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Six to seven major world trends are shaping our lives, according to Mr.Kamal Bali, Managing Director, Volvo India

Delivering a speech at Sona College of Technology recently, Kamal Bali said during the 800 days of COVID-19 pandemic, humanity learned perseverance and resilience, adaptation and transformation, empathy and inclusiveness.  Elaborating on the major world trends, Mr.Kamal Bali said that long-term planning has to be abandoned for short-term plans as changes would be witnessed quite frequently.  Stating that it is an era of holistic sustainability, he said,” whatever you do must be economically viable and environmentally friendly.  Doing less and getting more would be the mantra to pass the test of holistic sustainability, he said.  “Volvo has switched to recycled iron instead of pig iron which is CO2 intensive. We are committed to reducing CO2 emissions in our operations, products, services, and ways of working,” Bali said. The third major trend is the impact of emerging technologies irrespective of industry type.  For example, the automobile industry is undergoing a great paradigm shift due to the introduction of alternate fuels.  Connective devices is another major driver of disruptive changes.  This would alter the logistic services in the future.  While Hub-to-Hub mobility would be done by a traditional vehicle fleet, fifty percent of the last mile connectivity would be taken over by drone services he said. People would be expected to bring in solutions to harness potential of disruptive technologies, Mr.Kamal Bali added.

Stating that we are in the cusp of the most eventful, disruptive and challenging decade, never witnessed before since 1960, Bali said the people who wish to experiment would succeed while those seek comfort zones would fail.  “The most important aspect of the opportunities of the decade is that anyone from 10 to 60-year-old people would be able to contribute and benefit”, Mr.Kamal Bali said.

Mr.Thyagu Valliappa, Vice Chairman Sona Group added that in Sona Students given special training for Industry ready in the manufacturing sector. At this event, Sona Group Principals, and Professors participated in the interaction.

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