PRO Engineer
Pro/ENGINEER is a computer graphics system for modeling various mechanical designs and for performing related design and manufacturing operations. The system uses a 3D solid modeling system as the core, and applies the feature-based, parametric modeling method.
Duration : 90 hrs Pro Engineer
Eligibility : M.E., / B.E., -Mechanical, Production, Design, Manufacturing, Diploma- Mechanical, Production.
Course Fee : Rs.3,000 /-
Module Covered :
I. a) Introduction : 5
  • Modulus, Features (Powerful Tools, Parametric, Feature based Approach, Parent-child Relationship), Associative and Model Centric
  • Information about Interface, Tools, Menu, etc.,
II. Sketcher : 10
  • Getting Started, Interface, sketch tools information, Indent Manager, Sketcher preferences, References, Importing 2D Drawing.
III. Part Features : 30
  • Part mode, Datum planes, Setting units, Extrude, Revolve, Sweep features, Helical Sweep, Threads, Variable section sweep, Blends – parallel, rotational, general, Swept blend, Boundary blend.
IV. Creating Planes, Axes, Points, Csys, curves: 10
  • Datum Planes(Through, Normal, parallel, offset), Datum Axes (Normal, through), Datum Points (on a plane/face, offset, centre, on an edge, on a sketching plane, Field datum point), Co-ordinate system (2-references), Datum curves.
V. Pick and Place Features: 5
  • Draft, Hole, Rib, Rounds, Chamfer.
VI. Feature Operations: 10
  • Copying, Moving, Mirroring, Pattern, Delete, Suppress, Creating Local Groups, Re-ordering, Re-defining, Cosmetic features, Layers.
VII. Advanced Modeling Features: 15
  • Toroidal Blend, Spinal blend, Blend to features, Conic surfaces, N-sided surface, Surface free form, Solid free form, Pipe, Warp.
VIII. Smart Tools: 20
  • Simplified representation, X-section, Parameters, Relations, Family tables, UDF.
IX. Assembly Modelling: 15
  • Top-down assembly, Bottom-up assembly, Assembly Constraints, Re-defining Assembly constraints, copying, patterning, Exploded views. Appearance & Rendering.
X. Surface Modelling: 5
  • Extrude, Revolve, Sweep, Blend, Swept blend, Helical sweep. Editing : Copy, Mirror, Trim, Merge, Intersecting Curves, Offset surface, Thickness, Solidify.
XI. Detailed Drawing: 25
  • Drawing mode, Adding a Model, Set the model, Adding views (General, Projection, Detail, Auxiliary, Revolved), Sections, Exploded views,, Scale, View display, Dimensions (Reference, Ordinate), Notes, Ballons, Bill of Materials, Auto BOM, Tolerances, Geometric Tolerances.