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Feb 19, 2023

Date(s) - 19/02/2023
4:00 am - 11:00 am

Shivan Temple



On the auspicious occasion of Shivarathri, NCC cadets from Sona College of Technology enthusiastically volunteered to extend their services to the Tamil Nadu government at the Shivan Temple located in Salem town. This noble initiative saw a dedicated group of 10 cadets coming together to assist in various capacities, aligning their efforts with the spirit of community service and devotion.

The cadets took on the responsibility of maintaining public discipline and order within the temple premises, ensuring that the devotees could partake in their religious rituals and prayers in a peaceful and organized manner. They diligently managed crowd control, guiding visitors and ensuring a smooth flow of movement amidst the bustling atmosphere of the temple festivities.

In addition to their role in maintaining discipline, the cadets actively participated in assisting with various public activities organized by the temple authorities. From distributing prasad to providing assistance to elderly and differently-abled devotees, the cadets exemplified the values of compassion, empathy, and selflessness.

Beyond the tangible tasks they performed, the experience held profound significance for the cadets on a personal level. Serving at the Shivan Temple on such a sacred occasion provided them with a unique opportunity to deepen their spiritual connection and experience firsthand the essence of devotion and reverence.


Moreover, the volunteering experience served as avaluable learning opportunity, imparting lessons in teamwork, leadership, and community engagement. It instilled in the cadets a sense of responsibility and civic duty, reinforcing the importance of giving back to society and making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Overall, the participation of NCC cadets from Sona College of Technology in volunteering at the Shivan Temple during Shivarathri was not only a commendable act of service but also a deeply enriching experience for them. It underscored the holistic development fostered by the NCC program, nurturing individuals who are not only academically proficient but also socially responsible and spiritually inclined.

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