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NAAC-Accredited 'A' - Grade 2(f) & 12(B) status (UGC) |ISO
9001:2015 Certified | FIST Funded (DST) SIRO(DSIR)


Completed research projects:

  • DST sponsored research project titled 'Structural Behaviour of GFRP-Geopolymer Concrete Composites' under FAST TRACK SCHEME FOR YOUNG SCIENTISTS – (2012-2015)
  • Development of ferrocement roofing units using geopolymer composite mortar
  • Design and Development of Railway component using Geopolymer Composites
  • Structural & Durability aspects of fibrous geopolymer composite roofing units
  • Development of repair and strengthening material using Geopolymers
  • Development and Testing on Pond ash and fly ash Bricks and its Masonry.
  • Testing on  Pond ash and fly ash Brick masonry  loading with parallel to the mortar joints
  • Testing on  Pond ash and fly ash Brick masonry  loading with perpendicular to the mortar joints.
  • Testing on  Pond ash and fly ash bricks and its masonry with ferrocement confinement.
  • Development of High volume Fly ash concrete.
  • Development of High strength concrete.
  • Development of High performance concrete.
  • Development of Coal ash concrete with use of Pond ash as fine aggregate.
  • Testing on Proto type Reinforced concrete column with Pond ash as fine aggregate concrete. .
  • To enhance the strength of the R.C.C column with various Techniques
  • Testing on Reinforced concrete Beam  with Pond ash fine aggregate for strength and durability..
  • Testing on Reinforced Concrete Slab with Pond ash  fine aggregate for strength and durability.
  • Development of Fly ash coarse and fine aggregates for fly ash aggregate concrete.
  • Introduction of different types of Stiffeners to enhance the  strength of Castellated   steel beam.
  • Validation of the Test results from  the castellated beam with Finite Element Techniques.
  • Testing on Delta Beam used in the Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete Structures.
  • Testing on Cold Form Steel Columns with different Slenderness Ratios.
  • Testing on Model Tower to predict the strength of Proto Type  High Tension Steel tower.
  • Testing on Confined Concrete Column with steel Tubes with various slenderness ratios

Ongoing research Projects :

  • Strength And Behaviour Of Innovative Cold Formed Steel Section Under Flexure
  • Experimental And Numerical Investigation Of Moment Resisting 2-d Steel Frame
  • Investigation On The Strength And Behavior Of Cold-formed Built-up Interlocking Closed Section Under Compression
  • Behaviour Of Cold Formed Triangular Steel  Section Under Bending
  • Experimental And Numerical Analysis Of Precast Frame
  • Experimental  Study On Load Carrying Capacity Of 3d Triangular Truss
  • Study On Flexural Behaviour Of Hybrid Timber And Plastic Composite I-beam
  • Study On The Behaviour Of Shear Connectors In Steel-concrete Composite Bridge Deck Slabs
  • Experimental Study On Load Carrying Capacity Of Cold Formed Built Up  C Section Column  With  Intermediate  Stiffeners
  • Experimental Study On Castellated Beam With And Witout Stiffeners
  • Experimental Study On Flexural Behaviour Of Cold Formed Steel Built Up Box Section With Web Castellation
  • Behaviour Of Cold Formed Built-up Box Steel Section Under Bending

Academic Research Projects:

  • Strength Assessment of Energy Efficient Carbon Entrapping Concrete with foundry sand as partial fine aggregate
  • Experimental study on partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate with Glass wastes and cement with Fly ash
  • Study on performance enhancement of steel slag aggregate concrete using particle packing theory
  • Determination of concrete compressive stremght from Non Destructive test results using Artificial Neural Network
  • Experimental study on the behavior of lipped angle cold-formed steel column
  • Experimental investigation on influence of flyash in self cured fibre reinforced concrete
  • Experimental study on  load carrying capacity of cold formed steel  Built-up  columns
  • Experimental study on behavior of RC beam using concrete mixed with magnetically treated water
  • Influence of micro concrete and Nitowrap on the behavior of RC beams
  • Strengthening of RC beams using polymer laminates
  • Experimental study on the behavior of reinforced concrete slab with flyash aggregate concrete
  • Experimental study on behavior of steel tubular composite column filled with recycled waste
  • Corrosion study on reinforced concrete slab with replacement of fly ash with various percentage in cement concrete
  • Study on strength properties of concrete with partial replacement of coarse aggregate by EOF steel salg
  • Experimental study on concrete with partial replacement of cement by phospogypsum
  • Investigation on structural behavior of Hybrid fibres in M25 grade concrete with partial replacement of cement using GGBS
  • Comparative Study On Flexural Strength Of Rc Beam Using Basalt Fiber Polymer As A Reinforcement
  • Study on blast loading on steel frame
  • Strengthening of reinforced concrete beam using synthetic fabrics
  • Experimental study on polymer concrete with partial replacement of cement by ground granulated blast furnace slag
  • Experimental investigation of high strength geo polymer concrete
  • Experimental study on axial load carrying capacity of steel concrete composite columns
  • Study of strength characteristics of fly ash aggregate in light weight concrete
  • Study the shear strength of fly ash aggregate concrete beam with steel fibres