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sona students developed apps for southern railway

Sona CSE students develop two mobile apps for Southern Railways

Six students belonging to the third year Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) branch of the Sona College of Technology have developed two apps for the Salem Division of the Southern Railways.

Sahayatha, an app for registering employees’ grievances and redressing them and Gruha Mithra, an app for registering complaints from those residing at railway staff quarters, were launched by Southern Railway General Manager John Thomas on February 3, 2021, at the Pugalur Railway Station near Trichy.

Currently, the Salem Railway Division has manual systems for registering employees’ grievances and complaints received from staff quarters.

Sahayatha enables the employee to upload details of his grievances online which is then picked up by the immediate superior. The superior then redirects the complaint to the appropriate official for redressal.
southern railway appssona students developed apps for southern railway
Besides saving time, the app helps keep track of the status of the employee’s grievance.

The officials can get department/category wise reports on grievances and their status.
Gruha Mithra helps residents lodge maintenance issue complaints like leaking pipes or electrical wiring issues. The complaint is picked up by officials at the supervisory level and then sent up for approval and then redirected to the concerned department for action. Gruha Mithra also has a feedback facility.

According to Dr. B Sathiyabhama, Head of the Department, CSE, the two apps were developed by the students as a consultancy project. Students are encouraged to take up real-time consultancy projects voluntarily so as to expose them to real-life challenges in designing, developing, and executing projects. This provides them an opportunity for practical application of knowledge, she said.

Chairman C. Valliappa, Principal S.R.R Senthil Kumar, Directors, Heads of Departments and faculty members of Sona College of Technology congratulated the students Senthil Sivaraman S, Shreinik Jain U, Ragul P, Muralikrishnan P, Abishek M, Prasanna N.R and the faculty team of the CSE Department comprising of Dr. B. Sathiyabhama, Dr. A.C.Kaladevi, Dr. S. Sakthivel, Dr. V.Nandini, Dr.R.C.Narayanan, Dr.A.Prithiviraj, Dr. K.C. Rajeswari and Dr.S.Anitha Elavarasi for their successful launch of the two mobile apps.

Sona signed an MoU with Nottingham Trent University, UK.

Academic Mobility and Research opportunities to be explored in the following areas:

  • NTU’s Advanced Textiles Research Group (Professor Tilak Dias) and SONAReach Research centre and Department of Fashion Technology
  • NTU’s Department of Architecture Design and Built Environment and SCT’s Department of Civil Engineering (Dr Amrit Sagoo, Head of Department, Construction Management and Quantity Surveying)

Student Mobility

  •  In the first instance, short-term student mobility opportunities to be explored through semester abroad and NTU’s Global Summer School. A progression agreement where SCT students receive Scholarships to pursue their Masters at NTU, once a curriculum mapping exercise is undertaken.

Joint / Collaborative Projects and Publications

Faculty visits for joint teaching

Internship at University of Texas, USA

An internship is an opportunity offered by an employer to the potential students, called interns, to work at an organization for a fixed, limited period of time. It is actually a magnificent opportunity to give the students’ career a head start. The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rung of opportunity. The internship provides a real flavor of the industry to them.

Interns can excavate on big ideas and explore an emerging technology. During the internship programme, they get to work with industry experts and apply their theoretical knowledge to real industry problems. Internships are the quality of projects coupled with great learning opportunities and amazing work culture.

The best part of the projects at internship is that it is completely live, tangible and directly related to real scenarios that the organization is facing. As a student, working on something so real is a big learning experience. That is a huge takeaway for an intern to obtain a better placement opportunity.


Department of Computer Science and Engineering is accentuating the Internship programme for the students. Students are provoked to utilize the time strategically and productively. They are also motivated to build skills in order to improve their candidacy. We are nurturing them in accordance to put forth their relentless efforts for the internship programmes.

Department of CSE offered an International Internship programme to Ms.S.R.Raghavi, the student of final year, at University of Texas at Dallas for one month.  In this way, Sona  enhances the educational experience of the students by preparing them for the global workforce,

@S.R.Raghavi wrote the glimpse of her experience

It is my privilege to share my experience at University of Texas at Dallas for 30 days in June 2016.   The said 4 week Programme was conducted as internship on BIG DATA AND MACHINE LEARNING.  After successfully passing through the screening process, the green signal came.  I thank the chairman and the Management for providing this great opportunity to me, as the sole representative of Sona College, Salem, and the first time in the history of our college. It is a giant leap for me.

I will be failing in my duty if I do not thank   Dr.M.Usha (Principal), Dr.B.Sathiyabhama (HOD), Mrs.  S. Lavanya, Class Counselor, Mr. Jayaprakash  (AP/IT) , and  the faculty members of our CSE  Dept, and  all others from the bottom of my heart for their  guidance ,support and encouragement. I thank my parents, friends and all the well wishers for making it come true.

I personally thank Mr. Jey Veersamy (Professor @UTD) for his care, support and all his fatherly affection.

As I was the only student from Sona to do the internship at a foreign university, I had to experience things on my own, right from this to all required arrangements @ USA DURING MY SEMESSTER EXAMINATIONS.



We were accommodated in DORM with 5-star facilities. Totally there were 10 students in all.

(Students from other universities- 7 boys and 2 girls). Initially we had friendly campus tours and healthy interaction with the faculties and in charge members. In the first week we were put up with the high school kids from USA and we together had visit to all the labs. We went to several labs including PHD where we even experienced virtual reality (game) and were allowed to program a robot to write in robotics lab. We also got to know the current trends and needs for the society in which they are working on. One of the most wanted need they work on is the detection of cancer cell in the early stage using RGB technology.

About my training, we were trained by two tutors and I also did a project on pharmaceutical analysis in the last week of internship

Almost every evening we set out to explore Dallas. Its culture, food and the dazzling city.

We had local tours and there are few important things to be mentioned

*Dallas downtown

We left on our own .Sir took us passes for the whole day. We travelled by train which gave us new views about the culture at its each stop. We also visited underground aquarium there in downtown.


University of Texas, Austin


* Corpus cristi

We visited warship (LEXINGTON) which was a warship turned museum. That was the most cherish able moment during the visit.


Palace in stone. Here the Spanish fought for Mexico. We also visited a place that resembles Venice

Most importantly, we visited NASA- space centre, Houston

I attended a seminar from APPLE and also had an industrial visit to SAMSUNG, which was so memorable and also gone through a product which is yet to release.


Sona is glad to see these PG graduates successful in their career!

Employers look at people with PG degrees as persons with a drive, with a thirst to learn. In general, career resilience takes higher studies as an important component in all the industries; more so in software industry.ShaliniSrinivasan56A PG degree in Sona will certainly spell out career success. Our students’ success stories include placement in reputed Multinational companies in the software industry that include Amazon, Oracle, Scope International, Tata Consultancy Services, and Cognizant Technologies.

RamshankarCareer change with research focus is leveraged and linked to a PG qualification in India and abroad alike. Further study is also essential for career advancement in academia. A PG degree not only widens your horizons but also adds value to your profile!


Our alumni had also gone for pursuing research (PhD) at various universities and institutions including IIT Bombay. Many of them have joined academia and teaching in universities too.

NishaWe wish them success in all their future endeavours!

Doing Post Graduation in Computer Science and Engineering/Software Engineering at Sona

13Doing post graduate (PG) studies in Computer Science and Engineering(CSE) or Software Engineering at Sona will be a rewarding experience. A carefully designed curriculum for CS and non-CS under-graduates helps the PG students to pursue the programme of their interest with enthusiasm. As an autonomous institution, Sona revises the curricula and syllabi periodically and there are members from the academia and industry in the Board of Studies whose advise help the institution in framing the syllabi to match the needs of the stakeholders.52

The ME CSE programme is accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA ). Another interesting piece of information is that Sona College of Technology admits GATE scholars and provides them with stipends which will lessen the financial burden considerably.
Career change with research focus is leveraged and linked to a PG qualification in India and abroad alike. Further study is also essential for career advancement in academia. A PG degree not only widens your horizons but also adds value to your profile! Our alumni had also gone for pursuing research (PhD) at various universities and institutions including IIT Bombay. Many of them have joined academia and teaching in universities in India and abroad.647

We are sure that you will appreciate the importance of doing post graduation at Sona!

Good luck!