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PALS is an educational initiative by volunteers from Alumni Fraternity of various IIT’s, for the benefit of students of engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu. This initiative is supported by IIT Alumni Industry Interaction Centre (IITAIIC) and IIT Madras Alumni Charitable Trust (IITMACT)

innoWAH! Competition

‌innoWAH! is a unique competition with a theme relevant to the current times. This experience gives the students an understanding of engineering industry practices, including the rigors of documentation and compliance. It also develops students’ teamwork, communication skills, and leadership capabilities. innoWAH! recognizes promising young innovators and their institutions. The students benefited considerably from the multiple contact points with industry that the present format of PALS events provides.

Mentoring sessions by industry experts in various stages of the event were also found to be useful, where they got exposure to the practical application of engineering concepts. The industry persons involved in this exercise were also impressed with the enthusiasm of the students. The Covid-19 Pandemic has drastically changed our lives globally. We have to reimagine our lives to what we can call “safe, comfortable living”. Under such situations can we focus on a specific technology, engineering aspects on how can we use our imagination with engineering knowledge and talents to make significant contributions here – we see a lot of opportunities!


“The solution provided as a response to an identified context in the society will have an adequate social impact when it improves personal productivity,
environmental conditions and economics.”

The theme is the overarching topic. The categories are:

•        Water Management

•        Energy Management

•        Health Management

•        Education for all

•        Environment Conservation

•        Sustainability

No. of teams who will register with PALS from each college for innoWAH! For 21-22:  FIVE

More than 100 colleges in TN participated PALS innoWAH! under 6 sub-theme.

Sona College of technology won three prizes, namely Civil Engineering, Fashion Technology students won First Prize with the Cash of RS.11000 and Rs.10000/- for Innovative Idea Contest, and ECE Department Mediband has been considered for Incubation Worthy Category,

Prize Details

Department of Civil Engineering

  1. V. Aravinda Kumar, V.Kamala Kannan, and U.Dinesh Kumar from IV Year Civil Engineering Department Received a Cash Prize of Rs.11000/- for the Project of Replast Interlocking blocks and Pavers under the theme “Sustainability” 

Faculty Mentor – Dr.R.Malathy, Professor and Dean(R &D), HoD – Department of Civil Engineering.

Department of Fashion Technology

  1. A. Shiney Pearlin, S.S. Sowndarya, and M. Lokhitha from III Year Fashion Technology Department Received a Cash Prize of Rs.10000/- for the Project of Producing Cruelty-free – Vegan Leather under the theme “Environment and Sustainability”

Faculty Mentor – Dr.S.M.Udaya Krithika – AP/FT and Mr.K.Mani – AP/FT.

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

  1. G. Rithvikailas, C S Surya Narayanan, S.A. Rubiga, and R.Shurthika from II Year Electronics and Communication Engineering Department Mediband Team have been considered for the Incubation Worthy Category under the theme “Health Management” 

Faculty Mentor – Mr.R.Anand – AP/ECE.

College Level PALS innoWAH Coordinator

Dr.D.Raja – HoD/FT  
Mobile: 9789287085.