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Date(s) - 14/03/2024
10:00 am - 1:00 pm


As part of the “Women’s March 2024,” month-long series Sona College of Technology presented an event, “Bridging the Gap: Towards an Inclusive World of Women,” on March 14. The program featured thought-provoking sessions that focused on identifying the gaps in women’s inclusion. Prominent speakers and attendees, such as accomplished women officials, business leaders, and former students, participated in a panel discussion and question-and-answer period on the subject. 

Gracing the occasion, Mr. Thyagu Valliappa, the Vice-Chairman, Sona Institutions emphasized the importance of providing platforms for women to thrive equally in various fields. He highlighted Sona College’s commitment to empowering women and creating opportunities for their growth, particularly in emerging areas like technology and entrepreneurship. 

In her unpretentious but informative talk, guest of honour, Mrs. Sadhana Attavar, former Director of Visveswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bangalore, discussed women’s entry into the workforce during World War I and II.  Sadhana emphasized the key roles of education and technology in women’s empowerment, sharing her own personal odyssey of becoming the curator of a science and technology museum -predominantly a male bastion. 

Chitra Shivakumar, Managing Partner of Time Links, Chennai, shared a real-life story of an underprivileged girl who, after being persuaded to study medicine, became a doctor, married to an engineer, and has children. She also inspired her brother to pursue engineering. “When a girl is educated the family is empowered. When the families are empowered the society and the country is empowered,” she said. 

 A question on what each thought about the” gap” triggered lively exchang at the panel discussion illuminating the audience on the topic.  

Sadhana highlighted the need for more women taking top positions to bridge the gap. “Men’s support played crucial part in my career journey. Nevertheless men at the top want to have women under them but the road to empowerment requires patience from women and cooperation from men,” sharing her own experience of navigating the minefield of the profession. 

Societal support systems and equal participation in the economy are vital said Chitra. “I think, communication is a key factor, and change has to start at home and with women themselves”. She also stressed the importance of empowerment through technology and continuous learning.  

The discussion then turned to the question on project management situations dominated by male voices, ensuring women’s inclusion. Chitra Shivakumar stressed need to win over male family members to support women’s voices. “It is important to cultivate patience as men and women hold differing perspective”. Lalitha stressed the on-going struggle for equality and the need for sustained power.  

During the Q&A session, the importance of family support for women’s success was underscored, along with the need to remove monetary barriers. Maheswari a faculty at Thiagarajar Polytechnic informed that the college had mustered Rs 175 lakhs fund from government, non-government scholarships to fund the fee for girl students.  

The discussion and Q&A ended with the moderator encapsulating the four key takeaways from the discussion 1) Empowerment should begin from home 2) Men and Women must co-exist 3) Strive towards the ideal situation of having no more there would be women’s day celebrations when women are empowered 4) Everyone is equal and no more gender based values.   

Earlier on, the programme commenced with a prayer song performed by the Sona Choir, setting a serene atmosphere for the proceedings. The melody of the prayer resonated with the audience, symbolizing the guiding light of prayer. 

Following the prayer song, doctors from Sona Ayush Clinic demonstrated pranayama, emphasizing its role in hormone regulation. Dr. B. Satyabhama, Dean Admissions and Head of Department, delivered the welcome address, highlighting the significance of the event in fostering an environment where women can excel academically, professionally, and personally. 


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