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We @ Sona College of technology, on behalf of EEE department Association EDISON (Electrical Department In SONA) celebrated Engineer’s Day on 15th September 2023 to honour Dr. M Visvesvarayya, a true gem of India. The main objective of the event was to highlight and appreciate the activities of eminent engineers of our nation and to further throw light on the skills sets required for young budding engineers of SONA.

Edison chairperson Mr. G. Hemachandran of final year EEE introduced the chief guest Er. R. Satish and gave a glimpse on calendar of events of EDISON. The IEEE chairperson Ms. K.  Nayandhara and Mr Madala p Mahith Sai of Final year EEE explained about the student role in IEEE society and their activities.

Dr.A. Jagadeeswaran Prof/EEE, Edison co-ordinator addressed the students to broaden their perspective and enhance their learning skills to become an elite engineer. Dr.S.R.R. Senthil Kumar, Principal, SCT encouraged the students and advised them to take Dr.M.Visvesvarayya garu as their role model, and sharpen their skills to meet the global industrial demands.

On this occasion, a special guest lecture was given by Er.R.Satish, AGM/HRM, SAIL, Salem on the topic “INDUSTRY RESILIENCE – THE WAY FORWARD”. He lectured on “Evolution vs Revolution” and about the role to be played by the future engineers of society. He gave an insight into technological advancements and the role of AI in industries.

Prizes of TECH HUNT – A week long events to show case the technical skills of students and to build student coordination, has been distributed to the winners on this occasion of engineer’s day event.

“To the optimist, the glass is half full. To the pessimist, the glass is half empty. To the engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.”