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A Seminar was organized by the Department of Information Technology on 29- 12-2023, between 11 AM – 01 :00 PM, for the benefit of students. The lecture focused on the topic “Future Trends in Computer Architecture” and was led by Ms. Indumathi, Test Lead, Capgemini Engineering, Chennai.,

Future Trends in Computer Architecture

AI Integration

During the session, various key points were discussed:

  • Quantum Computing: Anticipated advancements in quantum computing, with efforts directed towards achieving practical and scalable quantum machines, capable of solving complex problems exponentially faster than classical computers.
  • AI Integration: Further integration of artificial intelligence into hardware design, focusing on specialized A1 chips and architectures to enhance performance and efficiency for A1-related tasks.
  • Memory Technologies: Innovations in memory technologies, such as the development of non-volatile memories like Resistive RAM (RRAM) or phase-change memory, aiming for higher density, speed, and energy efficiency.

Future Trends in Computer Architecture

  • Edge Computing: Growth in edge computing architectures to meet the demand for real-time processing and reduced latency, especially for applications like IoT devices, by bringing computation closer to the data source.
  • Security and Privacy: Ongoing efforts to develop secure hardware architectures and techniques to address emerging threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring robust security and privacy measures.