. K.Jagadeesan
14. 1517211014 MADHAN KUMAR P Study and Analysis of Risk Management Strategies in Construction Projects in Various Cities in Tamilnadu. Prof. M.Soundararajan
15. 1517211015 MUGUNTHAN B Studies on Investigation of Risk Assessment for Bridge Maintenance Prof. A.Adhiyaman
16. 1517211016 NAVIN PRASAD S A comparitive study on quantity and estimation of six storey educational building by using 5D BIM Prof. A.Adhiyaman
17. 1517211017 PRADEEP S Experimental Studies on Artificial Aggregate Using Natural Admixture Prof. A.Adhiyaman
18. 1517211018 RAMAKRISHNAN G A Case Study on Resourse Management For Six Storey Educational Building Prof. A.Adhiyaman
19. 1517211019 SABADHINI K R Comparative Analysis of the Application Of Critical Chain Path Method (Ccpm) and Critical Path Method(Cpm) on a Construction Project Prof. P.Priyadharshini
20. 1517211020 SINGARAM A Investigation of Causes of Accident In Construction Industry Prof. S.Priscil Nidhu
21. 1517211021 SUDESH K C Effective Utilization Of Resources for The Successful Completion of a Project Dr M.N.A Gulshan Taj