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Application No Application Name Date of filing Title of Invention Publication Date
949/CHE/2004 Malathy R 21/09/2004 Elecronic Level using Sensor Granted Pat No-220419 28/05/2008
2968/CHE/2009 1. R.Malathy, 2. M.Geetha 02/12/2009 12:55:25 "Novel composition for Internal curing of concrete" using Calotropisgigantea 25/12/2009
1115/CHE/2009 1.R.Malathy, 2. M.Geetha 14/05/2009 14:13:28 "Novel composition for internal curing of concrete " using palak greens 26/02/2010
2340/CHE/2008 1.R.Malathy, 2.D.Jagadeeswaran 25/09/2008 Papercrete Building Blocks 25/09/2008
1162/CHE/2018 D.Jegadeeswaran Dr.R.Malathy 09/01/2018 Eco friendly curtain wall panels Filed and not yet Published
TEMP/E- 1/52220/2018- CHE Sona College of Technology 18/12/2018 A method of developing eco- friendly Multipurpose lowcost geopolymerFerrocement panels and product Filed and not yet Published
TEMP/E-1/37585/2019-CHE Sona College of Technology 04/09/2019 Eco friendly high performance paver blocks using magnetic water and granite dust Filed and not yet Published
TEMP/E-1/19552/2019-CHE Sona College of Technology 09/05/2019 Energy optimizing furnance (EOF) slag as an alternate material for constructing eco-friendly precast road seprators Filed and not yet Published
TEMP/E-1/19555/2019-CHE Sona College of Technology 09/05/2019 Effect of recycled plastic waste as partial replacement for fine aggregate in manufacturing paver block Filed and not yet Published