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February 05, 2018 was not an ordinary day. It was a blend of part learning and part application of leadership and organizational skills that we have learnt over years, which lead to a fruitful visit to Build Intech, 2018 at Codissia Trade Complex, Coimbatore. It was organized by students of Civil Engineering, third year (section C), dived deeper for encouraging students to be a part of it and were able to unite more than 120 participants from both second and third year.

The event had a huge collection of innovative products and ideas of different companies, indeed an outcome of immense hard work and creativity which given. Each of the project presented over there were very unique from the others whether it be in terms of method or be its application. Being able to see those ovativeness and passion towards work, indeed taught the very of us to think out of the box in more distinguishing way. Nearly 250 companies displayed their unique product and profiles. Those creative products and most of all, the ideas, presented in the event were worth not less than millions for future engineers and future pioneers like us, students.

The participants and organizers were pleased and at the same time, excited to be a part, partly for a fresh journey and partly for what we had learnt at Codissia. Inferring to the feedback and rejoice we had got in participants; we do believe and wish them for very successful and prosperous future ahead.