NAAC-Accredited 'A' - Grade 2(f) & 12(B) status (UGC) |ISO
9001:2015 Certified | FIST Funded (DST) SIRO(DSIR)

Date(s) - 03/06/2022
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Clean Campus promotes Hygiene, it improves hygiene level in campus and helps to reduce the spread of sickness, maintaining a clean college environment sets a good example to students. Cleanliness encourages learners to take pride in their college, which makes them less likely to drop litter and as such they will potentially make a bigger effort to maintain their environment. Cleanliness gives rise to a good character by keeping body, mind, and soul clean and peaceful. Maintaining cleanliness is the essential part of healthy living because it is the cleanliness only which helps to improve our personality by keeping clean externally and internally. On 03.06.2022 to commemorate the birth anniversary of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Dr. Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi, 75 NSS volunteers of Sona College of Technology cleaned the campus and brought up awareness among students. It also helps promote positive thinking, which reduces the occurrence of diseases. The volunteers were instructed to clean their hands with soap at the end.

Cleaning and Garbage Collection by NSS Volunteers

Cleaning the Garden and Corridors by NSS Volunteers

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