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SMART India Hackathon 2022 was organized by MoE’S Innovation Cell (Government of india) in associated with AICTE under hardware and software edition from august 25th to 29nd all over India at various nodal centres. Over 563 problem statements were released under software and hardware edition.

In that, 348 problem statement solutions were selected for the finals at 75 nodal centres across the country. Finally 16 themes and 80 teams were announced as winner in SIH 2022.Sona college of technology Students from Civil Engineering team POWER 007 participated under the organization ‘Ministry of housing and Urban Affairs’ under the nodal centre of Arya Institute of Engineering & Technology, Kukas , Rajastan. In that nodal centre, 8 problem statement were registered by 28 teams.

In the finals, POWER 007 bagged first place with a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh for the problem statement (BV810-Making of bricks with used covid equipments like PPE kits and mask). Students of Civil department from Sona College of technology Dharani Raj U, Harshini E K, Kamalesh J B , Adhavan P, Aravinda Kumar have participated in the Smart India Hackathon ’22 in Jaipur and have bagged  the first place with a cash prize of ₹ 1 lakh.

They have  designed a solution for the rising  crisis of  Covid protection equipment pollution, by incorporating the PPE waste in the construction industry using for making bricks.  Dr.R.Malathy, Professor Karuppasamy from Civil Department are the Mentors for the team. Principal and Vice Chairman Shri Chocko Valliappa and Shri Thyagu Valliappa appreciated the winners.